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Amba Radiant Straight 10-Bar Brushed Stainless Steel Hardwired Towel Warmer

Amba Radiant Straight 10-Bar Brushed Stainless Steel Hardwired Towel Warmer

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The radiant collection features affordable, wall-mounted towel warmers. Choose between a round or square bar design, straight or curved horizontal bars, and hardwired or plug-in. A shelf unit is also available for warm/dry towels and provides additional storage. Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, they are offered in a variety of finishes. Rated at 50-150 watts, equivalent to a few light bulbs, they consume minimal power. Programmable timers can be added for additional control.

What's Included

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Towel Warmer
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Integrated On/Off Switch

Not Included

  • Hardwired Countdown Timer (sold separately)
  • Hardwired Programmable Timer (sold separately)
  • Pilot Light Switch (sold separately)
  • Replacement Bracket Packs (sold separately)
  • Replacement Parts (sold separately)
  • Controller Change Kit (sold separately)
  • WiFi Enabled Smart Timer (sold separately)


  • Dry and warm towels and bathrobes; reduce laundry frequency
  • Use in laundry rooms, mud rooms and wet rooms to dry delicates, rain or ski jackets and bathing suits
  • 10 Horizontal bars - all vertical and horizontal bars heat up
  • Offered in 5 different finishes: brushed, polished, matte black, satin brass, & polished gold
  • Ideal for drying and warming 1-2 towels (folded)
  • Each Radiant model features an integrated on/off illuminating switch and does not require additional controls to function
  • Unit is hardwired (requires an electrician to install)
  • Heats with an internal cable
  • Plug-In version available
  • Unit takes 10-15min to heat up; additional time required to warm/dry towel
  • 150 Watts; 1.3 Amps; 120 Volts
  • Designed to be on continuously (energy efficient design)
  • Mount in any orientation
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • UL certified for use in USA and Canada
  • Temperature range - up to 149°F


Power Type Hardwired *Electrician Recommended
Width 24 3/8"
Height 33 1/2"
Depth 4 3/4"
Weight 10 lbs
Watts 150
BTUS 512
Amps 1.36
Volts 120
Steel Gauge 0.6mm
Heating Technology Heating cables
Control Unit Yes, varies by model
Heating Time 15min
Bar Style Curved & Straight Available
Bar Shape Round or Square
Towel Capacity 2
External Temperature Range 120°F - 180°F
Safety Cutout Yes
Security Thermofuse N/A
Finish Brushed Stainless Steel



The seller offers a warranty for products that have been installed according to the installation instructions supplied with the product. The duration of the warranty varies depending on the product. Proof of purchase must be supplied with claim. Warranty begins 30 days from invoice date. The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty is only valid for products purchased and used in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is heated towel rack?


  • A heated towel rack is single or multiple bars that heat up and are used to dry and warm towels, articles of clothing, or even spaces. They are generally mounted to a wall but can also be freestanding or floor-mounted.
  • Heated towel racks are also known as heated towel racks, heated towel rails, or drying racks.
  • They are designed to replace standard towel bars and robe hooks by adding more functionality in drying and warming. This helps prevent the growth of mold & mildew on your towels and keeps them smelling fresher, longer.
  • Additional benefits to drying towels are that they do not need to be washed as frequently, reducing laundry loads and saving on water, detergent and electricity.
  • Some of our units also provide additional heat to a room.
  • The most common heating technology used in the US is electric – either plug-in or hardwire installation. Another technology is hydronic, which uses hot water, is also available but much less common.
What is the main purpose of heated towel rack?

Heated towel racks have a variety of uses and applications in both residential and hospitality settings.


Bathroom: This is the primary location where they are used. It replaces towel bars and robe hooks and warms towels before a shower or bath. After a towel has been used, it is placed back on the unit to dry the towel out. It is important to dry the towel so it does not develop that gross funky smell. This odor is the result of mold and bacteria growth on your towel.

Heated towel racks can also help keep bathrooms dry if left on for longer lengths of time by eliminating excess humidity and moisture in the bathroom. This will help to reduce the amount of mold and mildew growth and keep the bathroom more hygienic.

Laundry Room: This is a very common secondary application for heated towel racks. A heated towel rack can be used to dry out and prevent wrinkling in many garments such as denim jeans, silk blouses, and delicates, which usually cannot be put into a tumble dryer.

Mud/Wet Room: Whether you are located near an ocean, lake, river, or pool; or live in a cold climate with frequent snow every year, a heated towel rack is a great product to place in a mud/wet room. It can hang and dry bathing suits, pool towels, wet suits, and life jackets. Or in a colder climate, warm and dry ski jackets and winter coats, gloves/mittens, beanies, etc.

