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WarmlyYours TempZone 48” x 48” 120V Center Drain Electric Shower Floor Heating Kit

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This is a complete floor heating system that can be paired with a Pro GEN II shower waterproofing system. This 48” by 48” TempZone™ Shower Mat with a center drain should be paired with a Pro GEN II 48” by 48” shower pan with a center drain so that the drain holes in each will line up correctly to accommodate a drain assembly.

The TempZone™ Shower Mat will deliver a heat output of 15-watts per sq. ft. and is UL rated for wet locations in both the U.S. and Canada. In addition to the shower floor heating mat, this kit comes with a Circuit Check electric continuity alarm which is used during installation to alert you if a heating element is damaged and an nSpire Touch programmable floor heating thermostat.

The TempZone™ Shower Mat is warrantied for 25-years and the nSpire Touch thermostat is warrantied for 3-years.


  • Complete floor heating system
  • Shower floor heating mat, this kit comes with a Circuit Check electric continuity alarm which is used during installation to alert you if a heating element is damaged and an nSpire Touch programmable floor heating thermostat.
  • The TempZone™ Shower Mat is warrantied for 25-years and the nSpire Touch thermostat is warrantied for 3-years.



    Amps 2 A
    Circuits Required 1
    Connection 4 wires, double pole
    Connection Method Hardwired
    Ground Fault Protection (GFCI) Class A, 5 mA
    Maximum Current 15 A
    Maximum Load (Resistive Only) 1800 W - 120 V, 15 A / 3600 W - 240 V, 15 A
    Ohms 60 Ohm
    Supply 120 VAC, 50/60Hz / 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
    Voltage 120 VAC
    Watts 240 W
    Watts Per Sq. Ft. 15 Watts Per Sq. Ft.


    BTU Per Hour 819

    Product Dimensions

    Cold Lead Length 22′
    Coverage 16 sqft
    Depth 2 in
    Drain Hole Diameter 5″
    Heating Element Thickness 0.125″
    Installed Depth 0.75 in
    Length 4′
    Weight 3.5 lbs
    Width 4′


    Floor Sensor Compatibility 10k ohms, 12k ohms and custom
    Included Floor Sensor 10k ohms, 15' lead


    Color White


    Floor Types Tile, Marble, Stone, Vinyl, LVT, LVP, Wood, Bamboo, Carpet, and more


    BTU Per Hour 819


    Display Backlit Display
    Display Size 2″ W x 3″ H (3.5″ Diagonal)
    Languages English, French, Spanish


    SKU TRT120-KIT-OT-4.0x4.0
    UPC (GTIN-12) 881308060534


    Warranty / Certifications

    Approvals cULus listed
    Ingress Protection (IPxx) Rating IP20
    Warranty 3 years
    Wet Location Listed US, Canada

    About the Brand

    Frequently we are asked how we chose the name of our company, WarmlyYours. When we began as an electric radiant heating products business over 20 years ago, we wanted a name that would embody the very essence of our business philosophy – treat our customers well and offer the very best floor warming systems and services in the industry. And above all else, always deliver on those promises to you.

    The name WarmlyYours reflects our deep, personal commitment to providing our customers with the exceptional customer service that they deserve. We welcome any questions and relish the opportunity to provide our customers with prompt and friendly assistance. Listening to feedback from thousands of homeowners and installers, we continue to improve on everything we do in our effort to better serve our customers. As a result, we have expanded our portfolio to include other radiant heating products — such as towel warmers and radiant panel heaters — to bring comfort and affordable luxury to all areas of the home.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I Install a Traditional Mud Kit (Drypack Mortar and Pvc Liner / Mortar and Membrane) Or Use a Pre-formed Foam Pan?


    Pre-formed pans are easily modifiable and easy to install on any substrate. They are great for DIY, as well as for a fast and clean installation by a professional. Drypack kits do not work well for tiles smaller than 2" x 2" without additional work.
    The Mat I Bought Is Too Big or Too Small. Can I Add Wire or Remove Wire to Make It Fit?


    No. Never cut the heating mat. The floor heating mat is designed with a very specific resistance in order to consistently maintain heating at the chosen wattage per square foot. Trimming the heating cable in the mat would lower the resistance of the cable causing the system to overheat. Adding heating cable to the system would raise the resistance and the system would not heat properly.
    Why Is Modified Thinset Better for My Installation?


    Modified thinsets are stronger once cured. Most have additional anti-crack features, and better initial tack/grab (AKA less “slump”). They also are required for use with porcelain and glass tile.
    Can This Be Tied in with the Floor Heating in the Rest of the Room or Will They Need to Be On Separate Thermostats?


