About Laufen

The personality of this highly traditional Swiss brand reflects a symbiosis of design, quality, and functionality. Laufen, the premium brand under the ROCA umbrella, is one of the world's leading manufacturers with a global distribution network.

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When the company Laufen was founded in Switzerland in 1892, sanitary conditions were well below today's standards and level of convenience - standards to which Laufen, the only sanitary porcelain manufacturer producing exclusively in Europe, contributed.



Laufen is aware of the great importance that building information management (BIM) will have on future business processes, both at the local and global levels. Many project participants already invest part of their resources in this platform. The system is based on a virtual model using parametric objects, providing all project participants with information that evolves throughout the life cycle of the building.

Architectural Projects


Buildings all over the world by renowned architects using Laufen.



Production Process

Since 1892 Laufen signifies craftsmanship.

Laufen's visionary work with ceramics requires knowledge of substance, an experimental approach, and the ability to translate the ideas into an industrial process. Laufen processes the delicate material with its passion and attention. Laufen pays great attention to details in order to achieve the best Swiss quality.

Smarter, larger, more effective, more forward-looking: Laufen always set their sights somewhat higher. This includes resource-saving, handling, and intelligent recycling during the production process as well as using products that reduce the amount of water used for flushing.

Every single toilet, urinal, and bidet is subject to a vacuum test and checked for flushing ability.

A thorough visual check after each stage of production guarantees that only perfect pieces are manufactured in the production process. Employees confirm the perfect condition of each piece after every state of production with their personal mark.

The final check at Laufen guarantees what the company stands for reliability, precision, and function in all possible colors and shapes.

Production Plants

Production sites in Central Europe: Laufen ranks as one of the leading international bathroom manufacturers. That is no coincidence: Laufen draws its bathroom and ceramics expertise from the experience and tradition of its production sites.



Laufen understands that the biggest impacts to the environment are caused by the overuse, or incorrect use of materials, and by fossil fuel energy. Therefore, its sustainability strategy focuses on three fronts:

Zero Waste policy in all production sites: A commitment to continuously improve production processes, with a view to optimize raw material usage and eliminate waste.

Increase energy efficiency: Making use of heat recovery technology in factories and making a move towards clean energy.

Product and material innovation: A drive for innovation, a sophisticated understanding of design, and a deeply embedded culture of collaboration are at the heart of every new product development. As such, Laufen is able to offer complete bathroom solutions that ensure comfort, a long-lasting lifecycle, reduction in water and energy consumption, and easy maintenance.

Laufen’s commitment to sustainability is embedded in its vision to be the best premium bathroom brand and to grow sustainably and responsibly. Thus, going forward, Laufen pledges to adopt a holistic approach to the lifecycle of its products, devising strategies to improve on all stages.

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