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Harvia 5-10cm Natural Split Face Sauna Heater Stones

Harvia 5-10cm Natural Split Face Sauna Heater Stones

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Split-face sauna stones are recommended for electric sauna heaters and wood-burning stoves for the best performance. Split-face stones store more heat, so that the water thrown onto them will evaporate efficiently on the broad stone surface. Harvia split-face sauna stones stack easily and allow better air circulation, which improves the durability of heating elements. Harvia sauna stones are selected to provide bathers with an intense, soft heat.

Genuine Harvia sauna stones are selected according to old traditions and convey a genuine sauna atmosphere. Harvia sauna stones provide good and soft heat. Split-face sauna stones are the only correct stones for electric heaters and woodburning stoves because they can store lots of heat and the water evaporates efficiently from the wide surface of the fracture. Angular split-face stones also allow for loose placement of the stones, which is the most important requirement, particularly in electric heaters in order to make it possible for the heat to be conveyed to the sauna room between the hot stones and heating elements. Good air circulation in the stone space makes the electric heating elements last for as long as possible.

Only available with the purchase of a Harvia sauna heater or stove.

Please note that each natural stone is unique in shape and size. We recommend purchasing an additional box of sauna stones to allow you to choose the highest quality of stone for fit, form, and function (Additional freight charges will apply)

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Sauna stones are often overlooked but remain one of the most important parts of the sauna. Appropriate quality, size, and placement of stones in the heater can have a significant effect on the heat retention and steam generation in the sauna.

Harvia heater stones fit to all sauna heaters – guaranteed by our constant quality control with the Geological Survey Institute of Finland. For this reason, our stones are always safe, clean, and ready to use – worldwide.

Sauna stones must be quarried and selected carefully to pass quality control, which confirms they are safe under intense heat and do not release any emissions. Harvia sauna stones are known to be safe under the intense temperatures of the sauna and retain heat for maximum efficiency.

All stones are thoroughly hand-selected and pre-washed so that replacing them is made easy every time. Prioritizing sustainability, stones that don't meet the quality standards are repurposed for construction and other industries.

Annual Replacement of Sauna Stones

  • extends the lifetime of the sauna heater

  • saves energy

  • saves the sauna interior

  • guarantees the best sauna bath and steam experience

Genuine, high-quality sauna stones are available in different sizes for all heaters. Along with the traditional olivine diabase, different varieties are available, including Heat Treated Elite, Dark Vulcanite, Rounded Olivine Diabase, and Decorative Snow-White and Red Granite sauna stones. Read more about these different stone types below.

Olivine Diabase Sauna Heater Stones

Olivine diabase sauna heater stones are the most common and used sauna stone for all heater types and is a subvolcanic rock mined in Western Finland. This traditional stone type is durable in structure and thanks to its high density, it stores and releases heat well. This guarantees perfect steam for sauna.

What’s Included

  • 45lbs of split-face (5-10cm) sauna stones


  • Traditional angular sauna heater stones with high quality
  • For electric heaters and as a top stone for wood burning heaters
  • Split-face stones store plenty of heat, making the water thrown onto them vaporise efficiently on the broad fracture surface
  • The split-face stones are easy to stack and enable good air circulation
  • Excellent heat storage capacity, durability and thermal conductivity
  • Color and stone species: Dark gray olivine diabase
  • Stones range from 2" to 4" (5-10 cm)
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients
  • Check the right stone size for your heater from the heater manual
  • CAUTION: Light (ceramic), soft (soapstone), and smooth (rounded) sauna stones do not produce the desired results and they may cause problems in electric heaters in particular. 


    Color Natural Stone
    Main Material Stone
    Use Environment Interior - wet area
    Product Weight 22 lbs
    EAN 6410082607952
    Electrical number (STK) 8260795
    Customs tariff number EU 25161100
    ETIM number EC001885
    UNSPSC number 40101800
    Content of delivery (listed) Stones
    Product unit (pcs, meters etc.) pcs
    Sales Unit pcs
    Quantity 1
    Packaging Materials Cardboard
    Package Height 150 mm
    Package Width 290 mm
    Package Depth 400 mm
    Gross weight 20 kg
    Cardboard Weight 0 kg
    Plastic Weight 0 kg
    Sales lot 2 Quantity 60
    Sales lot 2 Plastic Weight 0.2 kg

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    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How to check and maintain sauna heater stones?


