About TONA

Company Profile

TONA began as a manufacturer of German-style bathroom furniture, after nearly 20 years gradually growing into the global bathroom furniture brand merchants. The main products are bathroom furniture set, bathtub, smart toilet, and shower room. Their German headquarters is located in Ingelheim on the Rhine. While Asia Pacific Marketing Center is located at Shanghai Hongqiao World Center (HWC).
TONA's production site is more than 200,000 square meters in Zhejiang and Guangdong, China. They are equipped with world class production equipment according to German industrial production standards and has more than 1,000 employees. Also, TONA made the strategic cooperation with German brands Käsch (bathtub) and ZEVA (Faucet); both "IF" red dot award winners.
At present, TONA has spread their business to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. TONA has branches in Germany, USA, Australia, China, and has brand stores in Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and other cities around the world.

Brand Story

TONA has always focused on producing fashionable and inspired products.
TONA is an international sanitary ware brand which advocates advanced sanitary ware culture and is known for their superb German craftsmanship and unique cutting-edge design.
TONA's design is inspired by the natural elements, pursuing the design concept of "Less is more". The brand logo of European daisy, which has fresh temperament, exquisiteness, reflects the brand's vigor and vitality.
TONA's decade-long record as a manufacturer of German style bathroom furniture has taught them how to excel in precision and purity. In TONA, they applied their passion for quality to the sophisticated minimalism of today's global lifestyle, to create impeccable and peaceful grooming spaces that perfectly blend rigor and nature. Their high-quality craftsmanship and top-level accessories have made the products outstanding art works.
At present, TONA has spread their business to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. They have exhibition halls in Los Angeles, USA, and brand stores in Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities around the world. TONA meets people's imagination of fashionable household products with modern minimalist cutting-edge design and new materials, providing customers with tranquil and enjoyable space where products' quality and design are perfectly integrated.

TONA Design is inspired by natural elements, pursues "Less is More" design concept by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's, the German modern architectural master. The rigorous German craftsman spirit and the pure natural minimalism style are perfectly integrated, creating a comfortable bathroom space. To be true to themselves, to be close to themselves, TONA is a natural practitioner.

Why Choose TONA?

TONA bath, your affordable modern bathroom solutions, brings you back to the nature with their stylish product design.


20-year experience in bathroom furniture

Top 1 Company

No. 1 company in export of modern bathroom furniture

Price & Product Integrated

Integrated price & product system

German Design & German quality

A strong alliance with German brands.


Continuous innovation for smart life in the future.


Expanded categories with one-stop bathroom solutions.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Guide 1

Many people are trapped by the various bathroom vanity options when they decide to decorate their bathrooms. The questions such as ‘What is bathroom vanity?’ ‘Wall-mounted or freestanding?’ ‘What price can be called reasonable?’ If you have the same confusion, I’m glad you are reading this guide which will definitely help you through all inquiries in your head. So here comes our bathroom vanity purchasing:
Be Aware of What You Need
If you are a green man about bathroom vanity, or you don’t know far enough about it, and don’t know what to consider, why not just neglect all the functions and advantages they trying to tell you, and ask yourself 'what do I need?'
To Know a Certain Available Space for Your New Bathroom Vanity
You gotta measure the spare space. REMEMBER to consider the actual space it takes when drawers or doors of the bathroom vanity are open.
To Confirm What Designing Style of Bathroom Vanity You Are Going to Pick
This tip gets colors, sizes and deigns involved. Currently, there are 2 mainstream styles: modern and vintage.
Modern Style: Modern design is a style of decor that focuses on minimalism, neutral colors, clean design lines and environmentally-friendly materials.
TONA Modern Style Bathroom Vanity - LIMON
Vintage Style: This usually refers to previous styles, classic but not present. Natural and rustic. Some can be rough.
For some popular colors: white, cement grey (quite popular), navy, copper and etc. Anyway, the color should be under the concern of the style you choose. White looks pure, bright and clean, but may be easy to get dirty; Black is fine, but totally black can make it hard to see the details of your vanity. So usually vanities are black and white; Cement is quite popular currently, low-key and elegant. Bright colors always can bring the sense of luxury, make your bathroom look vibrant. Dark, light colors are quiet, offering peaceful atmosphere.
To Make A Budget for Your New Bathroom Vanity
Same to other commodities, based on the price, bathroom vanities are classified into 3 classes, low cost, medium cost and high cost.
Low Cost: $200 ~ $400
Generally speaking, vanities in this price range may be made of cheap materials, wood, and granite. The craft would be roughly assembled and bad quality. On the whole, these vanities can provide normal usage of storage but no other functions. Besides, the useful life may not last for long. If you are seeking for a vanity with low price, I suggest you to choose a vanity provided a good brand.
Medium cost: $500 ~ $1000
In this price range, raw materials, quality and functions are upgraded. The storage of vanities is also enlarged. Functions like soft closing and scratch resistance can be equipped as well. These vanities has long useful time and finer appearance. Here are some models of TONA you may be interested in:




