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About SFA/Saniflo

Who we are?

Saniflo is the world leader in the plumbing industry as a result of the above-floor technology used in Saniflo pumps. The Saniflo's complete range of pumps, for both residential and commercial needs. The innovative method of using above-floor technology, allows the installation of any sanitary application you can imagine, anywhere! Whether it's a small project requiring drain and condensate pumps to more complex engineered jobs, such as a whole buildings with multiple fixture units, Saniflo has a solution; All you need is water supply and electricity. Try Saniflo for your next Bathroom addition or home project!

History and Values

SFA in a few dates : 60 years of existence

For more than 60 years, the companies of the SFA Group have been working to provide a clientele of professional and private individuals with ever greater sanitary comfort in their daily lives. They offer them much more than technological know-how; they offer inventive, reliable and easy-to-implement solutions. A state of mind and a way of doing things that in 1958 resulted in the launch of the first Sanibroyeur. An ingenious idea that continues to revolutionise interior design around the world. This mastery of pumping solutions has been deployed over the years, providing valuable help in a wide variety of sectors. 

Today SFA has design and production expertise in 4 main synergetic areas:

  • Water treatment equipment and solutions
  • Pumps and pumping stations for industrial projects
  • Pumps and sanitary macerators for home use
  • Equipment for showers, whirlpool bathtubs and spas

The essential elements of the SFA Group brand that makes it different


Designing and manufacturing domestic and professional solutions wherever water flows.


Based on industrial and design expertise in pump and bathroom solutions, deploy a specific culture of well-being across all markets beyond as best practice.


Global Group, supplier of all-round inventive solutions. Quality and value for money solutions.

Inventiveness: A key part of our DNA

The hallmark of the SFA Group.  This value combines creativity, pragmatism and smartness, encapsulating our ability to identify and offer simple but ground-breaking solutions. Inventiveness is a kind of intellectual prowess exemplified  by our Group. Saniflo, Sanifloor, Sanicompact, the air system in balneo therapy and our shower assembly systems are but a few examples.

SFA Group and its Values

The 60 years of our Group's history have enabled it to become what it is today and to nurture its vision for the future are based on a foundation of values that make up our DNA. These values are strong and live on in our day-to-day behaviour.

SFA Worldwide

25 subsidiaries developed since the creation of the company in 1958

In the 1970s, SFA expanded its market scope. It now has 25 subsidiaries and distributes its products in several other countries through its network of importers and distributors.

The SFA Group knows how to adapt to the specificities of each country, as evidenced by the different brands used: 

  • Saniflo in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, and South Africa
  • Sanitrit in Spain, Italy, and Portugal
  • Sanibroy in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Each of SFA's trading partners is rigorously selected, trained and monitored, and all products are certified according to the standards in force in the country of sale.

As well as numerous export countries

Among the countries to which SFA exports its products are: Cyprus, Malta, India, Norway, the Baltic States, Croatia, Israel, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Middle East, Overseas France, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Sudan, Finland, West Africa, and more.

In other words, SFA has more than 60 distributors, over 200 products, and more than 1000 collaborators.

SFA has sold more than 8 million devices to date, more than half of which have been sold outside of France.

They chose SFA

SFA is proud to be represented by its customers all over the world, and counts among them:


Where is the waste discharged?


All of Saniflo products are designed to pump out the waste into a city sewer, septic tank or soil stack.
What material should be used for waste discharge?


Saniflo recommends to use PVC, CPVC, copper.
What size discharge pipe should be used?


Depending on the pump model, the discharge pipe can be 3/4 or 1 inch diameter pipe. The Sanicubic range uses 1-1/2" diameter discharge pipe.
Does Saniflo products require a vent?


All of Saniflo products require an 1-1/2 inch vent pipe, which must be vented to the main vent stack as per plumbing codes. The Sanicompact 48 and Sanistar models do not require a vent connection since they are considered self contained units.


