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Krugg Reflections PLAZA1530

Krugg Reflections Plaza 15" x 30" Recessed or Surface Mount Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Krugg Reflections Plaza 15" x 30" Recessed or Surface Mount Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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Medicine Cabinet + Recessed or Surface Mount Mirror Cabinet + Blum Hinge 170 Degree Soft Close

Functional. Sleek. Timeless. The Kruggs Reflections medicine cabinet offers the perfect blend of elegance and functionality for any bathroom environment.

The cabinet features a modern, mirrored exterior to optimize the size of your bathroom. A mirrored interior on the front inside door and back panel of the cabinet ensures continuous reflection access. The interior also includes three clear, adjustable glass shelves to discreetly store your bath items.

For flexible installation, the cabinet can be recessed or surface mounted, making the decor ideal for both large and small bathrooms. Soft-close, Austrian Blum hinges ensure a quiet bathroom atmosphere - premium touches without the extravagant price tag.

An expression of style and practicality, this high-end medicine cabinet is a beautiful statement piece for your bathroom.


  • 170 Degree opening capability
  • Soft-close, Blum hinges
  • Mirrored interior
  • Flat edge style
  • Available for installation with left- or right-hand swing
  • 3 clear, adjustable glass shelves
  • Recess or surface mounted installation


Model PLAZA1530
Construction - Quality polished edge mirror
- 5MM Silver backed copper-free
- Installation either surface mount (Side mirror trim panels included) or Recessed
- Includes installation hardware
Codes/Standards Applicable - Conforms to UL Std. 962
- Cert. to CSA Std. C22.2 No.250.0-08
- ETL Intertek 5004931


What's Included

  • Plaza 15" x 30" Mirror Medicine Cabinet
  • 3-adjustable shelves
  • Mounting hardware


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions Krugg Reflections USA LLC extends a limited lifetime warranty (this “Limited Warranty”) to original Purchasers of the Krugg Medicine Cabinet (the “Product”) with respect to certain specified components of the Product. Specifically, KRUGG, by this Limited Warranty, warrants that for the duration specified. Products purchased directly from KRUGG or KRUGG’s authorized retailers will be free of defects in the material and workmanship of the Product’s electrical components, glass, mirrors, and certain mechanical components, which defects would cause the Product to substantially fail to function when subject to normal use

One-Year Limited Commercial Warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions Krugg Reflections USA LLC extends a limited one-year warranty to Commercial Purchasers of the Krugg Medicine Cabinet (the “Product”) with respect to certain specified structural components of the Product. Specifically, KRUGG, by this Limited Warranty, warrants that, for a one-year period, Products purchased directly from KRUGG or KRUGG’s authorized retailers will be free of defects in the material and workmanship of the Product’s electrical components, glass, mirrors, and certain mechanical components, which defects would cause the Product to substantially fail to function when subject to normal use.




About Krugg Reflections

Elegant, beautiful, and a bit eclectic KRUGG LED Mirrors and cabinets will provide a touch of luxury to your otherwise mundane tasks. This unique combination of lux and functionality is the result of their unique industry experience that allows freedom of expression with no compromise on functionality. This relentless pursuit of design and function necessitated the development of KRUGG  SmartOne+ technology. A single control achieves the desired performance with just a touch of a button. Krugg Reflections took it a bit further with their robust and versatile KRUGG cabinets and delivered a masterpiece that takes your storage needs to a whole new level while providing illumination for all your essentials. Explore KRUGG and experience luxury reimagined.

Fusing classical tradition with contemporary style, Krugg offers the best in high-quality bathroom accessories.

Krugg's core strengths – unparalleled customer service and traditional taste – are met with their passion for technology and a modern flair. Krugg is right there with you from start to finish, design to fulfillment, to provide you with a bathroom that is as individual and unique as you are.

With over 40 years of combined experience, Krugg Reflections focus on perfecting everyday utilities and rising above industry standards, creating constant innovation to transform user experiences. Krugg Reflections ever-expanding product line incorporates new features into timeless, distinctive designs that blend refinement with up-to-the-minute convenience.

As genuine innovators, Krugg Reflections embrace the collision of the old world and new; they revel in that hard-to-find place where history meets the future, knowledge meets imagination. Krugg doesn’t break the rules of design – they blend them.

