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How to Create a Full-Sensory Spa Experience at Home: Steam Room Design Tips

  • 2 min read

In search of bathroom bliss and the ultimate home sanctuary for escape and renewal? Consider creating a full-sensory spa experience in your home! This week Laurie Laizure, CEO of Customized Walls and founder of Interior Design Community, the largest online community for design pros, shares advice and tips which you can easily apply to your bathroom as well as your steam room design.

Laurie Laizure On Creating A Full-Sensory Spa Experience At Home

A day at the spa can have dramatic effects. After a few hours of pampering and relaxation, you suddenly feel recharged and ready to take on the world! Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time or budget to indulge in this experience every day, but here’s a secret: You can easily recreate it at home. Here are three simple tips for creating a multi-sensory spa experience in your own home.

Set The Mood With Your Bathroom Design

Start off with a bathroom design that inspires peace and tranquility — and no, this won’t require a renovation. Simply choose soft, calming colors for your walls such as blue, lavender, cool mint, or gray. Pair it with decor that speaks to you.

Calming candles, art, and lighting can work together to create a spa-like experience. Take note of the little extras you love about your favorite spa — dishes filled with fragrant soaps, a bamboo floor mat, a soothing soundtrack, or hot stones to use on tired muscles.

Find those items, and keep them stored away for when you’re ready to relax.

Designer Tip: Make sure to choose products that will not mold or mildew in high humidity areas. Opt for materials like glass and ceramics for candleholders or soap dishes, and choose art printed on polyester instead of cotton. 

2. Choose Your Bathroom Fixtures And Steam Equipment Wisely

A high-quality showerhead can make all the difference in the world. Try an oversized showerhead to give the feeling that you got caught in a warm rain shower, or choose one with multiple massage options to ease your muscles. 

Steam showers are the ultimate in the home spa experience. You can turn any bathroom into a spa with a full steam bath; you’ll even find options for sound and aromatherapy controls!

3. For A Full-Sensory Spa Experience, Make Time For Yourself

Now for the hard part! It’s easy to let everyone else’s priorities fill your day. Make sure to schedule some YOU time at least once a week. This is a meeting you set with yourself that no other priority can top!

Use this time to meditate, listen to calming music, have a glass of wine or a cup of tea and get your spa ready to steam your troubles away! After your shower or bath, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. By the time you’re done, you’ll not only feel rejuvenated, but you’ll have more energy to tackle the challenges of everyday life!