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MrSteam AirButler Linear 28" × 13" × 11" Brushed Bronze Wireless Metal Steam Generator Control Kit in Black For All eSeries Generators

MrSteam AirButler Linear 28" × 13" × 11" Brushed Bronze Wireless Metal Steam Generator Control Kit in Black For All eSeries Generators

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AromaSteam Essential Oil

Eucalyptus 10 ml
Lavender 10 ml
Evergreen 10 ml
Energizing Mint 10 ml
Breathe 10 ml
AromaSteam Essential Oils 5 Pack 10 ml
Eucalyptus Essential Oil 1L
Lavender Essential Oil 1L
Evergreen Essential Oil 1L
Energizing Mint Essential Oil 1L
Breathe Essential Oil 1L

Chakra Oil

Red Vitality 10 ml
Invigorating Orange 10 ml
Yellow Awakening 10 ml
Green Harmony 10 ml
Celestial Blue 10 ml
Mystic Indigo 10 ml
Violet Nirvana 10 ml
Chakra 7 x 10 ml Bottle Oil Pack

Oil-Delivery System For Essential Oils & Chakra Oils

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AromaSteam Electronic Oil Delivery System With Staiinless Steel Caddy

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MusicTherapy Audio Speakers With Powerful Bass

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Black Round

White Round

White Round

Black Square

White Square

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Bezel For AirTempo Control

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Briushed Bronze Round

Brushed Bronze Square

Brushed Bronze Surf

Brushed Nickel Round

Brushed Nickel Square

Brushed Nickel Surf

Matte Black Round

Matte Black Square

Matte Black Surf

Oil Rubbed Bronze Round

Oil Rubbed Bronze Square

Oil Rubbed Bronze Surf

Polished Brass Round

Polished Brass Square

Polished Brass Surf

Polished Chrome Round

Polished Chrome Square

Polished Chrome Surf

Polished Nickel Round

Polished Nickel Square

Polished Nickel Surf

Satin Brass Round

Satin Brass Square

Satin Brass Surf

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AirTempo Control Flush Mount Kit

-- Please Select --

Briushed Bronze Round

Brushed Bronze Square

Brushed Nickel Round

Brushed Nickel Square

Matte Black Round

Matte Black Square

Oil Rubbed Bronze Round

Oil Rubbed Bronze Square

Polished Brass Round

Polished Brass Square

Polished Chrome Round

Polished Chrome Square

Polished Nickel Round

Polished Nickel Square

Custom Plated - Unfinished Round

Custom Plated - Unfinished Square

Satin Brass Round

Satin Brass Square

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Others accessories

ChromaTherapy ChromaSteam Lighting System For AirTempo Control
Temperature Probe Sensor For For AirTempo Control
TALA 7 oz Rhassoul Lava Clay
Led Controller Only for Mschroma3
Led Controller Only for Mschroma3
1L Oil Caddy for Aromasteam
Retention Ring For AirTempo
AirTempo Flush Mount Box
AirTempo Flush Mount Box
ELEC ASS'Y W/CVRS for AirTempo
AirTempo Dongle
AirTempo Battery CR2450
AirTempo Cable 3'
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We're here to help you build a personal oasis. But you wanted that oasis to be wireless. So, we engineered a steam shower control that gives you an unmatched experience along with the convenience of remote control. With no wires and no hassle, you're free to get lost in your steam shower retreat.


Featuring the wireless AirTempo Control. Wire-free Steam Shower Control

Effortless. Compact. Wireless. Featuring a completely wireless installation, the 100% waterproof AirTempo Control is the centerpiece of this package. This sleek and elegant control mounts effortlessly just about anywhere you want it and is ideal for retrofits.

What's Included


No wires and no hassle—mount almost anywhere



Subtle and low-profile design sets flush with any wall. Supplies an even fluffy flow of steam

SKU: 104480BB


Start your steam shower from anywhere using the App or Just Ask Alexa



Automatic self-cleaning system that prolongs steam generator life.

SKU: MS81500E


Protects against potential water leaks.

SKU: 103867

AirTempo® Control


Easiest Steam Control Installation On The Market

Wireless Touch Control with Steamhead

We’re here to help you build a personal oasis. But you wanted that oasis to be wireless. So we engineered a steam shower control that gives you an unmatched experience along with the convenience of remote control. With no wires and no hassle, you’re free to get lost in your steam shower retreat.

The Steam Control You Mount Almost Anywhere. Pure. Simple. Without Limits. It's never been easier to optimize your steam shower experience. With an elegant design and easy-to-use interface, you can control more than steam. Connect AromaSteam and ChromaSteam systems to create a personalized wellness center.

True wireless control. A “nomadic” way to control your steam, whether installed on a wall or easily positioned on your bathroom vanity. Simply peel & stick for tool-free installation. It can even be attached to a glass shower wall.

We're keeping it simple. Installs in Seconds, No Tools Required. Powered by replaceable, long-lasting batteries, the AirTempo Control connects wirelessly, eliminating the time, hassle, and expense of running a cable to the generator. Installation merely means deciding where to peel and stick the AirTempo.

Linear SteamHead

Award-Winning, Patented. Whisper Quiet. Sleek. Patented.

Mounts flush to the wall, and creates a wide ribbon of smooth, silent steam that brings a new level of performance and aesthetic pleasure to your steam shower. Linear SteamHead creates an inverted waterfall of steam, cascading gently upwards into your shower quietly and condensation-free.


A series of patented interior baffles delivers whisper-quiet billowing steam.


Aroma oil reservoir comes standard with your purchase. Available in 7 finishes.


Face plate included in polished chrome, available in 7 additional finishes.


Assists in directing steam upward, included in stainless steel, available in 7 designer finishes.