It is not recommended to use an air admittance valve or a mechanical spring-loaded device as they only allow air to flow one way.
Is maintenance required?


Maintenance is not required for any of our products. However, we recommend the use Saniflo's Descaler which acts as a cleanser and descaler.
What are the electrical requirements?


All of our products come with a plug power cord and requires 115 volts. They must be plugged into a GFI receptacle which does not have to be a dedicated circuit. The Sanicubic 2 requires 220/240 volts and must be hard wired.
What is the difference between a macerating and grinder pump?


A macerating pump is designed to handle the flush of human waste and toilet paper only (Sanitop, Saniaccess3, Saniplus, Sanipro, Sanipack, Sanicompact and Sanistar).


A grinder pump is designed to handle the flush of human waste, toilet paper and sanitary napkins such as feminine hygiene products (Sanibest Pro, Sanigrind Pro, Sanicubic 1 and Sanicubic 2).
Do I need to break up the floor to install a Saniflo product?


There is no need to break up the floor. Saniflo can easily be installed anywhere on any finished floor.
What are gray water pumps?


Gray water pumps are designed to handle the drains of a sink, shower, bathtub, washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen sink, laundry sink but not a toilet. The Sanivite, Saniswift, Sanishower are considered gray water pumps.
Are there different colors available?


All of our products and toilets come in white only, except for the Sanicubic 2 which comes in gray.


How long do they last?


Saniflo products lasts about 10 to 15 years, if not longer. They have been tested for about 50,000 cycles, flushed 10 x a day = 3,650 flushes a year. As this was a standard test, it was stopped at 50,000 cycles, therefore they will last much longer.
Can a shower/bathtub be installed?


A shower can be installed on most of our products. The shower base will need to be raised a minimum of 6 inches, but is recommended 8 inches.
How do I install the extension pipe?


The extension pipe is designed to be used with the Sanitop, Saniaccess3, Saniplus, Sanipro and Sanibest Pro models.


The extension pipe has one end with a rubber gasket built inside and the other end is hard plastic. The end with the inner gasket built inside attaches to the back of the toilet (no need for a clamp on that end) and the other end of the extension pipe is clamped to the front of the unit; inside the pan gasket.

Usage / Operation

What should I do if I encounter a problem with the pump?


If the pumps experience any issues, please contact
Is it necessary to have an access panel?


It is recommended to have an access panel either on the side or behind the wall in case the unit needs to be serviced.
What happens if there is a power outage?


In the event of a power loss, do not use the toilet or any sanitary fixture connected to the pump since it will not work until the power is restored.
How can the discharge pipe be set up?


The discharge pipe must be set up to pump straight up vertically to the highest point and then horizontal with a slope of at least 1/4 inch per linear foot into the main drain pipe.
Is a p-trap required for Saniflo products?


A p-trap is required on any fixtures draining into the pump. Even though macerating systems have built-in mechanical traps, most plumbing codes require a regular p-trap to be installed.
Is a p-trap required for Saniflo products?


A p-trap is required on any fixtures draining into the pump. Even though macerating systems have built-in mechanical traps, most plumbing codes require a regular p-trap to be installed.
Can I use 90 degree elbows?


It is not recommended to use 90 degree elbows on the discharge line. For any turns, we recommend using two 45 degree elbows back to back or long sweeping elbows.
Can the discharge pipe be increased?


Our products discharge the waste using either a 3/4 or 1 inch pipe. You can only increase the pipe size when you start draining the waste through gravity since the 1/4" per foot will drain the waste.
How much water does the system use?


The Sanitop, Saniaccess3, Saniplus, Sanipro and Sanibest Pro models use 1.28 gallons (4.8 liters) of water per flush. The Sanicompact 48 and Sanistar models are dual flush systems and use 1 gallon (4 liters) and 1.28 gallons (4.8 liters) of water per flush.
Warranty / Part Sales

What is the warranty period?
Can the warranty be voided?


