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SKU:Medical Grade Chromotherapy Complete Set

Enlighten Sauna Medical-Grade Chromotherapy

Enlighten Sauna Medical-Grade Chromotherapy

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Color therapy lights function as light therapy for physical and mental health. Scientists have determined that each color emits a frequency.

Our body consists of Seven Layers of the Auric Field and the Seven Chakras (energy centers of the body). Each layer looks different and each has its own particular function. Each layer of our Aura is associated with a chakra (1st layer with 1st chakra, and so on). See a chart below:

1st Chakra – Root Chakra (RED)

Location: The end of the spine, between the anus and the sexual organs

Function/Qualities: Security/Safety, Stability

Function when disturbed/unhealthy: Fear, insecurity. Life feels like a burden. Feeling of not belonging. 

Physical Health: Weak constitution, elimination problems. Reduced physical and mental resistance.

2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra (ORANGE)

Location: The Sexual Organs

Function/Qualities: Patience, Healthy/Positive Emotions towards Sexuality, Creativity, Responsible Relations

Function when disturbed/unhealthy: Rigid emotions, frigidity, guilt, no boundaries.

Physical Health: Problems with reproductive organs, kidneys.

3rd Chakra – Navel (YELLOW)

Location: Navel Point – Solar Plexus

Function/Qualities: Center of personal power and commitment; Self-esteem, dignity, identity, judgment.  Place of inner balance and inspiration.

Function when disturbed/unhealthy: Anger, greed, shame, despair; No strength or spontaneity. Conforming in order to be recognized; Suppressing one's own wishes/emotions to please others. 

Physical Health: Problems with digestion, the liver, gallbladder, the pancreas. 

4th Chakra – Heart Chakra (GREEN)

Location: The middle of the chest on the breast bone.

Function/Qualities: Compassion, kindness, forgiveness, service, love

Function when disturbed/unhealthy: Grief, Attachment, Easily Hurt. Emotional dependence on others. Heartlessness. 

Physical Health: Heart problems, lung problems, blood pressure problems.

5th Chakra – Throat Chakra (LIGHT BLUE)

Location: The throat

Function/Qualities: Language; Ability to communicate effectively; Authenticity; Inspiring, teaching.

Function when disturbed/unhealthy: Lethargy, weakness in expressive abilities; Shyness, voice problems, insecurity, fear of others’ judgments/opinions.

Physical Health: Throat, neck, thyroid problems.

6th Chakra – Third Eye (INDIGO BLUE)

Location: Between the eyebrows.

Function/Qualities: High Intuition; Clairvoyance; Visualizing; Fantasizing; Concentration and determination; Self-Initiation; Power of projection; Understanding your purpose.

Function when disturbed/unhealthy: Confusion, Depression. Rejection of spirituality; Over-intellectualizing.

Mental Health: Depression, Panic, Mental Disorders.

7th Chakra – Crown Chakra (VIOLET)

Location: Crown of the head.

Function/Qualities: Spiritual Connection; Connection to the Higher Self; Unity; Enlightenment; Universal Awareness

Function when disturbed/unhealthy: Grief; Feeling of being separated from existence/abundance. Fear of death.

Mental Health: Complete separation and disillusion from oneself; grief, sadness, false/limiting beliefs.

8th Chakra – Aura (WHITE)

Location: The electromagnetic field (contains all colors above)

Function/Qualities: Aura combines all the effects of the chakras and offers their projection. Aura projects and protects.

Function when disturbed/unhealthy: Shy, withdrawn, vulnerable.

Physical/Mental Health: Overall weakness in mind and body.

Operating Instructions: 

The color lights are operated by remote control only. Press any color on the remote control to turn the lights on and select a color. You may then press the “Cycle” button (lower right button) to cycle through the colors randomly. Press the “Power” button to turn the lights off.


About Enlighten Sauna

Enlighten Sauna

As an innovator and leader in the infrared sauna industry, Outdoor Infrared Sauna by Enlighten Sauna has been manufacturing infrared saunas that are both effective and luxurious. They have spent a lot of time studying and researching infrared therapy to come up with the most effective infrared sauna in the market. Thus, when you buy from Enlighten Sauna, you can be sure of exceptional quality infrared saunas.

Some of Enlighten Sauna's critical goals involve providing classes, self-maintenance, and information tools that are geared toward Life Reorientation so as to empower a lot of people to turn their cumbersome lives around and reclaim the pain-free, flexible and balanced body for a fantastic life. Over the years, they have dedicated time, effort, and resources to the following aspects of the body; nutrition, health, balance, movement orientation, body mechanics, and flexibility in general. Enlighten Sauna also has International Partners who make sure the whole process is done in the right way; from the old-growth cedar trees to the final crafted products.

Enlighten Sauna is committed to sharing and educating on the benefits of infrared wellness. They take pride in their durable and high-quality infrared saunas that can be modified to be used either outdoor or indoor in a commercial, clinical, or residential setting. Also, with many years of expertise and knowledge, Enlighten Sauna knows the in-and-outs of infrared saunas and can answer any questions about infrared, infrared heaters, types of wood, controls, and infrared saunas in general.

Enlighten Sauna offers quality services to ensure that customers are always 100% satisfied with their products and the entire experience. Furthermore, Enlighten Saunas come with floor heaters to offer more comfort and prevent moisture build-up. The infrared heaters are positioned up to avoid direct heating of the head.