Installs flush to the wall and nearly disappears in the grout line


Slender, horizontal opening disperses steam evenly and smoothly.


Anodized aluminum construction and finish.


Available in 16” or 27.5” ​


No assembly of moving parts is required.​​

Whisper Quiet, Accessory Rich

Steam is distributed across extruded baffles inside the Linear SteamHead. Its interior features an array of alternating and intersecting vanes that allow the incoming steam from the generator to expand, slow and quiet. What emerges on the long, narrow opening is a rich, billowy cloud of steam that envelope the space. Adding the Aroma Tray or AromaSteam System lets essential oil and fragrances fill the lungs and warmly embrace the skin. The Diverter attachment assists in directing the flow upward to fill the enclosure with billowing steam. With an array of designer finish faceplates, this patented product complements any bathroom décor.

3D View

A SteamTherapy Bonus 

More than Steam - Wellspring of Health. The sleek and integrated oil tray is designed to infuse steam with your essential oils— enhancing your steam experience through aromatherapy. The AromaSteam SteamHead goes above and beyond to make sure your steam experience is fully realized

AutoFlush® Self-Cleaning System

Clean Steam... Every Time®

Clean Steam Without Lifting a Finger

Your steam generator is the most important component of your steam shower. Protect your investment with AutoFlush. AutoFlush is a MrSteam exclusive product. It’s an automatic self-cleaning system that promotes long, healthy life for steam generators by automatically flushing the generator of sediment two hours after every steambath.

We automate everything in the background, so no work is needed after every steam shower session. AutoFlush assures that you get clean steam every time.

The optional AutoFlush System feature automatically drains the MrSteam system following each use. A time delay allows the water to cool down (about two hours) before it drains by gravity for a safe and gentle operation.

Click here to know more about the AutoFlush® Features

Electronic Valve

The system quietly flushes impurities through a ½” electronically-activated valve – no small opening to clog.

Automatic Flush

Automatically flushes old water and impurities from your steam generator after every session, no buttons to push to initiate draining.

Prolongs Generator

Impurities and old water are flushed through an electronically activated valve. There’s nothing to remember.

Steam Installation & Planning

Box Contents

  • AutoFlush Valve with Cord
  • Installation instructions


If the Express Steam® option has been installed, the AutoFlush will drain for ten minutes then refill with fresh water to begin the pre-heat cycle.

SteamLinx® Module

Add The SteamLinx Module To Enable Mobile Device Steam Room Control

Start Your Steam Shower From Anywhere In Your Home

SteamLinx gives you the convenience of controlling your steam shower from anywhere using a smartphone or mobile device. Start your steam shower, adjust the temperature, duration and stop it with a tap. When you enable the SteamLinx skill for Alexa, you can just ask Amazon Alexa. Compatible with MS Generators serial numbers 1174000 and higher. 

SteamLinx, a revolution in controlling steam room functionality remotely. Start your steam session anytime, anywhere—from your bed, your backyard, or even while you are still on your way home. Your steam shower will be ready when you are.

Alexa Guide

Voice Assist for MrSteam Systems 

How To Control Your MrSteam System With Amazon Alexa When SteamLinx Is Installed

MrSteam residential steam shower systems now work with Amazon Alexa when SteamLinx is installed. You can “talk” to your steam shower through Alexa. Ask questions, get helpful answers or give basic commands on settings and functions.

Mr.Steam Condensation Pan

Prevents Water Spillage From The Generator

Protects against potential water leaks

Sitting under our e-SERIES Generators, the Condensation Pan protects from potential water escape. Just locate the condensation pan on a solid level surface and place the steam generator inside the condensation pan. Ensure the steam generator is level as condensation pan drains by gravity.

Mr.Steam strongly recommends the use of a condensation pan in the unlikely event of a plumbing leak. Locate the condensation pan on a solid level surface and place the steam generator inside the condensation pan. 


  • Not tethered by cables. You can use the control up to 60 feet away from the generator
  • Transform your senses with optional Chromatic Lighting & Aromatic Infusers
  • Quickly responds to user's touch inputs and reverts to sleep mode automatically when left idle while maintaining the set temperature
  • Create profiles for custom settings for temperature, time and more
  • Mount to nearly any hard surface or flush to the wall using a Flush Mount Kit
  • No need to run wires, a great solution for covering a hole left by an old steam shower control


Weight 17 lb
Width 28"
Depth 13"
Height 11"
Dimension   28" × 13" × 11"
Compatible Generator  All eSeries Generators
Construction Material Metal
Control (Adjustable Session?) Yes
Control (Adjustable Temperature?) Yes
Control (Screen Size) 2"
Control (Steam Head Included?) Yes
Installation Type Wireless
Battery? Yes
Battery Type Lithium Primary
Country Of Origin United States




Limited 2-Years Warranty (US & Canada)

Limited Warranty for Mr.Steam® Residential Steambath Controls and Accessories Installed in the United States and Canada.

Mr.Steam® warrants that its MR.STEAM RESIDENTIAL STEAMBATH CONTROLS AND ACCESSORIES, installed in the United States or Canada including without limitation: iTempo™, Tempo/Plus™, iSteam®, AudioWizard™, SteamGenie® , iGenie™, AromaSteam, ChromaSteam®, MusicTherapy® In-Shower Speakers, MS Light, HomeWizard®, Drip Pan, Wall Mounted Steam/Shower Seats, and AutoFlush® automatic drain valves (collectively, Mr.Steam Controls and Accessories), are free from defects in materials and workmanship for two year from the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser. Mr.Steam will repair or replace (at its option) Mr.Steam Controls and Accessories if they fail to conform to this limited warranty. All warranty work will be performed without charge when the Mr.Steam Control and Accessory is returned to the location designated by Mr.Steam within 2 years of the date of purchase.

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