How To Install The iTempo Steam Shower Control MSTS Remote Temperature Sensor

How To Install The iTempo Steam Shower Control MSTS Remote Temperature Sensor

With a steam shower from Mr.Steam, you can enjoy the healing benefits of steam anytime. Steam shower controls, such as the iTempo and the iTempo Plus, grant you full control over your steam session's time and heat settings, whether you install the control inside or outside the steam room.

If you decide that you'd rather locate your iTempo or iTempo/Plus control outside the steam room, simply have your steam shower installation professional install a Remote Temperature Probe (PN MSTS) inside the steam room according to the accompanying instructions.

That way, the control can exactly sense and monitor the temperature within the steam shower so you will always have the perfect steam experience. This is especially convenient should you want to do other things while your steam bath is preheating.

How To Connect The iTempo Steam Shower Control MSTS Remote Temperature Sensor

Kris Lee, Mr.Steam Technical Sales Representative, explains in the video below how to connect the MSTS Remote Temperature Sensor to your steam generator. (Although Kris makes it look easy, Mr.Steam recommends using a professional to do so.)

  • Make sure the power to the steam generator is off at the main breaker.
  • Remove the top lid to the steam generator, and locate the black Molex plug in the middle of the circuit board.
  • Plug your MSTS sensor cable into the Molex slot that says EXT Temp. - which stands for External Temperature sensor. As you can see in the image below, the red MSTS sensor cable needs to be plugged into the black Molex slot.

  • Then, turn the power back on and test your steam generator. 

Here's the accompanying 50 second installation video titled How To Install the MSTS Room Sensor.

Your home steam shower is now ready for you to experience all 44 Benefits of Steam Bathing now that you can be sure the temperature will be exactly calibrated for your preferred steamtherapy enjoyment. 

Some of the heat and steam benefits you and your body will soon notice include:

1. Steam Provides Cold/Allergy Relief

When you’re ailing from allergies or a cold, one of the most annoying symptoms is sinus congestion. You can’t breathe well, and your entire head feels woolen and clogged. 

According to Dr. Oz when he discusses nasal congestion, if allergy and cold medicine don't improve your symptoms, the next option is steam therapy. Add two sprigs of eucalyptus and rosemary to boiling water and, with a towel over your head, lean over and breathe in the steam. He says to do this "two or three times a day for at least 5 minutes to immediately relieve that stuffy feeling.

The science behind it? It's very simple. The steam loosens the mucus and relieves inflammation allowing you to, ahhh, breathe... 

2. Steam Therapy Soothes Muscle Pain

Sitting at a desk all day? Just finished a hard workout? You’re probably feeling at least a little muscle pain here and there.

Heat from a steam shower can dissipate that pain. By dilating blood vessels, heat can improve blood and oxygen flow to muscles so they heal faster.

Furthermore, heat can stretch muscle tissue itself, decreasing stiffness and increasing flexibility. Indeed, one of the best times to experience steam bath benefits is right after working out.

3. Steam Showers Open Up Your Pores

Think of all the dirt and sweat that collects on your skin over the course of a day.Steam is the perfect way to deeply, yet gently, clean your skin. Heat loosens the pores on your skin, helping to release toxins, and refreshing your entire body as a result. This can be especially helpful for those suffering from acne. Afterwards, your pores will be even better able to absorb moisturizer and other rejuvenating creams.

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