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Sidler 1.1005.013

SIDLER QUADRO QR 1/19-1/2"/L 3000K Single View Left Hinged Medicine Cabinet

SIDLER QUADRO QR 1/19-1/2"/L 3000K Single View Left Hinged Medicine Cabinet

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SIDLER Cosmetic Box

SIDLER Magnifying Mirror

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Wall mount kit

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QUADRO Wall Mount Kit QR 1/19-1/2"

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SIDLER® Quadro’s dimmable 45⁰ light frames the mirrored cabinet creating a floating, glowing ambient light effect, which illuminates throughout the entire bathroom. And when the cabinet is perfectly recessed into the wall, this effect is even more noticeable and stunning!

The SIDLER® Quadro mirrored medicine cabinet offers practical solutions and you will always find your way with the integrated night light! The dimmable night light has an easy access switch located inside the cabinet right next to the GFCI outlet and USB port. It’s easy on the eyes while, providing optimum light of CRI≥90 with natural colour illumination from its LED’s.

The lighting is complemented with the standard mirrored back wall interior for that finished ‘SIDLER” touch. Other features include an anodized aluminum body, BLUM® soft-close hinges, and desilvering/deterioration resistance, SilverLasting™ double-sided mirror doors.

The SIDLER® Tall mirrored medicine cabinet can be combined with the SIDLER® Quadro mirrored cabinet in one bathroom design.

The SIDLER® Quadro is a mirrored cabinet made with ‘Swiss’ standard technical finesse and high-quality craftsmanship. 


Integrated LED Lighting System 3000 Kelvin
Dimmable with a 0–10V low voltage dimmer



Built-in GFCI receptacle & USB port


Patented Shelf Adjustment System
Mirrored Cabinet Back
Anodized aluminum body
Concealed, Blum® Soft-Close Hinges
Silverlasting™ Double Sided Mirror Door
Understated aluminum 45-degree chrome handle( included)
Functional Storage Solution
UL Certified
CRI>90 of color rendering index

The CRI>90 LED's provide a more 'true to life' natural, crisp and clear illumination so, you never leave the house with orange streaks of make up or missing a hair from tweezing, and also ensuring your beard is groomed with

Cosmetic box(not included) Everything is in sight and ready to use. The different compartments are practical to organize your small items. Simultaneously the storage space is fully utilized.
Magnifying mirror 2.5x(not included) It supports your grooming needs with its 2.5 magnifying factor. For shaving or make-up, it usually is placed on the inside of the mirror door.
Night Light Function


The SIDLER® Quadro mirrored medicine cabinet offers practical solutions and you will always find your way with the integrated night light! The dimmable night light has an easy access switch located inside the cabinet right next to the GFCI outlet and USB port.

It’s easy on the eyes while, providing optimum light of CRI≥90 with natural colour illumination from its LED’s.


Color/Finish Anodized
Receptacle Yes
Illumination LED 46W, 5025 Lumen
View Single view
Hinge location  Left 
Mount type Recessed or Surface-Mounted
Number of shelves 3 adjustable glass shelves
Hardware Finish  Anodized aluminum
Height (Top to bottom) 36.00"
Width (Side to Side) 19.50"
Depth (Front to Back) 5"
Rough opening(W x H x D) 18" x 34.62" x 4"
Weight(lbs) 67.50 lbs


Two-year warranty in respect of defects associated with the Product, commencing from the date of delivery, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Product must have been professionally mounted and installed by a certified licensed contractor in accordance with the Safety Standards Act, S.B.C. 2003, c. 39, as amended, and the Electrical Safety Regulation B.C. Reg. 100/2004, as amended.
  2. The Product must have been used by the Purchaser in the manner and for the purpose recommended and authorized by SIDLER and the manufacturer.
  3. The Product must not have been modified or changed in design or function
    following delivery.
  4. In each case, written notice by the Purchaser specifying the alleged defects
    must be received during the warranty period (within two years of the date of
  5. The warranty is limited to replacement parts only.
  6. Damages resulting from normal wear and tear are excluded. The determination of whether damage has so resulted will be in the sole discretion of SIDLER.
  7. Damages resulting from any errors in representations made by the manufacturer regarding product specifications are excluded.




Watch full installing guides 
  •  SIDLER Medicine cabinets Full installing Guide

    • Check out this instructional video on how to seamlessly install the LED light covers for the Quadro mirrored medicine cabinet.

      •  Guide to SIDLER Medicine Cabinet soft close hinge installation

        • Guide to installing the SIDLERs patented shelf adjustment system

          ABOUT SIDLER


          Otto Sidler founded SIDLER® Metallwaren AG in 1964 because; he wanted to build quality products his way. From his humble beginnings in an old warehouse, Otto manufactured the first SIDLER mirror bathroom cabinet in 1967.


          And….SIDLER is Leidenschaft! SIDLER is Passion! Leidenschaft stands for ‘passion’ in Swiss German, which is abundant in the people who build SIDLER products. Passion and quality are put into every SIDLER mirrored cabinet built.
          SIDLER also means ‘love’ for love of detail and a love of practical innovation. These are the best words to describe the company, the people, and their products.

          The SIDLER mirrored cabinets’ luxury design is light, airy, atmospheric, and high quality offering practical storage solutions; making it a consumer market leader in Switzerland and in North America.


          SIDLER has produced their high quality, innovative designed mirrored cabinets now for more than 60 years. The illuminated, mirrored bathroom cabinets produced in Switzerland by SIDLER® International Ltd. offer first-class design and quality workmanship to ‘Swiss’ standards.

          Using the latest technologies alongside UL and CSA certification, our illuminated mirrored bathroom cabinets set high standards during the production phase creating a finessed, high quality end product.

