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Ancerre Designs Hayley 36" Black Onyx 2-Drawer,1-Shelve Bath Vanity Set With Italian Carrara White Marble Single Vanity Top, Single Farmhouse Undermount Apron Ceramic Sink, 4” Solid Wood Backsplash And Satin Brushed Gold Hardware

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Hayley Collection


Farmhouse meets modern chic. Understated elegance - graceful versatility. The Hayley Collection’s fresh simple lines and engaging style will add a unique charm to the ambiance of any bathroom. The vanity set includes a furniture style cabinet handcrafted by skilled artisans, a seamless 1” slab Italian Carrara white marble top with roman ogee edge detail, large under-mount apron basin(s), 4” Carrara white marble backsplash, slow-closing drawers with dovetailed drawer boxes, and satin-brushed hardware. Fully assembled, sink and countertop pre-installed – backsplash is not glued to the top.

What's Included

Furniture grade construction

Seamless 1” slab Italian Carrara white marble top with roman ogee edge detail

Large ceramic under-mount single apron sink – installed on the cabinet and top

Slow-closing solid wood drawers with dovetails and adjustable glides

4” backsplash included (not glued to the top)


Gold hardware

Not Included

  • Faucet (Pre-drilled faucet holed for 8" widespread)


  • Handcrafted with solid & hardwood - No MDF, particle wood, furniture board, staples, or dowels on any parts of our cabinets.
  • Proprietary painting process to deliver a rich & smooth finish. We do not use the Nitrocellulose (NC) lacquer paint that is commonly found in other vanities. NC paint lacks depth and is susceptible to temperature changes, scratches, cracking, and color changes.
  • Built-in leg leveler for a leveled installation
  • Solid cabinet pulls hardware included


Product Weight: 176 lbs.
Product Width: 36 in.
Basin Width: 21 in.
Number of Doors: 0
Number of Sinks: 1
Installation Type: Freestanding
Product Depth: 20.1 in.
Basin Depth: 15.8 in.
Number of Drawers: 2
Counter Top: Italian Carrara White Marble
Material: Plywood & Rubber Wood
Product Height: 34.6 in.
Basin Height: 7.9 in.
Number of Shelves:  1
Counter Top Edge Roman Oogee



3-Year Limited Warranty

Ancerre Designs warrant it to be free of defects in material & workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase to the original owner and installation site. This warranty applies to products that are purchased from an authorized Ancerre Designs dealer and are used under normal residential use.

Ancerre Designs warranty will not cover the following:

  • Improper Maintenance (Please refer to care & maintenance)
  • Damages that were caused by improper installation
  • Abuse or alteration of Ancerre Designs products
  • Damages caused by fire, flood, or any damages caused by the acts of God 
  • Ancerre Designs is not liable for any labor or material charges, loss of time, loss of profits, or any incidental expenses from the use of the products. Does not cover the cost of removal or reinstallation.
  • Warranty will be void if the Ancerre Designs products are installed with obvious visual defects
  • Unauthorized dealer or any reseller that is not approved by Ancerre Designs.
  • Natural stones and Quartz tops will vary (No 2 slabs are alike) in color, pattern & mineral streak from what is shown in our images. This is not considered a defect & will not be covered under our warranty.
  • All natural wood will age (darken/lighten) over time depending on exposure to light. Natural wood will vary (dark spots, slight splits, mineral streak) in appearance and are not considered defects. In the situation when we send you replacement doors or drawers, please note we can not guarantee an exact color match.



About Ancerre Designs

Everyone seeks quality...But what is it?

At Ancerre Designs, we are passionate about our handcrafted bathroom furniture. We believe you deserve uncompromised quality. Therefore, we strive to deliver quality products that will make you happy.

Bathroom furniture at Ancerre Designs is meticulously handcrafted utilizing traditional woodworking techniques. We handcraft each piece of furniture with pride, using only the best material and techniques available. This level of care makes them pieces that are to be cherished for a lifetime.

But a single question remains: what exactly is quality in the realm of crafting bathroom furniture? Below we will share how our pieces are crafted. Our hope is that you understand that not all bathroom furniture is created with this level of care.

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Hand Selected Woods

The process starts with selecting lumber of the highest grade. Like a chef heading to their favorite local farmers market to choose quality ingredients, our artisan heads to their favorite lumber mill to hand-select each piece of lumber - each piece of which must meet our strict criteria.


Furniture Grade Construction

All products from Ancerre Designs bath are constructed with solid wood and thick plywood for our box construction. We do not use MDF (medium-density fiber wood) or particle wood on any component of our bath furniture. MDF and particle wood cannot withstand moisture or wet environments, which makes them incompatible in the bathroom setting.

Be wary of companies that state that their vanities are made of an all-solid wood frame - they are misleading you. Although they want you to believe that their entire vanity is composed of all solid wood, having a face frame made of solid wood does not equate to an entire cabinet made of solid wood. These companies conveniently forget to mention that their box construction material is MDF or particle wood with veneers. Do your research and ask each company what type of wood they use for each part of their cabinets.


Solid wood & Hardwood Doors

We utilize only solid wood & hardwood (plywood) with real wood veneers for the doors of our bath furniture. In order to be cost-efficient, some companies will fail to mention that they are using MDF or particle wood for their doors. At Ancerre Designs, we use only durable solid wood and hardwood that can endure a lifetime of everyday use.


