About CoastalVouge by E&T Horizons

Provides eco-friendly bath furniture focused on bringing the beauty of natural materials into your home

CoastalVouge celebrates the natural beauty of sustainably sourced teak woods. They developed a technique that accentuates the natural color variations and strong grains found in native plantation teak woods.

The seven-step process of finishing the wood to the EcoDecors® finish takes weeks. However they feel the added time, and expense is worth it when you view the stunning beauty of the resulting teak shower benches, stools, hampers, chairs, vanities, mirrors, and outdoor furniture.

E&T Horizons Mission


Enhancing the quality and beauty of life through innovative designs

DecoTeak® EcoDecors® CoastalVogue® and Design By Intent® are the brands of E&T Horizons. They are certified female-owned in Melbourne on the Space Coast of Florida. They established their company with several core values that they continue to operate by:

  • Market-leading designs and innovations
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Old fashioned personal customer service
  • Long term business relationships with all partners, including customers
  • Sustainable sourcing and packaging
  • Remaining humble, focusing on improving the lives of others via our products
  • Giving back and donating to the community 

You might be shocked to find out that when customers call their toll-free line they are speaking directly to the female owner of the company, Terri Gelman. She retains this role because they believe so highly in the absolute necessity of maintaining a foundation of happy satisfied customers that keep coming back again and again to purchase their products.

Their historical focus has been on solid teak shower chairs & benches, bathroom vanities, mirrors, storage, and shelving. They source teak products from small workshops in rural areas on the island of Java in Indonesia. Over the last ten years, as they have grown, so have their suppliers. This has provided important opportunities for local villagers. They have also been pleased as they have been able to help local entrepreneurs achieve their own dreams and goals through cooperation with their company over the years.

They are involved in every step of the manufacturing process from lumber sourcing, cutting, kiln dry, carpentry, fine finishing, and surface coating. As part of the goals of sustainability, they do not alter the woods' natural look and quality with any chemical treatments. One of their pioneering innovations has been the EcoDecors® product line that accentuates the natural beauty of teakwood, complete with color variations and strong wood grains. Jeff Moore who is the brother of the owner, at times has spent up to four months of the year in Indonesia working on the ground floor with their manufacturers. The quality initiative has been supported by a dedicated staff of local quality inspectors who tirelessly crisscross Java working with their suppliers at every stage of the manufacturing process.

They have now expanded their focus to include providing cutting-edge designs from Europe for the Aging In Place market. They are filling the void for consumers that desire luxury design-oriented shower and bathroom safety furniture, fixtures, & accessories. They are pleased that one of these products was recently named Bathroom Product of the Year by the leading industry magazine KBB (Kitchen and Bath Industry News) in their annual product innovation issue. They are proud to have been chosen as exclusive North American distributors for several leading European manufacturers of bathroom and shower safety products.

They are also proud to have been selected by a jury to be showcased within the American  Association of Interior Designers’ Impact of  Design Showcase at the KBIS (Kitchen & Bath  Industry Show). They were selected for meeting the criteria of positively impacting human health and wellness combined with environmentally conscious products.

Positively impacting lives has been at the core of its mission since its inception. They have been gratified and humbled to read and hear the stories of gratitude from the customers telling them how the LiftAide shower benches and shower stools have helped themselves or a loved one transition from the hospital to the house after surgery. They are touched to read the thousands of reviews online thanking the for enhancing customers' lives through the combination of providing such functional beauty to their lives. Nothing could be more gratifying to them as business owners than hearing and reading all of these heartfelt stories of how they have positively impacted a person's life.  
Supply Partnerships


EcoDecors teak products are manufactured in Indonesia from their trusted network of long-term manufacturing partners. These companies produce their own patented designs exclusively for them to their stringent quality specifications. Their own quality inspection team assures them a continuous commitment to the unsurpassed quality of their teak bathroom and shower products. All products are made from solid teak that is certified Legal Indonesian Wood from sustainably harvested plantations. As they have grown it looked for additional supply partnerships that could build upon its commitments to providing high-quality luxury bathroom and shower products. 

The Aging in Place market is one of the most important change drivers in the bathroom marketplace. It is forcing suppliers to change the way products are designed to meet the needs of this growing demographic. More and more baby boomers desire to stay in their homes as long as possible before transitioning to assisted living. This requires modifications in bathrooms to make showers and bathrooms both more functional for older Americans, as well as more safer. The bathroom and shower is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house and is prone to accidents for senior citizens, as well as consumers of all ages.   