          Our plant in Switzerland employs strict quality control measures by implementing stringent monitoring and various inspection check points in order to; ensure only the best, high quality product is given to our customers.

          Why Choose SIDLER Mirrored Medicine Cabinets?


          SIDLER® International Ltd. Mirrored Medicine Cabinets embody Swiss quality design with the details and innovation of a high luxury product. The SIDLER ‘Swiss' standard of craftsman and design is the approach in the manufacturing of our mirrored medicine cabinet collection.

          With over 60 years of dedication and perseverance, SIDLER Mirrored Medicine Cabinets can be best described in Swiss German as Leidenschaft; which means passion.

          Leidenschaft is abundant in each of the individuals of the SIDLER team who play a role in creating our high quality, innovative and luxurious mirrored medicine cabinets. SIDLER’s continued dedication and passion is evident in the love of detail, practical and functional design, innovation and quality.

          SIDLER Mirrored Medicine Cabinets’ luxury design is light, airy, atmospheric and high quality offering practical storage solutions, making it a consumer market leader in Switzerland and North America. Our elegant, customized designs combine modern simplicity, and authenticity to create a unique design aesthetic to fit and compliment any home or building development project.

          Embrace the excitement of SIDLER Mirrored Medicine Cabinets as your preferred luxury design solution!

          SIDLER Mirrored Medicine Cabinets has a strong consumer market foothold!

          • A leading manufacturer of mirrored bathroom cabinets in Switzerland.
          • Has produced high quality, innovatively designed mirrored cabinets for over 50 years across 3 generations.
          • Established network of Swiss architects, designers, developers and engineers.
          • Sells, distributes and markets SIDLER products on an international scale.
          • 1 in 3 Swiss households have a SIDLER mirrored cabinet in their bathroom.
          • Portfolio of large scale high-rise and multi-residential projects featuring customized designs or our standard mirrored cabinet solutions.
          • Attention to detail with elegant, luxurious and modern design.
          • High quality innovation, distinguishing itself as an equitable, consumer market product.
          • Lit cabinets feature high quality design and ‘high visibility’ light output.
          • Offers the best, high quality value with its product features at the price point.
          • Offers a vast variety of options in sizes and door configurations.
          • No desilvering/deterioration with the SILVERLASTING™ double-sided mirror door.
          • The double-sided mirror door utilizes innovative technology creating a thinner, less bulky high quality, seamless design and profile.
          • Functional storage and customization with shelf adjustment (some models feature a patented shelf adjustment system).
          • Soft-close feature with concealed, authentic BLUM® hinges.
          • Some collections offer built-in plug outlet and USB port, a mirrored back wall and include accessories (accessories are additional cost for some models).
          • Mounting kit including, side mirrors for surface mount application.
          • Frameless door with removable, understated aluminum handle (for some models the aluminum handle is an additional cost option).
          • Manufactures proprietary CRI>90 (Colour Rendering Index) LED’s only available to SIDLER, according to our own specs.
          • Components and parts accessible and replaceable, and shipped at a low rate.


            Cosmetic Box(optional)

            Magnifying Mirror (2.5 Times) - Optional

            Door Handle with SIDLER® Logo Matte Black (optional)


             Click here for more details


            Tools Included


              Step by step installing guide
              1.  Click  here  to read the full installation guide
              2. Click here to read the warranty information of the Quadro Wall mount kit     
              Check here to watch full installing guide



              LED Temperature Lighting Option (4000K or 3000K)

              Seamless LED Temperature Lighting Option - 3000K

              Model/Collection Product Illumination
              1.1005.013 QR 1/19-1/2"/L 3000K LED 46W, 5025 Lumen
              1.1006.013 QR 1/23 1/2"/L 3000K LED 50W, 5401 Lumen
              1.1006.023 QR 1/23 1/2"/R 3000K LED 50W, 5401 Lumen
              1.1008.013 QR 2/31 1/2"/L AS 3000K LED 56W, 6172 Lumen
              1.1008.023 QR 2/31 1/2"/R AS 3000K LED 56W, 6172 Lumen
              1.1009.013 QR 2/35 1/2"/L AS 3000K LED 60W, 6548 Lumen
              1.1009.023 QR 2/35 1/2"/R AS 3000K LED 60W, 6548 Lumen
              1.1012.003 QR 2/47 1/4" 3000K LED 70W, 7676 Lumen
              1.1012.013 QR 3/47 1/4"/L 3000K LED 70W, 7676 Lumen
              1.1015.013 QR 3/59"/L 3000K LED 80W, 8804 Lumen


              Seamless LED Temperature Lighting Option - 4000K

              Model/Collection Product Illumination
              1.1005.014 QR 1/19-1/2"/L 4000K LED 46W, 5346 Lumen
              1.1005.024 QR 1/19-1/2"/R 4000K LED 46W, 5346 Lumen
              1.1006.014 QR 1/23-1/2"/L 4000K LED 50W, 5746 Lumen
              1.1006.024 QR 1/23-1/2"/R 4000K LED 50W, 5746 Lumen
              1.1008.014 QR 2/31-1/2"/L AS 4000K LED 56W, 6566 Lumen
              1.1008.024 QR 2/31-1/2"/R AS 4000K LED 56W, 6566 Lumen
              1.1009.014 QR 2/35-1/2"/L AS 4000K LED 60W, 6966 Lumen
              1.1009.024 QR 2/35-1/2"/R AS 4000K LED 60W, 6966 Lumen
              1.1012.004 QR 2/47-1/4" 4000K LED 70W, 8166 Lumen
              1.1012.014 QR 3/47-1/4"/L 4000K LED 70W, 8166 Lumen
              1.1015.014 QR 3/59"/L 4000K LED 80W, 9366 Lumen
              Hinge location


              Size Options


              Frequently Asked Questions




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