Why Enlighten Sauna?
Enlighten Sauna was founded to satisfy the growing high demand for Outdoor Infrared Sauna Products and as a result of many ongoing requests of their established clientele to offer high-quality outdoor sauna units. Years of experiments … a vast number of various prototypes … a whole list of tests – and here they are! A truly unique, most effective (customizable) infrared sauna for outdoor use; an entire line of fully manufactured sauna units created to fit your personal and individualized taste, as well as your budget. Your initial prompts and ideas lead to their strategy to team up with a well-known and highly recognized manufacturer of Far Infrared Saunas, the Enlighten Sauna. They have carefully elaborated the customers' concerns and demands and a team of sauna experts have designed and created an exclusive product line that is original just to their company; a top-quality, highly effective, and durable infrared sauna therapy units with various available features and upgrades that allow the option of a modification (outdoors-indoors).
Their commitment at Enlighten Sauna is to keep clients happy with the quality of products and services. Their main dedication is to offer not just affordable but most importantly, reliable and durable, quality saunas with a luxurious feel. And thus, Enlighten Sauna pride themselves to be the one and only company providing a high-quality outdoor infrared sauna with its flexible, customizable features, a spectacular infrared sauna experience at a much more appealing cost. They understand that clients put their trust of their well-being in their hands. And as such, they value and cherish this relationship and thrive to provide ongoing care, assistance to customers. They look forward to many years to come to be the company available to your service, and the one that will continue to offer products of high standards, value, and durability.
They are proud to be the top sellers of infrared saunas in the industry. Since the very early start of the infrared sauna market, their goal has always been to continue to provide the excellence of products and service to their customers. They thrive on integrity and loyalty and are open-minded to suggestions for improvement. Their motto is to provide exceptional services based on customers' individual needs.
Certification And Accreditation

EMFR TESTING (Electro Magnetic Field Radiation)

Many doctors and experts are advising to avoid exposure to levels of 3mG or higher. Enlighten Sauna was the only company that met this standard.

VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Items such as glues, lacquers, vinyls, and other products can emit toxic gases, especially when heated such as formaldehyde, methane, benzene, styrene, and more. Exposure to various VOC's has been shown to cause cancer and various other ailments. All Far North Wellness products are certified to be free of VOCs.


One of the only companies to hire a third-party laboratory to test and certify the output of the heaters used in their products. For Far infrared therapy to work properly the output must stay between 5-14 microns with the majority being around the 9.4-micron level.


Wood used to build infrared saunas is Canadian Cedar, and is certified as eco-friendly. They are consciously choosing products that consist of the proper materials to minimize a carbon footprint. Therefore, their saunas are made of wood which comes only from responsibly managed forests.

ISO 9001

Enlighten Sauna products and services meet customers' requirements and expectations, cost-effectiveness, safety, reliability and quality.


ROHS (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment). They fully comply with this requirement. Their electrical wiring is encased in metal fireproof conduit to ensure safety requirements are met.


Enlighten Sauna products meet and exceed worldwide electrical standards including CSA standards for sale in North America.


CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products.

Enlighten Sauna Wood

A sauna is a heat-generating product, and because of such nature, wood selection is extremely important in the sauna building. Far North Saunas' feature:

  • The highest quality Grade 'A' Canadian Western Red Cedar.
  • In their own Lumber Mill, they directly control the entire process from raw material and selection to the finished sauna.
  • They only use the finest quality, hand-picked center-cut wood.
  • The entire manufacturing process and high-quality construction begin with the selection of the proper raw materials.

Enlighten Sauna's Canadian office directly purchases the best quality Western Red Cedar Wood from British Columbia, Canada.

  • Lumber is shipped to their 200,000 square-foot factory.
  • The finest center-cut parts are chosen and immediately fresh-air dried for 4 weeks to preserve the beauty and natural elements of the wood.
  • Each piece of lumber is visually inspected and handpicked. Lumber must have a clear & vertical grain (avoiding the flat grain).
  • Very few companies in the industry have the ability of exclusivity in choosing the finest lumber, as they do.


Enlighten Sauna guarantees that all the products they build are made from non-toxic materials. Environmental Report, they are one of the only companies on the market who can make this statement. They only use non-toxic glue in their products and components.


When the lumber arrives at the factory, the lumber is first sorted by length, size, grade, & grain. All wood must go through a drying phase before milling begins. To prevent any collapsing of the wood, the lumber sits in the yard for a minimum of three weeks. “Collapsing" means the fiber cells of the wood shrink due to water retention and microbial distress. If collapsing occurs, it can cause defects in the surface of the lumber. Collapsing is not a usual phenomenon, however, they take a precaution to ensure proper drying and monitor the entire process.


THEY TAKE THEIR TIME! Lumber is then ripped into various sizes for sauna panels. Chosen pieces are then air-dried further. As said in a prior description of the process, shrinkage (or collapsing) causes changes to the lumber which can result in poor fitting panels. This would be detrimental to the quality of their sauna product. Therefore, they avoid any poorly dried lumber by only choosing the best air-dried pieces to be used for production.


Once an air-dry process is complete, the blanks are then placed in their high-quality kilns. The most important step before production is the Kiln Drying. Lumber will reach its best moisture content in kilns. Many companies have problems as they only air-dry their lumber and it drops its moisture content to 20%, which is too high for stability and may result in mold, rotting, and shorter lifespan. It is important to not rush the drying process. Therefore, the final and ready-to-build lumber will contain 6-8% of moisture. Once this is achieved, the final product is beautiful, strong, and durable wood which now can be used for building.

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  • What an excellent company and excellent products. Just like the old days when companies really cared about their customers, these guys are awesome!!!

    Betty C.

    Warminster, Pennsylvania

  • I was greeting in chat soon after logging into their web. She was genuine and very helpful in getting me the correct items I needed. The communication about shipping and tracking was great as well. My mind was at ease concerning my investment purchase! Thank you!


    San Jose, California

  • I've been extremely imporessed with the service--from the actual humans answeing phone calls to the accurate and prompt follow up, including and unrequested phone call to follow up on my order delivery requests.


    Fairfax County, Virginia

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