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Invisia SerenaSeat 18" Walnut Stained Bamboo With Black Frame Fold Down Shower Seat

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Have a seat.

At the intersection of luxury, comfort, beauty, and safety, the SerenaSeat is the centerpiece of your bathroom sanctuary upgrade.

Designed to be environmentally friendly, sustainable, functional, and elegant, Invisia’s spa-inspired SerenaSeat conveniently folds up against the wall in your shower, optimizing space when it’s not in use. The moisture-resistant bamboo seat provides a luxurious focal design that enriches any bathroom, giving your space a spa-like feel.


  • Invisia™ Serena-Seat folds down when in use to support 500lbs
  • Folds up against the wall to store out of the way when not in use
  • Engineered bamboo panels are sustainable and hypoallergenic; resistant to moisture, temperature, and bacteria
  • Frame made from rust-resistant aluminum
  • SerenaSeat is backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • Available in 18" & 26" widths; 32" available by custom order only
  • Made in Canada

What's Included

  1. Seat Assembly
  2. Bottom Wall Panel
  3. Top Wall Panel
  4. #10 x 3" Wood Screw, S/S (x8)



Frame: Aluminum

Seat: Bamboo


Matte Black

Wood Stain Walnut
Weight Capacity

500lbs / 227kg (ADA Compliant)

Seat Widths

18" / 457mm

Seat Depth

15.75" / 400mm from wall

Assembly Required No
Installation Required Yes
Warranty One Year Warranty
Shipping Dimensions 21" W x 3.5" D x 17.5" H
Package Weight 14.5lbs / 6.6kg

Product Dimensions

Model A (Back Rest) B (Seat) C (Hole Spacing) D (Overall Width) Weight
WS18" 18.58" / 47.19cm 17.96" / 45.62cm 16.83" / 42.75cm 19.84" / 50.39cm 19lbs / 8.5kg

Product Overview

Seat Widths

Seat widths for any project – big or small!

ADA Compliant

Supports up to 500 lbs/227 kg when installed to structural wood backing.


Sustainable and resistant to moisture, temperature, and bacteria.

Quality Commitment

SerenaSeat is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Reclaim your space

SerenaSeat gives you luxurious comfort when you need it, and conveniently folds against the wall when you don’t.

To your taste

Available in 3 stains and 4 different metal finishes, the SerenaSeat goes beautifully in just about any bathroom.

Built to endure

Made with premium commercial grade materials, your SerenaSeat will give you years of comfort with easy cleaning and maintenance.

With sustainability in mind

Bamboo has an incredibly sustainable growing cycle, and our engineered panels are resistant to moisture, temperature, and bacteria.


Products are covered by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship for the original purchaser (proof of purchase must be demonstrated on warranty claims). Limit one warranty replacement per customer. Warranty excludes normal wear and tear, wood finishing, surface cracks/scratches that are not structural, the existence of mold, damages due to misuse, accidental damage, alteration, or damage caused by chemicals/cleaning products. Use recommended cleaning instructions to prolong the life of your product.



Invisia Collection

About Invisia

In major industries, safety has become standard because products have been designed with the user in mind. Similar to major paradigm shifts in those industries, change is required for bath safety to advance. Nobody wants their bathroom to look like a hospital.

Invisia™ was designed to address the stigma associated with the “look” of traditional bath safety products.

We strive to normalize safety, especially for those who are making efforts to age in place. We are inspired by potential, both our own and that of our customers. We are transforming the experience of grab bars and bathroom seating to create beautiful bathroom accessories that elevate a space while simultaneously creating a safer environment.

Why Now

Consider your safety today to stay independent long-term.

Bathrooms are dangerous

Falls can happen to anyone at any life stage—make your home safer for everyone.

No do-overs

Bathroom renovations are costly and disruptive—do this now and you won’t have to renovate again.

Proactive, not reactive

You’ll avoid installing unwanted grab bars in reaction to an injury or fall. 

Peace of mind

You don’t want your loved ones feeling concerned about your safety (or nagging you about it).

Why Invisia

Features & Awards


When you take extra care in your designs, people notice.

Stable & Sustainable


Design you can feel good about – bamboo is the only material that checks off style, quality, strength, and feel while being environmentally conscious.

There are many different kinds of bath seats on the market today – teak and phenolic are two popular ones for example. In fact, back in 2015 Invisia™ made the change from Brazilian Walnut seats to Bamboo. So why did we make the change? There are 3 main reasons:

1. Sustainable

There are over 2000 different types of bamboo, and most typically grow 3-5 feet a year. Some varieties can grow up to 12″/30cm in one day! Teak takes up to 25 years to grow into ONE mature tree, and some varieties take 80-120 years to mature.

