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FontanaShowers FS-5928

Fontana Agra Creative Luxury Chrome Thermostatic Multi-Function Recessed Complete Shower Head System

Fontana Agra Creative Luxury Chrome Thermostatic Multi-Function Recessed Complete Shower Head System

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Creative Luxury Showers

Fontana Showers provides their customers with the ultimate luxury experience with their best design products and customizable product options. Our creative luxury shower systems allow you to create your personal space according to your taste and preferences.

Explore our latest Multifunctional Showers, Massage Body Showers, Large Showers, Rainfall Waterfall Mist Shower Systems, Luxury Shower systems, Luxury Multi Jet Shower Systems, Luxury Waterfall Rain Shower systems with Body Sprays, and Smart Digital Multifunctional Luxury Shower Systems. Enjoy our large selection on special sale of Luxury Showers; they are available in different functions, finishes, sizes, and shapes. All FontanaShowers luxury showers come with complete easy installation instructions and they are fully backed by our warranty, so rest assured our shower system is quality for life.

We carry LED shower systems, multifunctional rainfall, and waterfall, mist shower system, including smart showers and digital showers, all our luxury showers come with a thermostatic shower valve mixer which is essential to meet new installation shower codes. Our luxury showers are available in chrome and brushed nickel. We also carry many showers in the bronze finish, some are available in the light bronze finish while you may have the option to order any of these luxury showers in the matte black finish. Also, we carry luxury showers in the gold finish and they are also available in shiny gold or rich brushed gold.

We also can customize the finish of any of our luxury showers all you have to do is check with any one of our sales consultants and they will help you customize your dream shower function and select the finish that best suite the project décor.FontanaShowers offers a wide selection of luxury shower systems to enhance your bathroom experience.

They offer a range of options including multifunctional showers, massage body showers, large showers, rainfall and waterfall mist shower systems, and smart digital multifunctional luxury shower systems. The company has a variety of different functions, finishes, sizes, and shapes to choose from, and all of the luxury showers come with complete, easy installation instructions and are fully backed by a warranty. The company carries LED shower systems, multifunctional rainfall and waterfall, mist shower systems and smart shower systems, all of which come with a thermostatic shower valve mixer, which is essential to meet new installation codes. The luxury showers are available in chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, matte black, gold and other finish options, and they also can be customized to suit the project decor.

FontanaShowers offers a wide variety of customizable luxury shower systems to meet the unique preferences and design choices of its customers. From different finishes and materials to designs and customization, customers have the flexibility to create a shower system that matches the theme and style of their dream spa like bathroom. FontanaShowers makes it easy for customers to bring their own design ideas to life and experiment with new looks. The fact that the installation process is easy and low-maintenance is also a great benefit for customers looking to upgrade their bathroom to enhance their creativity and design a personal space that is truly their own.

Agra Showerhead System

This state of the art, recessed showerhead provides rainfall, cascading waterfall and/or mist functions. Additionally, there is a "steady stream" function that comes out of the middle of the panel, much like a giant faucet. This is perfect for weary back and shoulder muscles. LED provides visual cues to water temperature. The modern design comes with a recessed rainfall showerhead and a handheld shower, cold and hot water shower mixer and an easy-to-use mixer valve, made from high-quality stainless steel material. Turn on the fun in your shower just by turning on the water, the lights will dim and brighten when you lower and raise the pressure so you can set the perfect mood, water, and light.

What's Included

  • Shower Head
  • Hand Shower
  • Thermostatic Mixer Valve
  • Handles
  • Mounting Hardware

Not Included

  • AAA7 Battery


Waterfall Mode

Waterfall spray, beating skin deeply. Enjoy a beautiful shower without all your fatigue.

Water Column Mode

Bubble. Focus on health maintenance via hydro point stimulation.

Rain Mode

A shower experience in real rain. Gentle touching every inch of your skin.

Mist Mode

Moistening skin diping bring 5 star skin moisture experience.

Hand Shower Mode

Shower freely your every inch skin experience the mind blending with love show.

Cascade With LED Light

Romantic Bathing And Endless Love 

A wonderful shower time LED intelligent lamp. Build Warm Sunshine Bath.  


Brand Name FontanaShowers®
Model Number FS-5928
Installation Type Wall Mount/Ceiling Mounted
Quality High Quality
Shower Head  LED 3 way function (Waterfall, rainfall, mist)
Cold/Hot Water Control Type Auto-Thermostat Control
Material SUS304 Stainless Steel/Mirror Finished
LED Color Changing Light
Shower Head Size 27.5" x 14.9" (700x380mm)
Appearance Recessed/Embedded Ceiling Shower Head
Finish Chrome
Flow Rate 2.5 GPM
Water Pressure 0.1-0.6 MPA
Water Flow 10-70 L/min


Care & Cleaning

  1. The product can be cleaned with warm water, a mild soap and a clean soft cloth.
  2. Clean progressively and gently.
  3. It is not required to use any abrasive cleaning pads, wire wool or cloths to clean the product.
  4. Avoid a vigorous cleaning action, as this could contribute to denaturing and dulling
  5. Abrasive or strong cleaning products containing ammonia, bleaches, alcohol, dyes, acids (hydrochloric, formic, phosphorus, chlorine or acetic) will be not be affected. All products manufactured and supplied by Fontana are safe and comply to legislative requirements. Providing they are installed correctly and receive regular maintenance in accordance with these instructions your user experience will not be affected
  6. If using a spray cleaner, apply the cleaning agent onto a soft cloth, never directly spray onto the product as the cleaner may enter gaps and openings and cause damage. Do not allow the cleaner to remain on the product for a period of time. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Shower systems are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty covers replacement of defective parts, and shall not apply to repair or replacement labor costs, shipping or damages. This warranty is valid for one year from the original consumer purchase, and excludes damage due to improper handling, installation, maintenance, product abuse, or product misuse, whether performed by the consumer or any other party. FontanaShowers® will repair or replace, free of charge, during the applicable warranty period, any part of product that proves to be defective in material and/or workmanship under normal installation, use and service. In no event shall the liability of FontanaShowers exceed the purchase price of the product.

Warranty Does Not Cover

1. Conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.

2.  Labor and other expenses for disconnection or return of the product for warranty service, or for installation or reinstallation of the product.

3.  Please note for LED shower the LED light is not covered under the factory warranty. Under normal conditions LED lights should last the lifetime of your shower. However, mineral and residue build up in your water may cause the LED lights to stop working and thus proper maintenance should be conducted to clean your shower head.

4. Conditions, malfunctions or damage resulting from improper installation, improper maintenance, misuse, abuse, negligence, accident or alteration.

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  • What an excellent company and excellent products. Just like the old days when companies really cared about their customers, these guys are awesome!!!

    Betty C.

    Warminster, Pennsylvania

  • I was greeting in chat soon after logging into their web. She was genuine and very helpful in getting me the correct items I needed. The communication about shipping and tracking was great as well. My mind was at ease concerning my investment purchase! Thank you!


    San Jose, California

  • I've been extremely imporessed with the service--from the actual humans answeing phone calls to the accurate and prompt follow up, including and unrequested phone call to follow up on my order delivery requests.


    Fairfax County, Virginia

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