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About Konkretus

  • 1 min read

A Life Full of Meaning.

Konkretus is born in Colombia from the love for design and the great potential that concrete has, to be worked and transformed into unique pieces. Konkretus change the perception that concrete has in the world of architecture and design. Konkretus believes in the great opportunity to create timeless and meaningful pieces for the home and the city, where good design is found in simplicity and emotional connection with people.

Konkretus believe in the power of wonder. For Konkretus, what really matters is enjoying the journey, celebrating each achievement, and difference, and remembering that it is always better to go back to simplicity.

Good design is Konkretus's best ally to change the world. By creating beautiful atemporal pieces Konkretus aims to accompany people while they create memories they can cherish in their hearts.

Konkretus comes from the Tropic; a vast region of warm places and people, not north or south, white or black. Rather, it is a mixture of the perfect balance between the invisible line that joins the sky with the sea and, this in turn, with the beach that blends with the green of the tropical humid forest reaching the top of the mountains.