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Stainless steel, Safe, and High-quality Bidets for Everyone

At American Hygienics®, listening to our customers is a top priority in improving our products' design. This lead to the production of USABIDET® models, including USABIDET® H-2,RxBidet® and USABIDET® H-1. All our builds are made of medical-grade stainless steel and ensure independence, peace of mind, and comfort.


We have maintained our high standards for almost three decades. We are committed to continuing business with many satisfied customers over the years.

Simplifying Your Bathroom Hygiene

American Hygienics® | USABidet® offers high-quality bidets. We use medical-grade stainless steel in our builds and not plastics. All our products have been designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in the United States since 1989. Other than a hygiene business, we also involve in comfort, peace of mind, and independence as well.

What Makes Us the Best

We believe our products are better than toilet paper when it comes to feeling fresh and clean. Even the softest triple-ply paper can’t compare to the cleanliness level reached by a gentle water stream. Hands-off washing is more sanitary than hands-on wiping.

Sometimes personal circumstances such as aging, incontinence, or disability require more than a gentle water stream. The patented RxBidet®- our medical bidet delivers incontinence rinses, and perineal rinsing solutions, as well as shower body wash to get the job done. In addition, the RxBidet® functions as a standard bidet.

Quality Products

We have maintained our high standards in every product for almost three decades. We continue to do business with many satisfied customers over the years who choose to purchase additional units for new residences, gifts, and additional bathrooms. We are proud to make our bidets available online in the greatest country in the world, America.

Recommended by Top Physicians

“As a health care professional, I could expound on the medical benefits of a bidet. Hemorrhoid sufferers and the elderly can benefit from bidet cleansing. Females can have fewer infections. An entire list of health care benefits would be quite lengthy.

In order to comply with the spirit of the Full Disclosure Principle, I wish to report that the only relationship I have with USABIDET™, financial or otherwise, is that I am an extremely satisfied customer.”

~ Bernard W., MD
Dyer, TN

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