High Cost: $1000 ~ $5000
As the price gets higher, the material and processing will definitely be better. Except common usage, a lot convenience is provided with more practical considerate designs and functions. These vanities' purpose is to make you satisfied with everything and enjoy the perfection. What a luxury!
As for a reasonable price, personally speaking, it’s just an analysis of your request and product which makes you feel worth to purchase. According to your own actual condition and need, you can make your budget with the help of the form.

Bathroom may be the place you are in most frequently. A day begins when you move your unwilling-getting-up body to bathroom doing washing up, and ends at the washing-up in bathroom before you go to bed. So the experience we have in bathroom, in some cases, can greatly affect us. Objectively speaking, you’d better not underestimate what can a bathroom vanity bring.
Guide 2

We have learnt that we must clearly know what we need on the first guide, such as the available space for bathroom vanity, styles and budget. After we have a clear requirements list, an explicit target, we should get to know the basic information of bathroom vanities, so questions about materials, crafts can be solved.

Sizes of Bathroom Vanities

Standard Sizes of Bathroom Vanities
Firstly, we should know that there are 2 kinds of bathroom vanities: single bathroom vanity and double bathroom vanity.
Standard Sizes (inches width):
For Single Bathroom Vanity: 24, 30, 36, 48

To choose a good size, you need to base it on the available space you measured, which I have mentioned on the first guide, small sizes are suitable for a space-limited bathroom and guest's bathroom. If space permits, bigger sizes are nice as well, larger storage space and better visual experience.
For Double Bathroom Vanity: 60, 72

Base Design of Bathroom Vanity

There are various types of mounting. But we can classify them into 2 most common types:


After a little bit troublesome installation, you will get a bathroom vanity which is simple and convenient for you to do cleaning and maintaining.  But wall-mounting requires a solid wall to sustain, which you should concern before purchasing.


Comparing to wall-mounting, free standing bathroom vanities are much easier to install. It can be moved any time you want, while wall-mounted bathroom vanities can only stay on the wall. But the dirt under the freestanding bathroom vanities is not easy to clean.


The materials of bathroom vanities are rather significant, which can directly affect the quality and usage. Here are some common materials for bathroom vanities.


Plywood: This material can well resist water. Normal wood can't stand the wet condition in the bathroom, which will definitely be cracked and damaged sooner. But plywood-made bathroom vanities can avoid this problem. Multi-layers are glued together as the firmness is good. With natural wood grain, this material makes bathroom vanities more beautiful.
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF): This kind of boards is carefully processed, which has better quality to resist water and pressure. Due to its flat surface, it can be decorated easily. After painting or waxing, it can be a nice material for bathroom vanity.


Most metal bathroom vanities are made of stainless steel. Obviously, stainless steel bathroom vanity has the advantages of water and mildew proof. The style can be diversified, and the useful life is much longer than wooden bathroom vanities. But the stainless steel brings annoying cleaning work for fingerprints and water mark, which will somewhat affect the appearance.
Guide 3
When picking a nice bathroom vanity, what may be decisive for the future using experience is the basin. If you make a wrong choice on the basin, in the following days you will be driven crazy by the scratch fixing and cleaning work. Knowing of the materials of basins is quite necessary. Here are some tips that will help.


