About Design By Intent - Ever Life Designs

Design By Intent is the newest brand in the E&T Horizons family. It has always been our focus and mission to fill product gaps and identify unmet customer needs in shower and bathroom furniture, shower benches, shower seats, shelving, and shower safety products. One of the basic gaps we identified was the fact that many of the design offerings in shower and bathroom furniture were very functional and utilitarian looking. They served the purpose, but do not provide a design elegance to them.   

As we have expanded our offering to fill needs in the bathroom and shower furniture market, we have looked for niches that we could upgrade with not only functional, but beautifully designed shower furniture. Within the market niche of safety shower seating for handicap and customer with disabilities, many of the product lines look similar to each other with heavy metal frames and utilitarian shower seating surfaces. We searched the world over and found a safety shower product line that is not only functional but also elegant and sophisticated. Manufactured and designed  by Pellet, in France, they have combined European engineering excellence and well as exciting modern consumer design elements within their product ranges. E&T Horizons is very proud to introduce their product line to the USA and be their exclusive distributor.

The main elements of this line are wall mounted shower seats, shower chairs, and shower benches combined with shower and bathroom grab bars, shower chair arm rests, towel racks, and variety of beautiful shower and bathroom accessories

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