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GoBidet 2003-HIK Warm Water Kit

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The Bidet Attachment fits under your existing toilet seat and connects to a cold water line or hot & cold water lines, depending on the model.

Warm water models require a hot water connection, which can usually be found under a nearby sink. These models come with an internal mixing valve to provide the perfect temperature for a warm water wash. If a hot water source is not readily available, warm water models can be used with cold water only.

Bidet Attachments do not use electricity, are relatively inexpensive, and designed to last for many years

GoBidet, our simplest warm water bidet attachment, fits under your existing toilet seat.


  • Optional Warm Water Kit connects to hot water connection in the bathroom. Kit number 2003-HIK includes: 50” hose with 3/8” T valve and 3/8” nipple 
  • Important Note: All of our bidets should only be installed by licensed plumbers. On electric models where there is not an outlet, then a licensed electrician should be used to install one. We recommend a dedicated 15 or 20amp GFI circuit be used, and local codes followed. Periodic maintenance and inspection of the unit are required. Hoses and all connections should be checked frequently. These units must be protected from freezing and if not used for extended periods, they should be disconnected. 


  • GoBidet™ Model GB-2003C Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Warranty - GoBidet™ will repair or replace any part that proves to be defective in material and/or workmanship under normal installation, use, and service. 
  • Residential Products - We provide the following warranties on all GoBidet products to the original purchaser, installed in a residential setting. This warranty is effective for all new and improved GoBidet model GB-2003-C units sold after May 1, 2015.
  • Mechanical Warranty - A Lifetime Warranty is provided on all GoBidet mechanical parts to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.
  • Finish Warranty - A Lifetime Warranty is provided on all GoBidet product finishes against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This covers any peeling or chipping of the chrome plating but does not cover oxidation, corrosion, or discoloring. If necessary, the unit should be wiped with a damp cloth and dried after each use. To prevent oxidation of all types, as well as discoloring, it is recommended the bidet be frequently rubbed with a light coating of non-scented mineral oil. No chemicals should be used to clean the bidet or the finish can be damaged.



      GoBidet Demo and Installation

      Dr. Oz on Washing One’s Behind

      About the Brand

      Hygiene For Health® is the oldest and largest independent Bidet Seat distributor in North America, representing 12 factories since 1990, and selling nearly 50,000 bidet seats since 2000. 

      At Hygiene For Health®, we are committed to providing you with the very best in personal hygiene products. In our promise to you, we assure the very best pricing, prompt worldwide shipping, and superb customer service & product support. With over 20 years of industry experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are certain to please.

      Every Bidet product we sell must meet each of these guidelines:

      • With the many bidet products on the market, we choose only the best quality to sell.
      • All-electric products we sell meet UL requirements for Safety and Reliability.
      • The Design must not only fit most fixtures but must look good and be easy to remove and clean.
      • We test every seat to make sure it Functions as promised. Our most recent models have undergone 3 years of testing.
      • We look at the Value. While some seats may cost twice as much, they may not necessarily work better or last longer
      • Hygiene For Health® provides continuous Support after the sale and we have done so since 1990. This is longer than any other importer or distributor in the U.S.

      Member of World Bidet Association


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Click on the buttons inside the tabbed menu:

      How to Use

      1. Water Control:

      a. Forward – On

      b. Backward – Off

      2. While sitting on the toilet seat, use the Spray Arm Control Knob (N) to move Spray Head (O) to the desired location for cleansing.

      3. Gently turn on Spray Head by pushing forward on Water Control Lever (U). If water does not flow, move Water Control Lever to left.

      4. If using the optional Hot Water Kit, adjust the water temperature by moving Water Control Lever: Left for regular water, right for hot water. Allow water to warm.

      5. When cleansing is complete, push Water Control Lever (U) to O position and return Spray Arm (L) to resting position underneath the seat. Caution: To avoid scalding, do not use hot water only.

      Care & Maintenance

      Clean Mounting Bracket, Water Control Valve, and complete Spray Arm Assembly every 2 weeks with a mild soap and water solution.

      Note: Abrasive cleaners should not be used, as they will harm the finish. After cleaning, use a soft cloth to rub mineral oil on all exposed surfaces to protect the finish. Failure to properly care for and maintain this product may void the warranty.


      1. Water will not turn on

      a. Make sure the water supply is connected and turned on.

      b. Make sure Water Supply Lines are not kinked or twisted.

      c. If Coldwater only installation, ensure Water Control Lever is centered or to the left of the center. With Hot water not connected, water will not ow with the lever in Hot water position.

      2. Water leaks where Spray Arm Assembly connects to Water Control Valve.

      a. Tighten Shower Arm Mounting Nut [recommend to remove]

      3. Showerhead assembly will not move with someone sitting on the toilet.

      a. Ensure Plastic Spacer installed under right Seat Hinge bolt flange.

      b. Ensure Seat Bumpers are not resting on Spray Arm Assembly.

      c. Ensure the seat is not broken or contoured.