What is a Steam Shower?

What is a Steam Shower?

Whether you’re interested in stress reduction, glowing skin, relaxation or a variety of other wellness benefits, you’ve likely heard that a steam shower routine can help. But, you may be wondering, what is a steam shower?

A steam shower or steam bath is simply an enclosed, fully tiled space with a steam system installed that heats water until it vaporizes and then releases the resulting steam into the enclosure through a steam head for your enjoyment. It’s a simple idea—but doing it efficiently, reliably, and beautifully is an art and a science.

While regular showers may release some steam, it’s not as effective as a fully immersive steam shower system. Many gyms and spas offer large steam rooms that seat multiple people at once, but with so many wellness benefits, it’s becoming increasingly common to incorporate this water-efficient and compact amenity for personal use at home. Steam showers can fit into nearly any shower as long as it’s enclosed, insulated and sealed.

Comprised of four primary parts, the components below explain how a steam shower system operates.

What are the parts of a steam shower?

1. Generator

The steam room generator powers the steam system by boiling water. It’s about the size of a briefcase or a bit larger depending on the model. It can be installed up to 60 ft away in a closet, vanity, attic, or basement - basically any dry location - with 12 inches of space around three sides and the top of the generator for ventilation.

2. Control

Installed inside the shower and away from direct steam flow, the control lets you manage your steam session. You can choose to control everything from temperature and duration to music, chroma lighting and aromatherapy. MrSteam offers sophisticated, slimline controls that fit every design style and need. Explore control options here.

3. Steamhead

This is where the steam is released. It’s installed on the shower wall, about 6-12 inches above the floor and opposite the seating area. MrSteam SteamHeads are sleek and fit seamlessly into a variety of interior décor styles.

4. Plumbing and Power

The system runs on low-voltage household electric power (208v or 240v). You will need a dedicated power box, a water line to the steam bath generator, steam line from generator to shower and a drain line.


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