Pool House: Heated towel racks are perfect for pool houses to hang wet pool/beach towels, bathing suits, wet suits, and life jackets so they dry out for subsequent use.


Hotels: One of the most significant expenses for hotel operations is laundry. Guests will be more likely to re-use towels multiple times, knowing they will have a dry and warm towel every time. This can yield massive savings by reducing laundry volumes, costs, and the time and labor associated with washing, drying & folding towels.

Spas: A place that is all about pampering and catering to the guests, a heated towel rack is one more thing that enhances their experience. Wrapping themselves in warm bathrobes between services and using warm towels after sauna, steam, or showering will elevate their overall experience.

How do your heated towel racks work?


The two most common heating technologies or methods found in North America are electric and hydronic models.

Electric models:

  • Liquid Filled technology: These models are filled with an 80/20 water to glycol solution. A heating element heats the liquid, which in turn heats the bars. The benefits to this technology are the longevity and ease of maintenance of the product. If the unit stops working, it is either a faulty switch, wire connection, or a bad heating element. If it is a defective heating element, it can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Note – the larger the unit, the more liquid inside and the longer it can take to heat up – 15 to 45min. However, this can be negated with a programmable timer or leaving the unit on continuously.
  • Our Jeeves & Traditional Collections use this technology.
  • Dry Element technology: These models have a resistance-style wire cable that runs through all horizontal & vertical bars (note – many competitors only have horizontal bars that heat up!). The benefit is rapid heat-up time, regardless of the size – 10 to 15min. Note – heating cable cannot be repaired but is covered under the product warranty.
  • Our Sirio, Quadro, Antus, Vega, Solo, Swivel & Radiant collections use this technology

Hydronic models:

  • Hydronic models are plumbed into a network of pipes that make up a closed-loop hot water system. Hot water is pumped through these pipes and through the heated towel rack, which causes it to warm up, though the heat output will depend on the water running through the unit.
  • We do not stock hydronic models as they are less common, but offer the following collections as a special order option: Jeeves, Quadro, Sirio, & Antus collections. Lead time is approximately 10-14 weeks.
How long do they heat up?


  • The Jeeves and Traditional collection (using the Liquid Filled technology) will range from 15 to 45min to reach their maximum temperature from a cold start. This time will vary depending on the size of the unit, with larger units requiring more time.
  • The Sirio, Quadro, Antus, Vega, Radiant, Solo & Swivel collections (using dry element technology) take about 10 to 15min to reach their maximum temperature from a cold start, regardless of their size.
  • Note – the ambient temperature, the size of the room, size & material of the towel, etc., will all impact how long it takes to warm or dry a towel after the rack comes to temperature. As such, Amba Products cannot give exact times for warming or drying a towel, but we generally recommend allowing at least 30 to 60min to receive the most benefit.
How hot do they get?


  • Jeeves collection: Internal temperature range – 145°F – 154°F
  • Traditional Collection: Internal temperature range – 145°F – 159°F
  • Sirio/Quadro/Antus/Vega Collections: Internal temperature range – 136°F – 167°F
  • Radiant/Solo Collections: Internal temperature range – up to 149°F
  • Swivel Collection: Internal temperature range – up to 136°F

Note – Above temperatures are without a towel on the unit. Exterior surface temperatures will be lower; however, the bars will get hotter when a towel is placed on the unit.

Can a heated towel rack be left on constantly?


  • Our heated towel racks are designed and built to be left on 24hrs a day.
  • Once the unit reaches its maximum operating temperature, the rack will remain at temperature. There are internal temperature limiters that prevent the units from overheating to ensure safe operating temperatures.
  • For those looking to maximize the benefits while minimizing power consumption, programmable timers can be used with any of our products (see accessories section for more info).
Do they consume a lot of enery?

  • Across all models, the average power rating is 150 Watts, equivalent to about two incandescent light bulbs.
  • Based upon the average national kWh (kilowatt-hour) rate, it will cost less than $5 per month to run a heated towel rack for 8hrs per day, seven days a week.
Are they safe to use?

  • Our products are very safe to use. They have all been tested and certified by either UL or ETL for sale and use in North America.
  • UL & ETL are independent safety and testing organizations that test and ensure products are safe for use in North America.
  • A certified electrician should install our products following local code. Most wiring in bathrooms today is already GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) equipped, an inexpensive device that helps prevent electrocution. This is a requirement for the installation of any heated towel rack.
  • JEEVES & TRADITIONAL: A built-in thermostat and internal thermal cutout allows for optimal energy consumption and safety. Once the unit reaches the ideal internal operating temperature (145F – 154F), it cycles On/Off to maintain this temperature. This allows them to be left on continuously while minimizing electricity consumption, only drawing power to maintain that temperature level.
  • ANTUS, QUADRO, SIRIO & VEGA: Most models include a Digital Heat Controller, which allows the user to adjust the temperature between nine levels, with nine being the hottest. This can be used to select the ideal internal temperature and minimizing energy consumption.
  • RADIANT, SOLO & SWIVEL: Integrated temperature limiters ensure these products do not overheat once they reach their ideal internal temperature level (136F – 149F depending on the collection).
Can I install a heated towel rack in a wetroom/walk-in shower?