    The shower floor heating kits can be tied into floor heating for the rest of the bathroom - allowing for one thermostat to control both areas as long as both areas are using less than 15 amps. When designing installation plans, we design with only one thermostat by default. If you prefer two separate thermostats, it might be a good idea, since the shower floor application is usually thicker and takes longer to heat. Be sure to let us know when discussing your quote with our team.
    Is the Tempzone Floor Heating System Safe for Showers?


    Yes. The WarmlyYours TempZone™ floor heating system has withstood rigorous safety testing by the Underwriter's Laboratory and has received the Wet Location UL listing for the U.S. as well cUL certification for Canada. WarmlyYours offers thermostats that carry the CSA Mark and the UL listing, which certifies that the product has been tested under extreme conditions and meets applicable standards for safety and/or performance in the U.S. and Canada. All WarmlyYours thermostats contain a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) which provides fail-safe protection against an electrical shock.
    How Does the Tempzone Floor Heating System Work?


    TempZone™ is an electric floor heating system that operates like an electric blanket for your floors. TempZone™ is covered in thinset, and is installed over the top of your shower pan and beneath your flooring. The system provides a warm, even temperature across your floor. The TempZone™ floor heating system is easy to install, operate, and maintain.
    Will the Installation of a Tempzone Floor Heating System Affect the Height of My Floor?


    The TempZone™ twin conductor cable present in our TempZone™ products is comprised of a double-insulated, coaxial heating cable. The total thickness of the system can be between ⅛” and 5/32” thick and will not noticeably affect the height of your installed flooring.
    How Can I Tell If a Particular Thinset Is Modified or Unmodified? What Does “Modified” Mean?


    For shower kits, most of the modified thinsets you are looking for are listed as compliant with ANSI 118.4 and ANSI 118.11. Unmodified thinsets will be listed as compliant with ANSI 118.1. Modified thinset is an industry term for any thinset mortar which has additives (usually latex or acrylic).
    How Are Pro Gen II Shower Waterproofing Kits Better than the Competition?


    The Pro GEN II shower kits come with pre-formed pan. They have the same level of warranty as competing brands, but Pro GEN II shower kits have many improvements, and often total to a lower price than competitors.

    • The Pro GEN II shower kits use the Pro WP membrane which is rated at .07perm for water vapor, meaning it is the best protection you can get in a membrane system (nearly double the rating of the competitors)
    • The Pro GEN II shower kits are rated for use with modified thinsets, meaning a stronger install and ease of material sourcing (modified thinsets are often required for installing porcelain or glass tiles)
    • Our preformed pan system is stronger, featuring a denser foam pan, and a stronger drain flange
    • Our drain flange is supported by both the pan and the subfloor, meaning it is much stronger than the competitors' flanges which rely only on the pan for support. Our flanges even include a built-in removable and easy-to-clean hair trap inside the drain riser
    • The Pro Gen II shower kits are fully customizable with 3 pan options and multiple grate cover finishes to choose from

    What Is the Typical Operating Cost of a Tempzone Shower Floor Heating System?

    The actual cost of operating your floor heating system will vary depending upon a number of factors including the cost of electricity in your area and the length of time you run your system. The WarmlyYours TempZone™ Shower Floor Heating Mat, for example, uses 15 watts per square foot. Based on a national average electricity rate of $.10/kW/hr, the approximate operating cost of an average bathroom using this system, measuring 4' x 4' would be as little as 4 cents a day. This cost is based on running your system a full 8 hours per day. Try our Operating Cost Calculator for a quick estimate.

    What Is the Warranty for the Tempzone Floor Heating System and for the Shower Waterproofing Kits?

     For the Floor Heating Systems:

    The TempZone™ Shower Floor Heating Mat is covered by ourWarmlyYours’ 25-Year No Nonsense™ Warranty. In the event of a defect, we cover not only the repair or replacement of the TempZone™ system, but also any labor and materials required to perform the repair. 

    The nSpire Touch is covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

    For the Pro GEN II Shower Waterproofing Kits:

    Pro GEN II shower waterproofing materials come with a a lifetime limited warranty. 

    What Additional Tools and Materials Are Needed to Install a Pro Gen II Shower Waterproofing Kit?

    • Jigsaw (for subfloor drain hole) & drill (for pilot hole)
    • Premium modified (Latex/Polymer) thinset mortar (not premixed)
    • 5-gallon bucket
    • Mixer and caulking gun
    • 3/16"x 3/16" square notch trowel
    • Margin trowel
    • Utility knife
    • PVC or ABS cement, and section of coupler pipe for connection
    • Level
    How Many Watts per Square Foot Are Delivered by the Tempzone Shower Floor Heating Mats?

    The TempZone™ Shower Mats are designed to deliver 15 watts per square foot, with the heating element positioned 3” apart on a serpentine loop attached to a fiber mesh.