2. Stable

Each seat panel we use is made from bamboo strands glued together to make a solid, engineered material that does not warp or twist. Many building material tests show that bamboo under tension is comparable to steel. As a result, Invisia™ seats have a weight capacity of 500lbs/227 kgs (which supports 20-40% more weight than most teak seats on the market).

3. Durable

Bamboo is grown in hot, humid, and wet climates – similar to a shower environment. Invisia™ uses 1″/2.54cm bamboo panels so they won’t crack, warp or leach. Bamboo is naturally stain-resistant, we apply a rubio monocoat oil to protect the bamboo’s colour and grain to enhance its natural look and feel.

While other materials we’ve tested can make an adequate seat, bamboo is the only material that checks off style, quality, strength, and feel while being environmentally conscious.

Black by Popular Demand


A timeless finish that stands out and looks beautiful. Design for a darker theme, or add contrast to a lighter theme.

Not Just A Trend.

Trends come and go, but the refined look of Matte Black will add sophistication to your bathroom and continue to impress as it stands the test of time. Whether your style is modern, classic, or industrial, Matte Black is a finish sought out by designers and consumers alike.

Pairs well with your Bathroom.

Matte Black has appeared in projects from top designers and DIYers, as an accent piece or as a theme for the entire bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a matching finish to complete a darker theme, or a darker finish to add contrast to a lighter theme, choose Matte Black from the Invisia Collection.

Beyond Matte Black.

For us, it’s about more than just a finish – It’s about making your bathroom strikingly beautiful while providing support to keep you and your loved ones on their feet.

“Matte Black looks great and enhances the tactile nature of our grab bars.”

– Sunil Achia; Lead Industrial Designer at Invisia™

The award-winning Invisia™ Collection looks great, features a 500 lbs weight capacity, and disguises support in plain sight; safety you’ll notice, but not see.

Serious Space Saver


Save space with a big impact. Optimize space when not in use – no need to lock into place, a machined precision tension hinge prevents the seat from falling down.

What Invisia Offers

Design the bathroom you want

Make your bathroom beautiful with attractive seating and fixtures from our collection.

Age with grace

Enjoy years of comfort and luxury in your beautifully renovated bathroom. You’ve earned it!

Age in place

Stay safe with built-in safety features there to support you when you need them.

Options and Accessories

Invisia 19.75" Black Shampoo Shelf With Integrated Grab Bar



  • Invisia™ Shampoo Shelf adds functional storage and a sturdy grab bar that supports up to 500lbs.
  • 4-point wall connection provides maximum structural support (NOTE: product must be anchored to structural walls only).
  • The durable, non-porous solid surface tray is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Made from rust-resistant, #304 stainless steel.
  • ADA compliant rail diameter (1.25”); Exceeds ADA 4.26.3 structural strength requirements for grab bars and fasteners (250lbs).
  • Available in Black, Brushed, Chrome, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.
  • User's Manual
  • Technical Data Sheet


Material Stainless steel
Finish Black
Weight Capacity 500lbs / 227kg (ADA Compliant)
Rail Diameter 1.25" / 32mm (ADA Compliant)
Rail Length 19.75" / 502mm
Rail Depth 5.1" / 128mm
Rail Height 5.25" / 133mm
Assembly Required No
Installation Required Yes
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Shipping Dimensions 22" W x 8" D x 6" H 
Package Weight 7lbs / 3.18kg

Product Dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SerenaSeat support 500lbs without legs?


The SerenaSeat frame is designed to distribute weight capacity over a wide surface area of the wall. Combined with installation into a secure structure, the SerenaSeat allows for a weight capacity up to 500lbs/227kg.
How is the seat cleaned?


The seat can be cleaned with warm water and/or a mild cleaning agent. Wipe dry using a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive chemicals or cleaning products which may scratch the wood or affect the colour finish. The back rest panels are removable for to allow cleaning the tile wall.
Will the seat fade?


Through our tests, the seat will only fade or weather over time when placed in direct sunlight (i.e. outdoor usage). This is common with many woods, plastics and fabrics.
Suggested Serena-Seat Locations


To determine the optimal mounting location, we recommend consulting with an appropriate healthcare professional. If sidewall (to faucet) is less than 36" / 914mm, seat can be mounted on the back wall. If sidewall (to faucet) is greater than 36" / 914mm, seat can be mounted on sidewall (less than 24" / 610mm from faucet wall). ADA recommend seat height from finished floor 17-19" / 432-483mm.