About 5Seconds


5Seconds™ is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in United States which provides the most innovative commercial and industrial products, knowledge, expertise, and operational excellence to our customers in North America. We take pride on our high-quality commercial and industrial products in sanitary-ware, material handling and packaging equipment.


The primary values on which our company stands are continuous growth and success of businesses through constant improvement of processes and methods which not only contribute towards the commercial goals but also build and sustain stronger economical presence of people. This is the core reason of our success and expansion from small ideas to effective solutions for diverse industries.


The objective is to help people and businesses work faster, safer and more efficient in schools, factories, universities, hospitals, hotels, airports, workplaces and other public as well as recreational places. Our team has been working towards building strong organizational ethics which help us to work towards most innovative and practical products for consumers.

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