  • Like many hardwired appliances, there are restrictions on locations for installing an electrical device that can vary by state/county.
  • We offer the optional Jeeves Wet Rated Kit for our Jeeves Collection models, making them viable for installation in wet-rated areas.
  • Installations should never have direct water contact, like spray from a shower.
What is the best way to place a towel on a heated towel rack?

  • For best results, fold your towel in half or thirds, depending on its size, and drape it over the top bar. Ensure it hangs down evenly on either side, covering all bars in that section. This allows you to maximize the surface area contact between the towel and bars.
  • We do not recommend weaving the towel through the bars because this only utilizes half of the surface area of the bars.
  • It is important not to overload the unit with too many towels; please visit your model’s product page to see the recommended capacity.
What if the heated towel rack is too cold/hot?


  • These models can take up to 45min for the unit itself to reach its operating temperature. So if your heated towel rack is not warm, it could be due to an insufficient heating time.
  • Do not use 15/30/60min timers, as they do not allow sufficient time to heat up. However, if the unit is still cool to the touch after at least 60min, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service department for troubleshooting.
  • These units will heat to an internal temperature range of 145F – 159F without a towel on the unit. There is an internal security cut-off for added safety. You should be able to grab the bars without burning the skin but will want to let go as it is hot to the touch.


  • If the unit is too hot, the Digital Heat Controller (standard on all models except Q2016/S2121; see accessories below) allows you to adjust the heat level with nine settings. Adjust the setting to a lower level.
  • Depending on the chosen heat level, the temperature ranges between about 95°F – 167°F without a towel on the unit.
  • If you have the Q2016 or S2121 model and feel the unit is too hot, you can order the Digital Heat Controller and retrofit this with your heated towel rack.
  • If the units do not heat at all, you should contact the customer service department for troubleshooting

RADIANT & SOLO Collections:

  • These collections heat up to a top temperature of 149F without a towel on the unit. An internal temperature limiter will prevent the unit from overheating.
  • If the unit is too hot for your preference, you can connect a dimmer switch to lower the temperature.
  • DO NOT OVERLOAD units with more than two towels. This can trap the heat and prevent the units from ‘breathing,’ and cause the bars to be extremely hot to the touch when removing the towel.
  • If the unit is cool to the touch (not heating), ensure the On/Off switch on the bottom or top of the vertical bar is in the ‘On’ position. It will illuminate when it is on and has power. If there is no light on the switch, there is most likely a wiring issue. Please get in touch with our customer service department for troubleshooting.

SWIVEL Collection:

  • These units will heat up to a top temperature of 136F. Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust the temperature level.
What do finishes do each collection come in?

  • JEEVES: Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Matte Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and White.
  • QUADRO: Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Matte Black. Custom finishes are available with 10-14 week lead times.
  • SIRIO: Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Brass. Custom finishes are available with 10-14 week lead times.
  • VEGA: Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Matte Black, White. Custom finishes are available with 10-14 week lead times.
  • ANTUS: Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel.
  • TRADITIONAL: Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel.
  • RADIANT: Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Matte Black (select models), Satin Brass (select models), Polished Gold (select models).
  • SOLO: Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Matte Black.
  • SWIVEL: Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel.
Do your heated towel rack come with switches?


  • JEEVES/TRADITIONAL Collections: They do not come with an integrated On/Off switch. A separate wall switch or timer must be installed with these units. We offer a basic On/Off switch (ATW-SW) as well as a 7day/24hr programmable timer (ATW-T24), countdown timer (ATW-CDT), or a Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Switch (ATW-SS).
  • You can also use any third-party timer or switch with the product.
  • ANTUS/QUADRO/SIRIO/VEGA Collection: They come with either a simple On/Off switch or our Digital Heat Controller (ATW-DHC) that allows the user to turn the unit On/Off and adjust within nine preset temperature levels
  • RADIANT/SOLO/SWIVEL Collection: They come with an integrated On/Off switch on the unit that will illuminate when in the ‘On’ position. Separate timers can be connected for added functionality.
Where are our products made?


  • JEEVES Collection: Manufactured in South Africa, using Italian-made heating elements.
  • ANTUS/QUADRO/SIRIO/VEGA Collection: Manufactured in Italy
  • RADIANT/SOLO/TRADITIONAL/SWIVEL Collection: Manufactured in China
What is the warranty?

