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ClearView Grandscreen 36" x 24" With 32" 4K Surface Mount TV Mirror

ClearView Grandscreen 36" x 24" With 32" 4K Surface Mount TV Mirror

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ClearView TV Mirrors allow you to combine style and entertainment in one. The sleek look of a finely-crafted mirror with the vivid colors of a high-performance television.

A full-size TV hidden in a mirror

A grand screen series TV gives you the ultimate viewing experience without interrupting your room’s aesthetic decor.  Set inside a beautiful mirror with a polished edge finish, this TV is welcome in any room.

Advanced glass technology

The grand screen TV mirror uses the unique TransColor-Vision technology to conceal the TV screen and provide superior reflection when serving as a mirror.

Customize to your heart’s content

From the look and feel of the mirror to a multitude of additional options such as defogging and an LED clock, the grand screen series is ready for your creative vision. Contact our sales team at 800-614-7411 or through to learn more. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect screen.


  • High demand standard sizes and custom options. Contact our sales team at 800-614-7411 or through to learn more.
  • Vanishing and Non-Vanishing TV options
  • Customize size, shape, finish, and more. Contact us at 800-614-7411 or through to learn more.
  • Patented mirror technology

Designed For

  • Bathrooms
  • Foyers
  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bars
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Numerous other residential and commercial applications.



Mirror Width 36" 
Mirror Height 24"
TV Size 32" 4K

*VESA mount (Flat Display Mounting Interface) NOT included
Custom sizes available. Max single mirror size 126" x 84"; TV Sizes: 10" to 85". Contact our sales team at 800-614-7411 or through to learn more.

Make it your own

We’re making it easy to get what you want. Thousands of custom design options at your request. Your choice of frame, mirror finish, TV size, mirror size, mirror shape,
custom cutouts, and additional features like anti-fog, digital clock, and speaker enhancements.


 Illumination can be added to any mirror for an enlightening experience.











Free Form Shapes

Edge Options



Flat Polished

Rounded Corner

Pencil Polish


Electronic Options




Wall Controller

IR Light Indicator

Motion Sensor

Contact our sales team at 800-614-7411 or through to learn more.

Premium Glass Upgrade Option

Premium glass matches a natural mirror, and the clarity and brightness of the TV is better. It is also the glass we use for 95% of our orders. Premium glass is used also when there is a lot of light in the room. If we do a lighted TV mirror – we always use the premium glass – lighting is better. Since developing the Premium glass 2 years ago – it literally flies out the door.

Standard glass is slightly darker than a natural mirror. It is still the lightest TV Mirror glass out there until we developed the Premium glass.

Contact our sales team at 800-614-7411 or through to learn more, and get a quote on pricing on custom sizes and additional features.

Frame Options







Contact our sales team at 800-614-7411 or through for your frame of choice, get a quote on pricing on custom sizes and additional features.



Plug and Play

Installation is a breeze with our Plug and Play setup. From carton to the wall in just a few minutes.

DIY Installation

Our Double French Cleat is included (one for wall and one on the TV) and makes installation simple. The cleats accept common screws and fasteners, so no need for a professional.


Slim and Accessible

Our LCD TV technology ensures that each mirror hangs flush, just like a standard mirror. Only 1" TV depth means you don't have to recess into the wall. Each model also allows easy access to power and media connectors, and programs easily to your cable, satellite, DVD player, and digital tuner.

Markets Served



Whether it’s apartment complexes, stadiums, restaurants/bars, gyms, or commercial buildings ClearView Innovations has the experience and know-how to handle any commercial project.

We work with you and your construction team to meet your delivery schedules. Our reputation for flexibility while providing high-quality products to your specifications is what we do. For bathrooms, we offer vanishing and non-vanishing ultra-thin 17” or 24” LCD HDTVs. For other areas such as waiting rooms, bars, or entryways we recommend our Grandscreen series with 17” to 70” Samsung or LG LCD HDTVs.

All products for the project are shipped highly protected in wooden crates to prevent damage during transportation and packaged individually for easy movement to its final location on site.

Contact us today at 800-614-7411 or through to request a quote for your next project.


If you are remodeling or just want to make a statement, our team of designers can help you beautify your home with any of our TV Mirror options. We offer customized or standard models of TV Mirrors for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, den, basement, or any room you want the elegance of a mirror and the convenience of television.

We understand how important the look of your home is to you. Our residential customers demand the highest quality and attention to detail so we go the extra mile to consider every aspect of your requirements. All of our Grandscreen TV Mirrors are built in our factory near Chicago.

From lighting, frames, or the shape of your mirror we will take the time to offer you the best alternatives and design ideas for you. For your bathroom, we offer vanishing and non-vanishing ultra-thin 17” or 24” LCD HDTVs. For other rooms in your house, we offer our Grandscreen series with 32” to 70” Samsung or LG HDTVs.


ClearView Innovations offers both vanishing and non-vanishing TV Mirrors. For our vanishing TV Mirrors, we use a proprietary high-brite glass reflective technology for the highest quality TV Mirror in the market. Our ultra-slim high definition LCD TV, measuring only 1” thick, ensures a low profile installation for any area in your hotel. All of our products, whether standard or custom, are constructed unlike any other on the market today, providing you with a lighter and more durable Mirror TV that will last years to come.

When you need the brightest mirror available we recommend our lighted mirrors or non-vanishing TV Mirrors (also available lighted). Both products use a standard silver-coated glass and frosted lighted cutouts in either top/bottom or left/right locations.

Spa and Salon

Let your patrons enjoy watching TV while they are beautified. Select a program that they like and they will have a more pleasant and relaxing experience. Join the thousands of salon and spas that are adding TV Mirrors to their locations. ClearView TV Mirrors can be customized to your needs with a wide range of TV and glass sizes.

ClearView Innovations is the leader in TV Mirrors for salons and spas with installations all over the world. We offer the brightest and highest quality mirrors made with durable long-lasting materials.


All ClearView TV Mirrors come with a 1-year warranty.

TVs are tested when they come in and TV mirrors are tested before shipping out.

About ClearView TV Mirrors 

In 2004, the desire to incorporate TVs into mirror design was growing, as was the technology to make this product. Visionaries and fabricators worked to furnish a product capable of accenting a bathroom, living room, den, corporate lobby or conference room, hotel message board, airport lounge, bar, hair salon, outdoor patio, swimming pool, or a boat. However, with existing technology, the TVs were too thick to be mounted like a mirror, and designs lacked euphonic integration. Each order had to be custom-made at a high cost to the Supplier and the Customer.

In the ensuing years, Brian Walter scoured the earth to find better components and standards to perfect his designs. Working with engineers from JVC, Zenith, and MB Quart, new TV products were developed that were powerful for the home and commercial electronics integrator while flexible enough to appeal to the Architect and Designer.

Today his vision and hard work are expressed through the products and integrated designs of ClearView TV Mirror. You can find these products in a number of private home designs as well as incorporate and retail installations. ClearView TV Mirror has continued to excel in technology and customer satisfaction. Let us make your design dream a reality today!



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  • What an excellent company and excellent products. Just like the old days when companies really cared about their customers, these guys are awesome!!!

    Betty C.

    Warminster, Pennsylvania

  • I was greeting in chat soon after logging into their web. She was genuine and very helpful in getting me the correct items I needed. The communication about shipping and tracking was great as well. My mind was at ease concerning my investment purchase! Thank you!


    San Jose, California

  • I've been extremely imporessed with the service--from the actual humans answeing phone calls to the accurate and prompt follow up, including and unrequested phone call to follow up on my order delivery requests.


    Fairfax County, Virginia

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