How To Adjust the Time on the iTempo Plus Steam Room Control

How To Adjust the Time on the iTempo Plus Steam Room Control

One reason why Mr.Steam products are the perfect solution for your home steam shower is because they are so intuitive to use. Take, for example, the stylish iTempo series of steam shower controls, which allow you to easily schedule your personal wellness routine so you can focus entirely on steamtherapy.

How The iTempo Steam Room Control Simplifies Your Steam Routine

The surface mounted iTempo steam shower control regulates every aspect of your steam session.

With the ability to store up to two preferred start time and temperature settings, you can enjoy a different steam experience depending on the occasion. Perhaps during the hectic week you have less time, while on weekends you indulge yourself in a long, hot steam journey to relaxation.

With an easy-to-read digital display and soft-touch keypad, the iTempo makes it a snap to customize time and temperature. Better yet, this unit also controls the soothing additions of AromaSteam and ChromaSteam therapy systems.

In fact, the stylish iTempo Plus orchestrates the feelings, sights and smells that will whisk you away from reality to your own special relaxation retreat.

The iTempo Plus is available in seven designer finishes: Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Bronze, Polished Brass, and RAW Custom Plating so it integrates perfectly with your steam room design. Furthermore, the versatile controller has both round or square styles to match any environment.

How To Adjust Time On The Itempo Plus Steam Room Control

Adjusting the 24-hour digital clock on the iTempo Plus contol is easy. To set the time, follow these three steps:

  • Hold down the TIME button until it starts flashing.
  • Once the screen starts flashing, adjust the display to the desired time using the arrows.
  • To save your desired time, press the TIME button again.

In this helpful 44 second video, Kris Lee, Mr.Steam Technical Sales Representative, demonstrates the three steps for adjusting the time on your iTempo Plus.

What's Next?

 Now that you've successfully set the time on your iTempo Plus Steam Room Control, it's definitely time for you to practice Steam Bathing 101: Seven Steps For an Effective Steam Bath and experience the healing benefits of steam firsthand!

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