They noticed the same trends in bathroom safety products that they saw in the bathroom and shower market over the last ten years. Most of the products available have very institutional clinical looks to them. All of the products look similar with heavy tubular frames and functional, but less than attractive materials. They had witnessed how elated their customers were to have attractive shower benches and seats, that added to the beauty of their bathrooms, rather than detracting from it. 

They searched the world over to find products for shower and bathroom safety that were also luxurious and stylistic. For the first time in the USA consumers now have an alternative to industrial-looking shower benches and seats. They have partnered with two leading European companies that share our vision and passion for providing not only functional products, but also luxury contemporary designs. They are pleased to be appointed the exclusive North American importer and distributor for these companies.

Pellet is a leading French manufacturer of wall-mounted shower seating, grab bars, and accessories. These products provide a revolutionary innovation that not only innovates the functionality of modern shower seating, but also sets a new bar in beauty and industrial design.  For over sixty years Pellet has been renowned for its innovative shower and bathroom safety products. E&T Horizons is proud to be their exclusive distributor for the USA, allowing American consumers, and commercial building providers access to these groundbreaking product lines. 

 We have also partnered with the Italian company Thermomat.  

E&T Horizons is also the exclusive North American distributor for Thermomat, Italy. They are a 2nd generation family-owned company that shares our passion for the fusion of design elegance and functionality.  They are leaders in the production and supply of sanitary ware, accessories and safety devices for bathrooms and public spaces. Innovation, technology, safety, attention to the environment, tradition: all these core values make Thermomat a solid company and a leading innovator in their field. The Ever Life Design range encompasses many of the newer luxury design products of Thermomat aimed at combining the functionality of pre-existing Thermomat products with unsurpassed design elegance. They have strived to bring avant-garde Italian industrial design to the functional products of bathroom safety. Italians have also been famous for their contemporary design flair in consumer products.

In addition to innovating design, they have put effort into improving the user experience and incorporating innovative features that were not previously available. Many of their products have been designed to meet the specifications and needs for the ADA (American with disability acts) marketplace. Never before have ADA-compliant products been so luxurious and design-oriented. Now higher-end homes, remodelers, builders, finally have an alternative to traditional designs in bathroom and shower safety. Ideal for residential, hotels, retirement living, and commercial projects that desire an eloquent higher-end design feel to them.   

These supply partnerships will provide us the foundation to be the market leader in luxury bathroom safety products in North America.  

Sustainable Eco-Sourced Solid Teak Wood Bathroom And Shower Products

Another principle of the EcoDecors brand is sustainable and ecological-conscious manufacturing and sourcing. They go the extra yard to make sure that all wood used in their teak bathroom furniture carries the Indonesian government Legal Wood Certificate of compliance. 

Woman & Family Owned Enterprise

EcoDecors is a woman-owned enterprise. Terri Gelman believes strongly in customer service and support, and handles this role directly. Family values permeate the way she conducts business from the inside out.
They strive to keep employees happy, stable and provide them opportunities for growth within the company. They strive for long-term partnerships with their suppliers and manufacturing partners.

EcoDecors strive to keep satisfied customers for life, and are honored that customers come back to them time and again to purchase additional solid teak furniture for their bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor living spaces.
They believe in giving back to the community and support several local charities every year. 
CoatalVogue DriftWood
  • New natural Driftwood color with varied earth tones
  • FSC-certified solid teak wood
  • Water-resistant for use in the shower or outdoors
  • 5 Layer Water-based earth-friendly stain and protector
  • Woman-owned and family-managed company

Coastal Vogue’s newest innovation is our DriftWood palate of earth tone colors. Look at driftwoods. Are they one color or a multitude of colors? Like driftwood, their newest color spectrum is a rich mixture of varied earth tones. Rich neutral colors will mix and blend with a variety of bathroom tiles and decors. Tonality includes grays, sand colors, and a myriad of colors in between. CoastalVogue uses the beach, the ocean, and their seaside estuaries for inspiration in their products, designs, and colors. The CoastalVougue Driftwood family is based upon new advances in a surface coating that allow the use of eco-friendly-water-based surface coatings. The process CoastalVogue uses includes five coats, each with its own purpose, finished with two protective coats. It takes as long to accomplish this proprietary coating process as it does to build the furniture itself. They go through this labor to provide you with this innovative modern contemporary color. This process has been developed by CoastalVogue, taking over one year of development and R&D. CoastalVougue uses only the natural beauty of teak wood, combined with water based finish, with no harsh chemicals or treatments that have the potential to leach out over time.

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