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9" Polished Nickel 7X Lens for Neomodern Mirrors

9" Polished Nickel 7X Lens for Neomodern Mirrors

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Enhanced Lens for Neomodern LED Lighted Mirrors, Both Freestanding and Wall Mounted

This lens is for use with the NeoModern Magnified Makeup Mirror with Switchable Light Color and the NeoModern Freestanding Magnified Mirror. It replaces the 5X lens that those mirrors come with.


  • This enhanced 7X replacement lens and frame for Neomodern Mirrors – 745 series and 945 series models. 
  • Adds magnification while maintaining the beautiful styling of the NeoModern series of magnifying makeup mirrors.
  • Available in five finishes.


Style Brushed Brass - 745-945137L, Matte Black - 745-945157L, Chrome - 745-94547L, Brushed Nickel - 745-94577L, Polished Nickel - 745-94587L
Brand Kimball & Young
Descripton Enhanced Lens for NeoModern LED Lighted Mirrors, both freestanding and wall mounted
Frame Dimension 9"
Mirror Weight 1.59 pounds
Magnification 7X
Piece per case 6


Aptations, Inc., mirrors are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for three (3) years. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accident after purchase, misuse, abuse, lack of reasonable care, loss of parts or installation in showers. The life of the finish will be best cared for, especially in areas of high heat and moisture, by keeping all surfaces clean and dry. LED lighting is not replaceable and is included in warranty coverage for a period of 3 years. The customer should be sure the problem is a manufacturer’s defect and covered by the warranty before initiating a warranty claim. To initiate a warranty claim, contact our customer service for a Return Authorization (RA).

Any alteration to merchandise automatically voids your Aptations Warranty Policy.

Products sold at a price that has been discounted more than 30% from the normal price are not covered by the warranty. This includes all closeout items.

About Aptations

At APTATIONS, we are a family business and a global business, obsessed with mirrors, inspired by art, and motivated by competition.  Our passion is to reflect you at your best!

For more than 30 years, we’ve only sold mirrors – first through our predecessor Kimball & Young – and now as Aptations.  Because we only sell mirrors, we sell the best mirrors for the best value that you can get anywhere.  Since we’ve been doing this since the mid-1980’s, we’ve seen a lot of fads and trends come and go.  But through it all, there have always been 2 really big reasons for having the right mirror….

  1.  We want you to look great and have total confidence when you go out into the world, and…..

  2. We want your bathroom to look great too.

That is why we have partnered with some of the best retailers and hotels in the world.  We want you to have access to our beautiful mirrors –

  • The large vanity mirrors in our Sergeña collection

  • The LED Lighted magnified makeup mirrors in our Kimball & Young collection

  • The Non-Lighted magnified makeup mirrors from our Mirror Image collection

You simply look better after you’ve seen yourself in an Aptations mirror!

It is our vision to provide world class products, innovative choices and a distinctive experience.  It is our mission to serve our trading partners and the ultimate consumer through the design and delivery of high value products and bold leadership.  We deliver consistently, reliably, and on time.

Why Are Aptations’ Mirrors Better…

You simply look better after you’ve seen yourself in an Aptations mirror!

Let’s start with the most important thing…..the glass.

All glass is not created equal.  The glass that Aptations uses to make all of the mirrors they offer is of very high quality, sourced from the most discerning glass suppliers in the world.  This ensures that the magnified mirrors will be distortion-free and you will be able to see yourself magnified without any weird waves in the glass.  This also ensures that the frosting that lets the light shine through will be uniform and your mirror won’t have any spots where the light is brighter or dimmer.

While we’re talking about glass, let’s talk about “desilvering.” This is the process that happens when older mirrors–and some that aren’t all that old–begin to turn black and streaky around the edges.  This happens when the reflective material that has been applied to the back of the glass comes into contact with moisture.  The glass that Aptations uses in our mirrors is protected from this moisture by two things.  First, the reflective material is coated with a layer of paint that helps protect it from moisture.  Then the glass is inserted into the frame and held in place with silicone glue, which, among its other functions, protects the edges from moisture.  It is very rare for the reflective material on Aptations’ mirrors to desilver but if it does, you can count on our 3 year warranty.

Next….the Metal Frame and Body of the Mirror

The next most important thing is the metal surrounding the mirror.  Because these mirrors are being used in a damp room, the metal is susceptible to rusting.  Aptations mirrors are better so that is why the mirrors that we offer go through several plating processes.  First, the metal is plated in brass to protect it from moisture.  Next comes a nickel plating that forms a hard smooth surface.  Next comes the “pretty” finish:  we offer mirrors in chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, Italian bronze, brushed brass and our newest offering….rose gold.  Finally, a protective lacquer is applied to keep the mirror looking beautiful for years to come.

Let’s Talk About Electrical

October 2007 was a really big month for us!  That was when we introduced the first LED Lighted Magnified Makeup Mirrors into our collections.  In less than 10 years, the LED revolution has swept across the globe and through our product mix.  In 2007, we were considered revolutionary because we were adding a few LED lighted mirrors to our offering.  In 2016, all of the lighted mirrors in our collection use LEDs.  Because of LEDs…..

  • We can offer any of our lighted mirrors in both warm white light and cool white light, allowing the end-user to have the color of light they prefer.
  • The mirrors–both the large vanity mirrors in the Sergeña collection and the magnified make-up mirrors in the Kimball & Young collection–use a fraction of the power that the old incandescent and fluorescent mirrors used.  Saving money…..saving the planet.
  • Because the LED’s are low voltage, we can offer a battery operated mirror with a rechargeable battery.  3 hours plugged in to charge and you have 3 hours of bright LED light.  Now you can have a wall mounted lighted mirror without either an electrician or messy cords.  And you can have a bright lighted freestanding mirror that you can move anywhere you need it.


Installation Instructions – 945 Series
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  • What an excellent company and excellent products. Just like the old days when companies really cared about their customers, these guys are awesome!!!

    Betty C.

    Warminster, Pennsylvania

  • I was greeting in chat soon after logging into their web. She was genuine and very helpful in getting me the correct items I needed. The communication about shipping and tracking was great as well. My mind was at ease concerning my investment purchase! Thank you!


    San Jose, California

  • I've been extremely imporessed with the service--from the actual humans answeing phone calls to the accurate and prompt follow up, including and unrequested phone call to follow up on my order delivery requests.


    Fairfax County, Virginia

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