About Auroom

About Auroom

Auroom has been making saunas for more than 20 years. That experience is based on the skills and knowledge of Auroom's master craftsmen and draws inspiration from centuries of sauna traditions in Northern Europe. Auroom's professional team is made up of leading specialists in every field, from design to manufacturing. Auroom's development team is dedicated to searching out innovative ideas and solutions so Auroom can offer the very best sauna experience available today.

Auroom’s craftsmen know their materials like the back of their hands and use the latest technology and techniques in their work. That is why Auroom is able to offer wellness solutions for even the most demanding requirements, be they special home sauna projects for private clients or entire sauna complexes for public use in spa hotels.


Every piece of timber Auroom use in the saunas, however small a part it will play, is carefully selected from the high-quality materials at Auroom's disposal. This way, Auroom ensures the longevity of the products and avoid problems arising in the course of their use. Auroom builds with a wide range of timbers – if you place a special order, your imagination is the only limit.

To build Auroom saunas, Auroom uses both thermally modified and natural timber, depending on the solution that is best suited to the client’s needs. The advantages of thermally modified timber are its aesthetic value, extraordinary stability, and longevity. With unmodified timber, if you choose the right type, you will be rewarded with its characteristic natural aroma, unique grain and favorable performance at high temperatures.

Auroom obtains timber for the saunas from the parent company Thermory – the world’s leading producer of thermally modified timber and sauna materials. As such, Auroom's supply is assured and the quality of the raw materials is consistent even with larger orders.

All of Auroom’s sauna components and additional materials are sourced from Auroom's reliable, long-standing partners and thoroughly tested.

Auroom's saunas are assembled in the factory before delivery to the client in order to check that all the parts fit together perfectly. Final adjustments and polish ensure the uncompromising and unrivaled quality of our products.


In creating Auroom designer saunas, the main focus is on the people Auroom are crafting them for and their well-being. Every detail provides both functional and aesthetic value and serves the same goal: to boost people’s physical and mental well-being through sauna experiences that bring balance to mind, body, and soul.

In the design of Auroom saunas, Auroom remains mindful of both ergonomics and the need for the finished products to complement a variety of lifestyles and interiors, as they are often installed in existing ecosystems. That’s why Auroom offers plenty of options to accessorize and personalize them.

Auroom’s saunas are unique thanks to the exciting materials Auroom use and the attractive tone and finish of our timber. In addition, the exclusive timber profiles Auroom have developed for the range make them even more special.

Auroom saunas can also be adjusted for non-standard circumstances thanks to the highly skilled design and development team, who can quickly rework existing models or devise completely new Their wealth of experience ensures that any potential issues are nipped in the bud, guaranteeing a professional, inspiring and complete solution.


For the saunas, Auroom uses high-quality timber that has been responsibly sourced, for the most part from sustainably managed forests in Northern Europe. Auroom's saunas meet all global environmental standards and are certified accordingly.

No chemicals are used in the thermal processing of wood – only water vapor and heat, which “bake” the timber, making it extraordinarily resilient and adding to its beauty.

Auroom does everything that can to ensure that Auroom saunas are safe for users’ health and leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.


At Auroom, clients always come first. Auroom looks after the sauna users and does everything that can to ensure the quality of Auroom's products is uncompromising. To this end, Auroom has always been open to feedback from clients and Auroom responds to all questions and concerns quickly.

The flexible and well-organized way Auroom goes about production enables to offer the quickest delivery times in the industry.

All Auroom deliveries are insured and protected against accidents.

In larger markets, Auroom is represented by approved local resellers who, if needed, offer their help at every stage – from the placement of orders all the way through to final assembly and construction.

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