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How To Install The Airtempo Wireless Steam Shower Control

  • 3 min read

The new, award-winning, AirTempo Control from MrSteam is the industry’s first wireless home steam shower control. It's elegant, flexible and easy-to-use and a welcome addition for your residential steam shower experience. And, it comes with two installation options--flush mount and surface mount - which we describe in this how-to article.

We have developed two 3-minute videos to demonstrate both installation options. Both videos demonstrate how to install a steam generator first and then show you how to install the AirTempo Wireless Steam Shower Control.

Please note that for both of these installation videos, the instructions are not meant to replace the product’s Installation and Operation Manuals. Rather, they are designed to give you the information needed to discuss the installation with your contractor or steam shower professional. The diagrams herein are for illustrative purposes only.

A few special reminders before watching either of the two videos:  

  • Confirm if the voltage matches the generator (280v or 240v). 240v is standard in single family households.
  • Make sure all plumbing and electrical wiring is performed by a qualified licensed plumber and electrician in accordance with applicable national and local codes.
  • The power should be disconnected at the breaker before installation.

How To Install The Steam Shower Generator

1. Install The Steam Shower Generator:

The licensed electrician can position the steam generator in a variety of places, including in the space under your steam shower bench (with access panel outside of shower), in a heated attic, or in a closet or vanity.

Keep in mind that the generator is about the size of a briefcase and can be positioned up to 60 feet away from the steam shower, or even located on another floor altogether.

2. Install The Water Feed

The licensed plumber should only use copper or brass piping for the water feed. PEX or PVC piping is inappropriate for this installation. Also remember that MrSteam generators use no more than two gallons of water for a 20-minute steam shower, making them the eco-conscious luxury bathing option.

3. Connect The Steam Line:

The plumber then connects the generator to the steamhead. Situated 6 to 12 inches above the shower floor, these high-grade steamheads remain “cool-to-the-touch” throughout the steam session.

4. Install The Drain Line:

Finally, the plumber adds the gravity drain line ensuring a one inch indirect drain system. Be sure to check other national, state and local plumbing code requirements for pressure relief valve, receptor, trap and vent requirements.

5. Electrical Installation:

Use minimum 90 degrees centigrade/300 volt rated insulated THHN copper conductors only (sized per NEC and local codes). Size in accordance with the amperage rating of the steam generator.

Install a separate circuit breaker between supply and the unit. Provide a power supply disconnect within sight of the steam generator or one that is capable of being locked in the open position.

The power supply must be off.

The electrician then brings power and a separate circuit breaker to the generator in accordance with local codes. The generator’s exclusive microprocessor operating platform easily accommodates a full range of custom options, from the most basic installation to the most elaborate. The simple plug-and-play generator design makes it easy to install spa features such as ChromaSteam light systems, AromaSteam and MusicTherapy.

Installing The Airtempo Flush Mount Shower Control:

6. Placement Of Airtempo Flush Mount Control:

Install the wireless receiver. 

Next, the installer cuts a hole in the section of the steam shower wall where the control will be placed, using the template provided with the product.

Ideally, the steam shower control should be installed between four and five feet from the floor, near the seating area for your bather's convenience.

DO NOT install the control above the steam head, as this will result in inaccurate readings.

Then, secure the control.

The installer will appliy a bead of silicone to the control’s back plate and affix it to the opening in the wall. He or she then assembles the three remaining control plates (see image above) and snaps them into the back plate already positioned in the wall.

7. Test The Airtempo Control:

Turn on the water and power.

Turn the AirTempo on.

Double-check that the steam shower system is working properly.

Make sure you know how to operate your new steam system and that you have received the related manuals and warranty information.

Here is the 3:28 minute video demonstrating how to install the AirTempo flush mount steam shower control:

Whichever AirTempo Control installation option you choose, you will be able to experience the full health and wellness benefits of steam baths in the most convenient and user-friendly way possible.