How To Connect The IMSTS Temperature Sensor To The iTempo Steam Shower Control

How To Connect The IMSTS Temperature Sensor To The iTempo Steam Shower Control

In How To Install the iTempo Steam Shower Control MSTS Remote Temperature Sensor, we showed you how to connect the MSTS Remote Temperature Sensor to your steam generator. This article focuses on an equally important step: attaching the iMSTS temperator sensor to the iTempo and the iTempo Plus steam shower controls.

How To Connect The IMSTS Remote Temperature Sensor To The iTempo

The iTempo and iTempo Plus steam shower controls can be installed outside the steam room. To do so requires having your steam shower installation professional install a Remote Temperature Probe (PN MSTS) inside the steam room according to the accompanying instructions. 

Be sure to locate the Remote Temperature Probe exactly where you would normally place the steam room control inside the shower. More specifically, the probe should be: 

  • On a vertical surface 
  • 4-5 feet above the floor 
  • In a location representative of the desired steam bathing temperature. If you locate the MSTS too close to the steamhead, for example, the resulting steamroom temperature control will be inaccurate.

Once you have properly installed the MSTS temperature probe, take the iMSTS cable and connect it to the iTempo or iTempo Plus control. As Kris shows you, select the pigtail that does not have tag.

After plugging the cable into the steam shower control, test the steam generator.

The 41 second video below shows you exaclty how to connect the iMSTS Temperature Sensor to the iTempo Control. 

With The IMSTS Temperature Sensor Connected To The iTempo Control, It's Time To Explore The Other Benefits Of Steam!

The Mr.Steam iTempo control family features a digital display, with programmable time and temperature settings. It's a mini command center that puts all steam shower functions at your fingertips.

Control The Length Of Your Steam Shower Experience:

We realize it’s not always possible to plan your day around enjoying benefits of steam. The iTempo steam shower control perfectly adapts to your hectic schedule and enables you to store two steaming cycle schedules so your steam shower will be preheated and walk-in-ready. 

For example, your schedule may force you to abbreviate your steam session during the work week, but to lounge longer over the weekend. iTempo Plus provides you the ability to program both. Furthermore, with its 24-hour clock, you’ll still be able to keep one foot in the real world as the rest of your body escapes into steamtherapy. 

Control Your Steam Shower Temperature:

Just as you can set two preferred start and end times, you can easily store two temperature presets on the convenient control.

Some days you may want to really soak in the heat, while others you’re fine with a milder experience. Simply program these preferred levels, and your steam bath will deliver the desired temperature, whatever your mood.

The iTempo Plus puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to absorbing all steam room benefits.

Control The Flavor Of Your Steam Shower Experience:

With the ability to also personalize the ChromaSteam and AromaSteam systems, the iTempo keeps you firmly in control over the sights and scents of your steam session. Your steam room experience is truly yours to customize as you desire.

The iTempo and iTempo Plus also come in a choice of seven designer finishes, enabling you to match the finish with the rest of your steam room design. Choose from polished chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed bronze, polished brass or a custom plating option.

At Mr.Steam, we believe it should be easy to "Feel Good," so we've designed an intuitive family of steam room controls that allow you to individually tailor your complete steam shower experience.

Are you ready to start your steamtherapy journey? Read Steam Bathing 101: Seven Steps For an Effective Steam Bath and let us know if you have any questions.

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