Classic Style, Modern Innovation

Exploring cutting-edge technologies, Krugg Reflections constantly discovers new influences to incorporate into their family of products. As true artists and masters of their craft, Krugg look not for what to copy, but what to create. And they are always creating. If an idea isn’t yet in their product line, it’s in development, receiving the attention of Krugg Reflections creative designers and dedicated craftsmen.

Quality From The Very Beginning

From inception to completion, Krugg Reflections ensure their products are rigorously inspected for quality, consistency, and safety. This makes us the ideal starting point for the construction or renovation of any home.

Along with a lifetime warranty on all Krugg products, Krugg Reflections hassle-free return policy guarantees your satisfaction. Because they understand that construction and renovation are time-sensitive endeavors, Krugg warehousing is arranged to minimize shortages and eliminate delays in shipping. Krugg Reflections products are always in stock and arrive in one piece for easy setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install Krugg mirrors in wet areas?


All our mirrors are designed for damp area use, not intended for wet areas.
2. Are Krugg mirrors silver backed?


Yes, Krugg Mirrors are all Silver backed mirrors which are Copper-free.
3. How to choose the right LED mirror for my space?


Choosing the Right LED Mirror for Your Space

You have a seemingly endless array of shapes and sizes when choosing an LED mirror. The modernist may choose an LED mirror with a borderless design, while the traditionalist searches for a tasteful vanity with an integrated LED mirror. Some prefer rectangular while others work to incorporate circular designs. It’s often best to start with reviewing your space. This is the rough canvas that you’ll be using and will help narrow down your choice of LED mirror. Take out the tape measure; this ensures your LED mirror will fit the scale of the room. Larger spaces benefit to fixed installations, while smaller gain flexibility from smaller, mobile LED mirror designs. There are multiple rooms in the house that can use an LED mirror, so applying similar models across all rooms is an easy way to up your interior design game. We like hardwiring models flush with the wall for a clean look. Many LED mirror designs feature built-in smart outlets so you can work without getting tangled in cords. If you’re working with a designer, ensure they’re aware of your desire to integrate LED mirror products across the home.

  • Before selecting an LED mirror measure your space
  • Decide on design cues before shopping for your LED mirror
  • Talk to your designer about how to incorporate your LED mirror seamlessly
The LED Mirror for the Master Bath


While the master bath is a showcase room from a design perspective, it needs to be functional on a daily basis. An LED mirror helps with makeup, hair, and gives an edge to male grooming. If space permits, a small makeup station featuring a midsized LED mirror separate from the main sink area keeps the bathroom focused. Makeup storage is generally centered here as well, so the LED mirror becomes task specific. Men especially enjoy the lighting from a smaller, dedicated LED mirror. Not only does this LED mirror accurately illuminate the face, but also it’s a great tool for shaving and beard trimming.

If your bathroom contains classic elements, like a claw foot tub, or carved cabinetry we recommend a framed LED mirror. The framed LED mirror, we offer in gold and silver, comes in three sizes: 24″x36″ LED mirror, 48″x30″ LED mirror, and 60″x30″ LED mirror. The frame may be painted to suit your space; LED mirrors are easily customizable with your contractor. We’ve seen red lacquer frames to suit modern, bold palettes.

Frameless designs work set in front of walls, should you choose to table-mount your LED mirror. The LED mirror sits more naturally in the space without borders. You may choose to stack artwork behind the table mounted LED mirror for design layers. Frameless LED mirror designs come off more modern with cleaner lines and a larger surface area. The bulbs are set into the mirror directly increasing the perceived brightness of these LED mirror builds. Above all, the frameless LED mirror is the future of Hollywood-style mirrors.

For the over-sink LED mirror, there are ready-to-order sizes up to 84”. This allows for dual sink coverage; the more LED mirror coverage in the bathroom, the better. Bathroom LED mirror designs may be placed closer to the countertop. This gives a better sight line when naturally bent at the sink. More LED mirror coverage means less jockeying for space with your partner in the bathroom. It becomes a daily time saver and a worthwhile investment. A large LED mirror means you’ll able to get ready for work or an event simultaneously with your partner.

