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Scandia 24-hour Programmable Digital Timer for Electric Sauna Heater

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Digital timer for sauna heaters. This timer is intended for commercial facilities where sauna use is consistent. Timer can be programmed for a seven day cycle. Can only be used for our Electric Sauna heaters, not the gas. 

Upgrade from 60-min timer to commercial 24-hour digital time clock (for any heater model).



    The Scandia Ultra Sauna heater comes with two types of timers, a 60 minute timer or a 24 hour timer. The timer works in partnership with the thermostat. In order to operate the sauna heater, both the timer and thermostat must be turned on in order to activate the heater. When on the timer only allows the heater to be controlled by the thermostat. Said another way, the timer will not turn on the heater unless the thermostat is turned up. Inversely, the thermostat cannot turn on the sauna without the timer turned on. If the timer and the thermostat are turned on and the sauna does not turn on, this does not mean that your timer is faulty.

    Timer Integrity Check 

    To check timer functionality: reset high-limit (only if tripped) and turn on sauna thermostat to #10 setting. (if equipped with a 24 hour timer, make sure it is off). Next, turn on the timer to see if it engages the system (you will hear a click or clunk sound).

    If the timer does not engage the sauna system:

    1. Check all seven parameters on page one of this guide.
    2. Check wires to make sure all connections to the thermostat, timer and contactors are snug.
         - If not – tighten all connections
         - If yes – go back to the first page of the guide and check step #3
    3. Make sure thermostat copper capillary wires are not crimped or bent.
         - If crimped
         - thermostat must be replaced
         - If not crimped – go back to the first page of the guide and check step #4

    Confirming a Faulty Timer

    Turn the sauna off and shut off all power connections, then bypass the timer by connecting the two timer lead wires from the controls together. Once done, restore power and turn on the thermostat. If the heater system turns on, this confirms your timer is faulty. This is to be done for testing purposes only and by a licensed electrician.


      Your Ultra Sauna heater has been engineered and built to the highest quality standards, and is backed by this warranty to assure your complete satisfaction:

      1. SCANDIA Mfg warrants on the terms and conditions set forth below for ten years to the Original Owner only, at the Original Installation site only, this equipment to be free from defect in material and/or workmanship under normal use as specified in the equipment’s instructions, FROM DATE OF PURCHASE and thereafter.
      2. A TEN YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY applies only on the heater unit as manufactured by and at SCANDIA Mfg., - Manufacturing Plant – and specifically excludes all components and/or parts which are accessories therein, namely: the gas valve; pilot generator: heating element; contactor; timer switch; thermostat; and, high limit, for which their respective manufacturers warranties apply. The TEN YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY does not apply for units that have been installed in commercial locations such as clubs, condominiums, apartments, spas or military facilities. In commercial locations, Scandia will provide a one-year warranty on the unit.
      3. During the first year SCANDIA will, at its option, repair or exchange at the Factory all parts which it finds have become inoperative during said warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship, without cost to customer except for freight and/or crating charges.
      4. For the period commencing with the second year and for the ten year warranty of the original purchaser only, at the original installation only, SCANDIA will, at its option, repair or exchange at the Factory, all parts which it finds have become inoperative during said warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship except the following parts which are excluded from this warranty: the gas valve; pilot generator: heating element; contactor; timer switch; thermostat; and, high limit.
      5. This warranty in its entirety becomes null and void if unit is rented or to be used for rental purposes or installed in any mobile or fixed prefab rental room. If original purchaser is a corporation then, the president of said corporation, shall be construed as registered Original Owner for all purposes herein, otherwise this warranty in its entirety becomes null and void.
      6. This warranty in its entirety becomes null and void if unit has been installed by an unlicensed party by and/or in the city and/or county where installation is made. Furthermore if unit is disassembled and/or tampered with in any way possible by any one (individual and/or company) then this warranty in its entirety becomes null and void.

      SCANDIA reserves the right to substitute new equipment or parts on any orders for replacement hereunder, but shall not be obligated to do so. This warranty is solely for the benefit of the original purchaser and no one else, and only if the installation and operating instructions applicable to the model purchased are followed. These instructions are furnished with the unit and also are available by writing SCANDIA’s warehouse. These instructions are incorporated herein by reference as if set forth in full. This warranty does not cover damages which appear to SCANDIA to have resulted from neglect, alteration, abuse, misuse, accident, flood, fore or other act of force majeure, or other than normal use.

      This warranty is expressly in lieu of other warranties, or liabilities, express or implied, by the Company or its representatives, and in lieu of all other obligations and liabilities for damage to persons or property caused in any manner by the heater or its component parts. More specifically, by not by way of limitation, SCANDIA assumes no liability for damages which may occur as a result of neglect or intentional misuse of the unit, and the purchaser or user of the unit agrees to assume all liability for the consequences of its use or misuse by such purchaser or user, and his, its or their respective employees and agents or other third person. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF. NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTIES ARE MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, OTHER THAN THOSE EXPRESSLY HEREIN SET FORTH TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER ONLY.


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