The warranty is voided when any foreign objects are found in the macerating unit. Pouring automobile anti-freeze, solvents paintings, acids, alkaloids, plastic bags, metal, plastic material, wood or anything that could halt, damage or corrode the unit, voids warranty. The motor is filled with oil and sealed for life at the factory; draining the oil out of the motor voids warranty as well.



How does Saniflo work? And how can it save you thousands?

While, you believe that a new bathroom will be complicated, and may never happen – there is in fact an easy, affordable way to go about installing a bathroom. Saniflo is an innovative, inexpensive and

Click to


Adding a new toilet to any room in your home can seem like an impossible feat. Not only is it necessary to break floors and install complex plumbing, but you’ll also have to find a way to connect your new bathroom plumbing to your current main drainpipe, which may be too far away.

While, you believe that a new bathroom will be complicated, and may never happen – there is in fact an easy, affordable way to go about installing a bathroom. Saniflo is an innovative, inexpensive and painless method to make installing a bathroom as easy as pie.

The Saniflo upflush system is unlike other traditional systems on the market. Instead of laying pipework under the floor, attaching it to the main drain line – the Saniflo upflush pump does all the work for you. How?

Just as the name suggests, these units flush your waste upward and away to the mainline that could be more than 100 feet away. Dependent on which unit from Saniflo’s range of products, - you can quietly and discretely pump waste towards the main drainpipe.

No other system can do this. Is it a shock - to learn that Saniflo is becoming a popular choice all around the globe?

The process is truly simple. The Saniflo above-ground pump includes rotating stainless-steel blades to breaks your waste into pieces (like the blades used in a blender). The waste is liquified, to a manageable consistency. Then the unit quietly and discretely pumps the waste upwards through a ¾ or 1-inch (in diameter) pipe to your sewage system, septic tank or holding tank. You can watch the video below for a demonstration of this.

Once pumped, the toilet is refilled with water and the unit is left clean and empty meaning there is no need for maintenance or repair. Be warned, certain corrosive cleaning products can cause damage to your unit. Be sure to use the manufacturer-approved cleaning Descaler(insert the link of the product here), to clean the toilet of germs and limescale.


This system overcomes the issue of being limited to locations where downhill drainage or gravity evacuates waste. With Saniflo you don’t even need to be in close proximity to the main drain-line.

The best part about Saniflo, is you do not need to do major construction to install the unit. The unit is an above ground pump. Meaning no need to break the floor or deal with messy concrete. This allows for no need for major construction to add en-suite bathrooms, basement toilets, garage installations, toilets for elderly family members, and many other practical toilets that could not be added through conventional methods.

An upflush toilet allows the install of a bathroom virtually anywhere you can imagine!

Saniflo’s above-floor technology makes it possible, even if you were once told you can’t add a toilet to your home due to the lack of a drain line. The upflush toilets will simplify your toilet installation by pumping your waste away to the nearest drain line and/or sewer system. Cutting down on time and money by eliminating expensive plumbing overhauls needed for your upcoming bathroom remodel or addition.

You’ll also be happy to hear that Saniflo’s gray water pumps and toilet systems are all entirely environmentally friendly! Using far less water than the traditional plumbing system. Saniflo’s systems last more than 50,000 flushes (10 flushes per day), and all Saniflo gray water pumps come with a 2-year warranty. This can become a 3-year warranty when you register your pump online. (

When it comes to installing a toilet system that won’t break the bank or the floors in your home, nothing beats Saniflo.

Waiting for the catch? There isn’t one. Even the installation is relatively quick and simple!


It's easy to replace a Saniflo Toilet

Saniflo’s macerating and grinder toilet systems come fully assembled and equipped with all the necessary components to make replacement even simpler and faster than the original installation.

Click here to read more


Saniflo’s macerating and grinder toilet systems come fully assembled and equipped with all the necessary components to make replacement even simpler and faster than the original installation.