For targeted use, like tweezering and eyelashes an LED mirror on a swing arm becomes very useful. The ability to position the mirror at any angle allows you to focus on certain areas a wall-mount LED misses. Depending on the distance from the wall the LED mirror may be affixed to a swing arm or a ball bearing joint. It’s not uncommon to have all three in the master bath: a large LED mirror over the sink area, a medium LED mirror in the vanity area, and a targeted LED mirror available for use on a nearby wall. Many women find use in these LED mirror shapes for brow work and eyeliner while men can shape beards and tackle ingrown hairs. It’s helpful to not need to lean over a sink for finishing touches—this LED mirror accomplishes that goal. Here are the most important considerations:

  • Oversized LED Mirror designs work for the master bath
  • Build several LED mirror stations for each task
  • Framed LED mirror designs work best for traditional décor
  • Frameless LED mirror designs work best for modern décor
  • A micro LED mirror is just as useful for men as it is for women
Recessing Your LED Mirror


Recessing your LED mirror into the wall is also a creative touch that is worth the cost of construction. This design choice creates the illusion of more space; adding an LED mirror actually feels like adding square footage. When the LED mirror is flush with the fall there is a better visual line across your bathroom. The builder may opt to create a shelf under the LED mirror for storage or design elements. A seamless build is contemporary while a larger frame around the LED mirror is a traditional design tactic. With you electrician, select smart points to build in power outlets. You’ll want to ensure you’ll be able to work centered in the LED mirror as well as on the left and right outer corners without having reach issues from the hair dryer. Contrasting, flat paint behind the LED mirror in recesses is a modern design tactic to give depth to your room. Keep in mind:

  • Recessing an LED mirror may be expensive but it looks great
  • Recessing an LED mirror may involve electrical work
  • Use flat paint in recesses to avoid unnatural reflection from the LED mirror
Turning Your LED Mirror Into a Medicine Cabinet


An integrated LED mirror medicine cabinet is a natural way to add bathroom storage. We use soft-close sliding doors for a super modern, almost space-age touch. The inside of the LED mirror cabinet is also reflective so you never lose sight opened or closed. We offer 18” x 30” as well as 20” x 30” with an aluminum casing around the LED mirror. The LED Mirror GlasHaus is another great way to add a modern feel to the bathroom. The glass framing makes this LED mirror an attractive shelf. The integrated dimmer ensures you’re always at the perfect intensity for the job, including ambient lighting from the LED mirror.

  • Ready-built options in two sizes of LED mirror
  • Soft-close machined sliding doors make it the smoothest LED mirror around
  • The LED mirror GlasHouse is an easy design touch to add to any room

While plenty of ready-made options are available customizing your cabinet gives an extra design boost to the bathroom. The right carpenter can turn any LED mirror into a functional medicine cabinet. You’ll be able to choose a customized depth and extend the LED mirror over the sink area, improving vision. Build the shelving around products you actually use, the LED mirror becomes an invaluable storage space.

  • Customize your distance and depth with an LED mirror medicine cabinet
  • Add storage to your bathroom behind your LED mirror
  • Customize finish options behind the LED mirror frame
The LED Mirror for the Powder Room


The powder room is traditionally adjacent to the bathroom or a separate room specifically built for applying makeup and light freshening up. The LED mirror should be the centerpiece of this room without too many embellishments. It’s a room that isn’t occupied for long periods of time. A built-in vanity is an easy, contractor-free solution for bringing an LED mirror station. Outlets are usually reserved for the bathroom, so any integrated outlet from your LED mirror would be an added bonus. Likely, you’ll be working with dry makeup in front of the LED mirror in the powder room.

Your choice of the chair in the powder room is important. The seat height should allow you to work comfortably in front of the LED mirror with plenty of legroom. We recommend backless, cushioned seating so that it may be stored under the LED mirror vanity when unoccupied. This gives a good ten square feet of space back to your powder room and the LED mirror area can become convenient shelving. Remember:

  • The LED mirror is the center of attention in a powder room
  • Backless chairs and stools work better for storing below the LED mirror vanity
  • Consider a free-standing LED mirror for cost-savings
The LED Mirror for the Guest Bath


The guest bath should be a scaled-down model of the comforts of a master bathroom. You’ll want your guest to benefit from the power of a midsized LED mirror and perhaps a focused LED mirror on a swing arm. The main difference between a guest bath, is that it’s to be single occupancy. The LED mirror may be scaled down to suit. It’s wise to match LED mirror frames across these two bathrooms. Cohesiveness is easier this way. Occasionally, we like adding a round LED mirror here. It’s a space saver and an interesting design piece for your guest.  The round LED mirror also offers excellent light dispersion and even illumination of the face. A lower cluster of outlets is helpful for guests to charge mobile devices as well as power travel beauty tools in front of the LED mirror.