Soft-Close Doors & Drawers

All of our doors and drawers are equipped with durable soft-closing hardware. They are tested for over 1 million uses to ensure many years of use. Say goodbye to the annoying slamming of doors or drawers. Our soft-closing drawer hardware is concealed under the drawers to maximize the drawer width storage.


Dovetailed Drawer Boxes

Ancerre bath furniture is handcrafted by skilled artisans who utilize the old woodworking tradition of dovetailing. We do not use staples, dowels, or any locking hardware for our drawer boxes. Although a dovetailed drawer box takes more effort to construct, we believe you deserve a strong drawer box made with great care. The frames of our drawer boxes are made of only thick solid wood - we do not use MDF, plywood, or particle wood with veneers to cut costs or time. At Ancerre Designs, a quality product is more important than saving cost and/or time.

Furniture-Grade Finish

Our bathroom furniture is finished with a proprietary multiple-step finishing process to ensure a durable finish that will be water resistant, light (UV) resistant, and moisture and mildew resistant. Ancerre collections are finished with a satin smooth matte finish (excluding our wall mount vanities). We do not use a high gloss finish, as it appears overly shiny when in contact with light. Our paint process is very laborious - it requires many days to achieve a durable and rich finish. Each coat we apply must be dried, then sanded, another coat of paint is applied, and this process is repeated many times. We do not use the Nitrocellulose (NC) lacquer paint that is commonly used for mass-produced vanities. NC paint lacks depth and is susceptible to temperature changes, scratches, cracking, and color changes. There are companies that use glamour images that look great online, but upon seeing these products in person you will notice that their finish lacks fine details, depth, and richness. Once again, do your research and ask each company what type of paint they use and ask them to send you high-resolution, close-up images of their products.


Leg Levelers

All floors are level in an ideal world. But in reality, most floors are not level. After all of the effort, you have invested into your project, the last thing you want to do is put a shim underneath the vanity legs to level the piece. Therefore, our bath vanities with legs are equipped with adjustable leg levelers that are inserted into the legs to make these adjustments.


Honeycomb Packaging

To ensure that you receive our beautiful artwork in one piece, we use the best packaging material to minimize damage. Honeycomb packaging is structurally stronger than standard corrugated packaging because of its cushioning properties. Ancerre is one of the few companies that package vanities and countertops separately to minimize damages. Packaging the vanity and countertop separately allows you to move our products with more ease (imagine trying to lift a vanity and countertop already attached up your stairs!). In addition to our honeycomb packaging, we wrap our vanities with a bubble wrap poly cover and insert a thick layer of Styrofoam on all sides and on the top to add another layer of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the depth of the drawers?


Most of Ancerre Designs’ drawers use a 16” profile depth; however, the Elizabeth collection is the only collection that uses a 15.5” profile depth for the drawer.
What kind of wood do you use for your vanities?


For  Ancerre Designs' vanities, we use solid wood such as birch and plywood to construct our products (please refer to product specifications to see the exact material construction for each collection). We want to provide customers with the highest level of quality for their bathroom and avoid using any particle or MDF materials in our products
When should I seal my countertop?


The countertop should be sealed immediately after installation of the vanity and once every year. This will help preserve the countertop and keep its longevity to keep it pristine as long as possible.
Where can I find measurements/specs for the vanities?


The unit is about 500 lbs.+water and your weight, and that is definitely a case-by-case type question. Please consult your contractor based on these weights we have provided.
How can I install my vanity?


We would recommend hiring a licensed contractor to help aid you with the installation process as handling our product can be difficult during installation.
Where can I find assembly instructions?


Our vanities come pre-assembled and only a partial level of assembly is required to have the vanity ready for display and use. The first is gluing the countertop to the vanity to secure each piece in place (not necessary for Adeline & Haley collection). The second being is to glue down the backsplash to the countertop. Lastly, if there is any additional hardware (which usually comes in a bubble package) install them in their proper door/drawer holes.
Is 'Sapphire Gray' more gray or blue?


Our Sapphire Gray is a medium-rich gray with a satin finish. There is no blue or green undertone.
What is the faucet shown in the pictures?


The faucet(s) shown in our images is by Kohler – Memoir Stately Collection. Please note that the faucet(s) is not included.
What kind of adhesive can I use to glue my countertop?


We would recommend using a silicone adhesive to glue the countertop to the vanity. In addition, apply enough glue in each corner of the countertop and any additional edges to secure the countertop in place.
What sealer can I use for my countertop?


Natural cleaner with a sealer for the countertop formulated for marble countertop, no specific brand.
What is included with the vanity?


For many of our vanities, we include the bathroom vanity itself, countertop, coordinating backsplash, vanity hardware, and necessary screws. Please note that a faucet is not included in the purchase with the vanity.
Do the sinks come with an overflow?


Many of our sinks do come with an overflow hole; however, two of our collections that do not use an overflow hole are the Adeline and Hayley collections.
 Is it real marble?


Our countertops are made from real marble allowing for uniqueness in each bathroom. We handpick each countertop to pair with each vanity and carefully inspect them for any noticeable blemishes or spots.
Is the marble made in Italy?


Yes, the marble is procured from Italy.
Do you have a showroom?


We currently do not have a showroom at this moment, but we do hope to showcase our products to customers in the future.