Installing a Saniflo macerating or grinder plumbing system is a relatively straightforward affair – one that can be readily accomplished with a half-day's work, maybe less.

Similarly, Saniflo’s above-floor plumbing technology makes replacing an older Saniflo toilet even simpler than the original installation.

But why would you opt to replace the toilet already connected to your Saniflo macerator or grinder? There are various reasons:

● The vitreous china toilet bowl is chipped and needs to be replaced. If it’s a major crack or a crack to any part of the toilet that handles water or waste, we highly recommend replacing the toilet.

● You may be concerned about saving water. Older toilets can use up to 3.6 gallons per flush (GPF). New federal law now dictates that new toilets can only use up to 1.6 GPF (WaterSense is the EnergyStar for water-use devices).

● Those who are tall or simply getting on in age may be considering a comfort height toilet. ADA compliant toilets make sitting and standing easier and are useful for those looking to update their appliances to fit their needs.

● You may simply want to replace it due to discoloration or if the toilet seat lid is loose.

● *fill and flush valves may no longer be available for older toilets

Saniflo's vitreous china toilets can connect to both current and outdated Saniflo pumps

Saniflo offers two-piece toilet systems that are available to purchase separately. The toilets are designed with a high gloss finish for an easy-to-clean surface. It’s easy to replace your old toilet with Saniflo’s modern skirted bowl for a fresh new look. Saniflo’s high efficiency toilets use 1.28 gallons/ 4.8 liters per flush, and are recognized by the EPA’s water-saving WaterSense program. These ADA-compliant, floor-mounted, rear discharge toilets come already assembled and equipped with all the necessary hardware to complete the replacement. You have the option to go with either the two- piece round toilet system or the two-piece elongated toilet system.

The systems include:

● Vitreous china water closet: Insulated toilet tank and toilet bowl

● An integral P-trap and a rear outlet spigot

● Large, three-inch trapway

● Set of lag screws, plastic anchors, and china protectors

If you have a concealed pump, you should also have an existing Extension Pipe that connects the water closet to the macerator or grinder pump behind the wall. The 18-inch extension pipe was designed to reduce time when installing Saniflo pumps. It has an inner gasket that connects to the rear spigot of the toilet without any difficulty.

You can easily connect your replacement toilet to the existing extension pipe via the toilet's rear spigot. Or you might opt to replace the extension pipe altogether. This accessory can be used with the Saniaccess 2, Saniaccess 3, Saniplus or Sanibest Pro external units. *using extension pipe can speed-up repairs as pump is no longer confined behind the toilet bowl and under the toilet tank.

When replacing your old toilet, attach the new toilet to the macerator pump (or to the Extension Pipe for concealed pumps) and secure the toilet to the floor with the provided screws and plastic anchors.

Modernize with the Sanicompact

Alternatively, you might even consider replacing your old Saniflo toilet with a more contemporary-looking, one-piece fixture, such as the Sanicompact, a self-contained macerating toilet. By “self-contained,” we mean the macerator/pump is built into the vitreous china toilet bowl to create a single, highly compact unit.

A bonus feature is that the Sanicompact uses a minimum amount of water. The standard, dual-flush version uses only 1.28 gallons/4.8 liters per flush. The dual-flush feature, of course, allows the Sanicompact to use less water than a regular toilet, but with the same high efficiency.

You might be thinking: Replacing the toilet is fine, but what about my existing macerator pump behind it?

Well, while you are swapping out the toilet, it is just as easy to remove the pump too and install a new macerator system, such as the Sanicompact, Saniaccess 2, Saniaccess 3, or Saniplus; or perhaps a heavier-duty grinder system, the Sanibest Pro. That’s because existing plumbing rough-ins make upgrading or swapping out an old Saniflo pump easy.

Watch this video of Brunet Plumbing replacing a 15-year-old macerator.

Replacing your old or out-of-style Saniflo toilet is easy. Saniflo's complete toilet system comes with everything needed for installation, including a stylish soft-close toilet seat.



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