  • Keep LED mirror styling consistent between guest and master baths
  • Scale down LED mirror for guests
  • Ensure your guest can work with integrated outlets by the LED mirror

A swing arm LED mirror may not fit the smaller dimensions of the guest bath. We like smaller table LED mirror designs for this task. Your guest may move the mirror to her linking and it can be stored out of the way if necessary. We offer a petite LED mirror that works for smaller spaces at 15” x 20”. Custom pop-up LED mirrors may be integrated directly into the countertop; a chic solution with a matching price tag.

The LED Mirror for the Entranceway


Visitors may find themselves needing to freshen up upon arrival. The entranceway bathroom is a half-bath designed for quick tasks. An LED mirror in the entranceway bathroom is a great way to show hospitality and give your guest the opportunity to touch up makeup after travel. We recommend a small round LED mirror for this task, set over the sink. Outlets aren’t often a concern and are generally reserved for your LED mirror in the full guest bathroom. For placement, the LED mirror should be slightly higher than a full bathroom as it doubles as a wardrobe mirror at a distance. Keep the entranceway bathroom clear of clunky furniture and heavy décor touches. A simple end table with necessary toiletries is a nice touch to accompany the LED mirror vanity.

  • We like round LED mirror shapes for the entrance
  • Place a small table with key toiletries by the LED mirror-like toothpaste and lotion
The LED Mirror for the Bedroom


The bedroom is not an uncommon space for a combination vanity LED mirror. The freestanding nature of the piece can work with your décor choices. Positioning the LED mirror near the bed is a classic choice for jewelry storage and hair; often the final tasks before climbing under the sheets. The LED mirror with storage allows for the safekeeping of rings and earrings. It’s best to have a clear wall to position the LED mirror vanity against, but may work at an angle with a finished back. Many of our LED mirror vanities are finished in gloss white, which works easily with most bedroom décor.To keep the space lean around a freestanding LED mirror vanity, we recommend floor outlets at the highest cost and using a single woven extension cord at the most affordable. Nothing is worse than a tangle of cables at the base of a table your LED mirror table. Some tips:

  • Keep colors muted for your bedroom LED mirror housing
  • Visually anchor the LED mirror to a wall or corner
  • Have a solution to power your LED mirror without the mess
The Light Source For Your LED Mirror


The quality of your light source is the most important aspect when selecting an LED mirror brand. Bathrooms are a surprising source of uneven light. Our LED mirror designs ensure even lighting and quality color. Lighting should not be solely top-lit. An LED Mirror ensures the entire face is illuminated properly.

Krugg uses only the highest quality, distortion-free LED mirrors. Our LED mirror designs are lined with custom LEDs (with a lifespan of 50,000 hours) to ensure lifelike, accurate color representation. Measured by the Color Rendering Index, Glam Mirrors use bulbs exceeding 90 for professional results.

  • A quality light source matters for your LED mirror
  • An LED mirror avoids uneven top lighting
  • AN LED mirror reveals the natural color
Maintaining Your LED Mirror in the Home


Your LED mirror is built to last, but being subject to constant contact from water and beauty products helps to practice common maintenance. An ammonia solution like Windex is the easiest way to care for the glass in your LED mirror. The LED mirror will take on toothpaste, hairspray, and makeup powders over time, impacting the accuracy of your reflection. We recommend a careful wipe down of the glass on your LED mirror once every two weeks. We prefer using a microfiber cloth or an old tee-shirt over paper towels as they can scratch the finish of your LED mirror.

  • Use an ammonia solution once every two weeks on your LED mirror
  • To protect your LED mirror, use a microfiber, not a paper towel
  • Hairsprays and other aerosols may require soap and water to remove from the LED mirror glass

Many LED mirrors are built with gloss wood frames. These frames do not respond well to a repeated barrage of chemicals. For the frames of your LED mirror, we recommend a simple solution of soap and water. Stronger solvents will erode the glossy finish and prematurely age your LED mirror. For the tabletop cleanups will need to be more frequent depending on how often you use your LED mirror. At the minimum, the tabletop of an LED mirror vanity should be wiped thoroughly once a week to prevent discoloration.

  • Makeup and hard chemicals can discolor your LED mirror
  • Use only soap and water on your LED mirror
  • Wipe down active LED mirror vanities at least once a week

Like any wood table, leaving a wet or damp object on the surface of your LED mirror vanity can cause rings and permanent discoloration. While you won’t be reaching for a coaster to place under makeup essentials, be extra vigilant on what you’re resting on your LED mirror. Keep in mind, the bottom of sprays, bases of compacts, and gels can often have residue. The weekly maintenance will keep your LED mirror looking new.