Types of Basins

 1. Vessel Basin

If we say the counter top is the sea, then the vessel basin should be the floating boat. For the installation, you only need to dig a hole on the counter top according to the sketch, then put the basin on and glue the bottom gap. The whole body is floating on the top, so the appearance of the basin can be diversiform. If it’s damaged, you can just take it out of the bathroom vanity and fix, quite convenient for fixing and maintaining. But the short-come is obvious, that water and dirt can’t directly be driven into the basin, which will be troublesome to clean the counter top.
  • Simple Installation
  • Convenient Maintaining
  • Counter top-Cleaning Issue

 2. Drop-in Basin 

Some may prefer see less basin on the top, then drop-in basin will be fine. Simple installation only requires you to drop it in and seal it. But with the edge resting on the top, the problem is cleaning the counter top still.
  • Simple installation
  • Counter top-cleaning issue

 3. Under-Mounted Basin

This design makes the whole basin under-mounted with no edge on the counter top. Now the cleaning work becomes easy and the bathroom vanity looks concise. But this design will occupy somewhat space of the cabinet, which will influence your storage space a little bit. As for the installation, it’s quite complicated, when it’s damaged, it will be a tough work to get it out for repairing.
  • Easy-Cleaning
  • Complex Installation
  • Storage Limit
  • Troublesome When Damaged

 4. Integrated Basin

This design is pretty popular. No edge, no oversize basin view, no cleaning issue. But if the integrated basin is broken one day, the whole countertop and basin should be changed. But don’t worry, the cabinet can be kept. Generally speaking, if the material of the basin is good enough, then the possibility of severe basin damage is quite low, which can almost be neglected.
  • Simple installation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Shares life & death with countertop

Common Materials of Basins

 1. Artificial Marble

Artificial marble is a material with luxurious look but actually lower price. Most marbles can well resist scratching, cutting, heating – durable and practical.
  • Good looking
  • Lower price
  • Durable

2. Ceramic

I bet everyone can’t be more familiar with ceramic. This is a common material used for bowls and plates, with high hardness and easy-cleaning surface. But normal ceramic can be easily scratched. The water mark may be annoying which will make you clean it once a week.
  • Simple maintaining
  • Water mark issue
  • Scratching issue

3. Solid Surface

Solid surface is one of the most popular materials. This material with elegant appearance has high harness which can resist scratching. Solid surface basins can keep itself dry enough to resist bacteria. The maintaining is simple, and it's yellowing proof, pretty and durable.
  • Resists scratching
  • Resists bacteria
  • Elegant appearance
  • Yellowing-proof
  • Easy to maintain
Guide 4
Let’s assume that you had purchased one, after assembly, you realized that you should have bought other items, such as a mirror.
Here comes the question: How can I purchase a nice mirror? Don’t worry, that’s what we do for living, to help you get it through and give you a suggested direction to guide you, which is exactly what buying guide does.

About Mirrors

You can’t use the bathroom without a mirror. Especially for ladies, how could they do their making up without a mirror? But if you want to purchase a good one, you should pay attention to the following tips.


Aluminum Mirror

This is the most commonly used material for mirrors. It’s cheap, but neither does it have a clear reflection nor long useful life. If you wanna make aluminum mirrors as the same clear and bright as the silver mirrors, it will cost so much, which is not worthwhile.

Silver Mirror

This kind of mirrors is more costly than aluminum mirrors. But silver mirrors can clearly reflect the lights. Under the same light condition, silver mirrors look brighter than aluminum mirrors. As for the craft, silver mirrors are usually painted twice. Besides, silver won’t easily cause chemical reaction with water, beautiful and durable.


Mirror has a great plasticity, which can be molded into all kinds of shapes. Base on your preference and the design of your bathroom, you can choose any shape you want.

Rectangle Mirror


Round Mirror


Oval Mirror


LED Mirror

For those who want to have better visual experience while using the mirror, I gotta point out that the light matters a lot. Many mirrors are equipped with LED light belt around the frame, soft and comfortable. LED itself is not power-consuming or expensive, so personally speaking, LED is totally acceptable.

Anti-Foggy Function

The most annoying thing is, while using warm water in the bathroom, our mirror is always covered with water vapor. Then it will be inconvenient for men to do shaving or for ladies doing making ups or skin care. To achieve anti-foggy function, there are 2 major ways:

 1. To Coat the Mirror with Special Chemical Material

This kind of mirror can resist fog, but the effect depends on the quality of the chemical material. Only when the quality of the chemical material is good enough will the mirrors get nice effect of fog resistance, otherwise the anti-fog function won’t last for long, which will be weakened by water and wiping.

 2. To Equip a Heating Item

This is most efficient physical way of fog resistance. All you need is a tiny heating item behind the mirror, then the fog issue will be long gone.
Now we just finished learnt about mirrors. If you ask me what price may be reasonable, well, generally speaking, a mirror with LED light and anti-fog function, will cost about  $150, but of course the size can make differences.
That's all for the bathroom vanity buying guide. Hope it can help a little.
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