    Due to large variation in temperature, the sauna stones disintegrate slowly but gradually during use. Disintegrating stones can be observed if stone pieces are found on the floor of the sauna room. It is also advised to rearrange the stones at least once a year or even more often if the sauna is in frequent use. When rearranging, you should check the durability of the stones by hitting them together. If stones crack and sound shallow it is time to change disintegrated stones with new ones. Also remove any stone debris from the bottom of the heater.

    How to pile sauna heater stones?

    The piling of the sauna stones has a great effect on both the safety and the heating capability of the heater, especially for electric heaters. Always check the right heater stone size and amount from the manual included with the heater. Smaller 5-10 cm diameter stones are usually used in electric heaters as they fit well between heating elements. Smaller stone sizes are also used on the top layer of woodburning heaters as they create more surfaces for steam generation. Larger 10-15 cm diameter stones are used in woodburning heaters and also in selected Harvia electric heaters with larger stone capacity.

    Start the stone piling by washing off the dust from the stones before placing them into the heater. Be aware, that the type and the shape of the heater affect the piling structure of the stones. Your best guide for doing this properly for your selected heater is to follow the instructions included in the heater manual. Here are a few important tips for piling sauna heater stones for all Harvia heater types.

    • Do not drop stones into the heater
    • Arrange the stones evenly and sparsely to make sure air can flow between the stones
    • Do not form a high pile of stones on top of the heater
    • Do not place stones on top of heater frame
    • Place elongated stones vertically in the heater

    Also notice that in electric heaters:

    • Do not wedge stones between the heating elements
    • Pile the stones so that they support each other instead of lying their weight on the heating elements
    • Support the heating elements with stones so that the elements don’t bend

    New stones may give the sauna a natural stone scent during the first heating. After piling the stones, we recommend heating the sauna and throwing enough water to douse all the heater stones. By doing this the unwanted stone scent will be dispersed after the first heating.

    The sauna heats up quickly, but the stones are not hot enough

    Water thrown onto the heater does not vaporise and runs through the stone compartment.

    • Set a lower temperature.
    • Make sure that the heater is not too powerful.
    • Make sure that the ventilation of the sauna is arranged correctly.
    The stove stones do not heat up
    • The sauna is too small in relation to the stove’s heating capacity. See the stove selection instructions.
    • The flue does not have a good draught
    • The burning material is moist or its quality is otherwise low.
    • The smoke ducts of the stove are blocked. Clear the smoke ducts.
    • Check how the stones are stacked. Remove small pieces of stone and stones that are less than 10 cm in diameter from the stone compartment. Replace disintegrated stones with large and undamaged ones.
    Can any stones be used as heater stones?

    Heater stones should be of a material that is as heavy as possible, dark in colour and large in size for them to be able to store as much heat energy as possible. Heater dealers sell stones that are specifically intended for use as heater stones, and that come from well-known suppliers, so their composition and suitability are guaranteed. Stone materials suitable for heater use include peridotite, olivine and olivine diabase. Surface rocks collected in nature are not suitable for heater use.

    Ceramic “stones” and soft soapstones must not be used. They do not store enough heat when heating up the heater. This may result in the heater overheating, which in turn leads to the heating elements breaking.

    The heater stones must be stacked in the heater in accordance with the installation and user instructions of the heater. Heater stones are available in two sizes.

    How often should the heater stones be changed in a family sauna?
    How often they are changed by and large depends on how much the heater is used. If it is an average of twice a week, the stones should be changed once a year. The stones should be restacked at times, as they will crumble in use and compact in the stone compartment, reducing the air circulation. Good air circulation guarantees a proper sauna experience. The heating elements will also last longer with good air circulation.
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