  • Keep an eye out for wet makeup on your LED mirror table surface
  • Let products dry before placing them on the LED mirror
  • If you wouldn’t put it on your coffee table don’t rest it on your LED mirror
Why Choose an LED Mirror


LED mirrors leverage energy-saving technology that will keep you running for over 50,000 hours. That’s about 10 years of life for your LED mirror. Many LED mirrors have integrated anti-fog systems so you’ll have a crystal clear reflection right out of the shower. Aesthetically, LED mirrors are a cleaner and sleeker solution. We think LED mirrors are the future of reflection.

  • LED mirrors are easier to clean
  • LED mirrors look sleek and modern
  • LED mirrors have modern, anti-fog capabilities
Final Thoughts on Choosing an LED Mirror


LED mirror designs are powerful tools to bring into your home. They embody the spirit of green living: LED mirror technology is far more efficient than incandescent bulbs. The LED mirror runs “cool” and allows you to work with less fatigue. Contemporary and modern homes get an immediate upgrade from an LED mirror; they’re clean and crisp. The LED mirror is easily customizable to suit your space. Recess the LED mirror into your wall for flush styling. For the master bath, the LED mirror allows even lighting for both partners. A focused tool LED mirror is great for men, with increased accuracy in beard trimming.

A purpose-built LED mirror medicine cabinet is an easy way to add high design to the bathroom. With machined tracks, the LED mirror slides smoothly to reveal more mirrored storage. These LED mirror designs feature an array of light sources.

Outside of the bedroom, the LED mirror technology upgrades guest spaces. In the entranceway, guests will get real use out of the accurate, clean LED mirror lighting. In guest bathrooms, the LED mirror becomes a great display of tasteful design as well as hospitality. An LED mirror makes applying and removing makeup less of a chore.

In the powder room, your LED mirror becomes a centerpiece. It’s a real functional tool that you’ll look forward to using. The LED mirror can be integrated into a vanity table for a modern workspace. We like using clean Carrera marble to contrast the LED mirror design.

In the bedroom, custom-built freestanding vanities are a wonderful way to use LED mirror technology. A dressing table is a storage space for your jewelry, timepieces, and hairbrushes. The LED mirror has an integrated dimmer to offer attractive ambient light to the bedroom that is never harsh.

Maintaining your LED mirror is easy. We recommend using a dilute ammonia solution to handle standard splatters on your LED mirror. For tougher jobs, soap and water will handle the removal of blemishes on your LED mirror. We avoid harsh solvents as they can damage the frame.

  • LED mirror technology is green
  • LED mirror technology lasts ten years without replacement
  • LED mirror technology runs cool to the touch
  • LED mirrors may be built into a variety of custom applications
  • LED mirrors are easy to maintain with household products
Dimensions of Our LED Mirror Products


For your medicine cabinet needs, here are our recommended LED mirrors:

  • Bijou Small LED mirror 15” x 20”
  • LED mirror medicine cabinet 18” x 30”
  • Roll 20 LED mirror 20” x 30”
  • LED Mirror medicine cabinet 18” x 30”

Above the sink mount, these are the LED mirror designs that allow you and your partner freedom to dress simultaneously.

  • Large LED mirror vanity 84” x 30”
  • Medium LED mirror vanity 72” x 30”
  • Small LED mirror vanity 60” x 30”

For smaller walls and guest bathrooms these LED mirror designs are perfect:

  • LED mirror with dimmer for bathroom 24” x 36”
  • Round LED mirror with dimmer 22”
  • Round LED mirror with dimmer 27”
  • Oval LED mirror with dimmer 20” x 30”
  • LED mirror GlasHaus 20” x 31”

For traditional décor schemes these framed LED mirror designs bring a touch of classic design:

  • LED mirror with glass frame 42” x 30”
  • LED mirror with oval frame 32” x 24”
  • LED mirror with silver frame 24” x 36”
  • LED mirror with gold frame 24” x 36”
  • LED mirror with gold frame 48” x 30”
  • LED mirror with silver frame 48” x 30”
  • LED mirror with gold frame 60” x 30”
  • LED mirror with silver frame 60”x 30”

For unique spaces and small applications these LED mirrors fit into your space creatively:

  • LED mirror octagon 20” x 30”
  • LED mirror 20” x 32”
  • LED mirror 18” x 30”
  • LED mirror Rolls medicine cabinet 48” x 30”


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