  • JEEVES Collection: 10 years on the rack; 2 years on the heating element
  • TRADITIONAL Collection: 3 years on the rack; 2 years on the heating element
  • ANTUS/QUADRO/SIRIO/VEGA Collection: 3 years
  • RADIANT/SOLO/SWIVEL Collection: 2 years
What material are our products made of?

  • All our collections, except the Traditional Collection, are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. This material is hygienic, environmentally friendly since it is recyclable and is resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • Our Traditional Collection is made using mild steel, allowing us to craft the beautiful finial accents at each corner of the unit and then plate it in nickel – this is much more difficult and costly with 304 stainless steel.
Can the wiring be located on the left side?

  • Yes, it is possible to have the electrical wiring located on the left side, but only on some collections. There is a $150 upcharge for the conversion.
  • JEEVES: Yes – additional 1 to 3 days to lead time
  • TRADITIONAL: Yes – additional 1 to 3 days to the lead time
  • RADIANT: Yes – but only on for the Radiant Straight Hardwired model in Polished (RWH-SP-LEFT) or Matte Black (RWH-SMB-LEFT)
  • ANTUS/QUADRO/SIRIO/VEGA: Yes – this is considered a special order with a minimum 10-14 week lead time.
Can I mount it upside down?

  • It depends on the collection and heating technology. The collections which use the liquid-filled technology cannot be mounted upside down as this could cause a safety issue.
  • JEEVES/TRADITIONAL/SWIVEL Collection: No, they cannot be mounted upside down.
  • ANTUS/SIRIO/QUADRO/VEGA/RADIANT Collection: Yes, they can be mounted upside down.
  • SOLO Collection: These stand on the ground. We do not offer wall-mount conversion kits.
What is the voltage of our heated towel racks?

  • All products come standard in 110-120 voltage. This is the standard voltage used for small appliances in North America.
  • We offer 220 voltage as a special order option that would carry a 10-14 week lead time. This is only available in our Jeeves, Quadro, Sirio, Antus & Vega Collections.
Do I need a dedicated circuit when installing a heated towel rack?

  • No! Most bathrooms run on a 20amp circuit and only have a few lights and a ceiling fan. This generally means there is ample capacity to add a heated towel rack to the existing circuit without overloading it.
  • The average amperage across all our products is between 1-2amps with the highest drawing 4.6amps
What surface can I mount a heated towel rack onto?

  • Our heated towel racks can be mounted onto any surface type, from drywall to tile, wallpaper, and even cabinets.
  • The leg extensions that secure the rack to the wall do not heat up and thus won’t cause any harm to the surface they are mounted to.
Are they hardwired or plug-in?

  • SOLO/SWIVEL Collection – Plug-In only.
  • RADIANT Collection – we offer plug-in & hardwired options for almost all models.
Do I need a header or backing when installing a heated towel rack?

  • Yes! It is recommended that any heated towel rack be installed into a wood header, backing, or stud. This will provide the required support to ensure the product is safe and does not fall off the wall, especially our larger models weighing over 30lbs.
  • If it is not possible to install some or all the leg extensions into wood backing, anchor/toggle/butterfly bolts can be used as an alternative.
  • Note – these products are not to be used as a ladder and should not be climbed on or hung from!
Can these heat the bathroom?

  • The models in our ANTUS/QUADRO/SIRIO/VEGA Collections can help warm up a bathroom and provide some radiant heat. How much it can heat will depend on the size of the unit and the size of the room it is in.
  • To calculate the wattage/BTU rating needed to heat a room, you can use this BTU/wattage calculator:
Can they be used outdoors?

  • No, unfortunately, these products are not rated for the outdoors. Therefore, they must be installed indoors, away from the harmful effects of the outdoor elements.
What is the liquid inside my heated towel rack, and do I need to refill it?

  • The liquid inside the JEEVES or TRADITIONAL Collection is a water/glycol solution – 80% water to 20% glycol. Glycol, similar to antifreeze, is only used to lower the freezing point as these products can sometimes sit on the courier trucks in the dead of winter for many hours. By adding glycol, we lower the freezing point to avoid this from happening.
  • No! You should never have to refill or add more liquid to the model throughout the product’s life.
Can I replace the heating element?

  • It depends on the collection. If you have a model from our JEEVES or TRADITIONAL Collection, it is possible to replace the heating element.
  • Here is a step-by-step video explaining how to replace the element: Amba Jeeves Heated Towel Rack Elements Replacement Guide
  • If you have any other collection, it is not possible to replace the heating cable inside the unit. However, if the product is still under warranty, this would be covered, and we will replace the entire unit.
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