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MrSteam iDream Max 50" x 36" x 36" Black in Steam Generator Control Kit Package

MrSteam iDream Max 50" x 36" x 36" Black in Steam Generator Control Kit Package

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The iDream® MAX Package, with the award-winning iSteam®3 Control gives you steam and so much more. It includes all of our Steam Therapy’s AromaSteam®, ChromaSteam®3, AudioSteam®3 as well as the SteamLinx® Module and Mobile App that enables Amazon Alexa Skills, two Aroma Glass SteamHeads®, a MAX AutoFlush®, and a MAX Condensation Pan®. Our MAX Packages make designing your large residential steam shower easy by providing everything you need, at package-savings discount.

What's Included

iDREAM™ Steam Package

World-class home steam shower experience

iDREAM™ Steam Shower Package: Create Your Own All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat

Discover the unprecedented iDream Steam Shower Package. It’s everything you could imagine for a world-class steam shower experience in the comfort of your own home. Step into a world of soothing steam, mood-enhancing lighting, invigorating aromatics, and an aural soundscape of your choosing. The centerpiece is your iSteam3 touchscreen control.

Innovation, luxury, and ease are at the core of MrSteam’s flagship iDream Package. All the components of an exquisite steam system combine to create the convenience
and comfort of a home spa retreat.

Your steam experience, all in one bundle

Some decisions are easy. If what you want is the complete steam shower experience—with our most sophisticated controller and the trifecta of therapies: ChromaTherapy, AromaTherapy, and MusicTherapy—then your decision is already made. You’re ready for the iDream Steam Shower Package.

The steam package that dreams are made of. Create your own all inclusive wellness retreat, controlled by iSteam3, the heartbeat of your everyday escape.​

MS iDREAM Package Box Content



Steamlinx App

Chroma Light




Aroma Oil



MS iDREAM Package includes


Experience MrSteam's award-winning ultimate steam command center


Glass fascia matches with any of our steam shower controls in either black or white


Start your steam shower from anywhere using the App or Just Ask Alexa


Combining color, science, and design to lighten up your steam shower experience


Take charge of your music and volume control using Bluetooth technology


A pair of speakers designed for use inside or outside the shower


Fuses botanical fragrance and steam together to create the aromatherapy experience


Eucalyptus one-liter bottle


Automatic self-cleaning system that prolongs steam generator life


Protects against potential water leaks.

iDREAM™ Steam Package Video 

iSTEAM®3 Control

The steam control you install. Touch. Relax. 

Total Control of Your Steaming Experience.

Sophisticated and Intuitive. With the iSteam3 you have total control of every detail of your steaming experience. Housed in a sleek, slimline package, it mounts nearly flush on the wall of your shower.

Enhancing The Steam Shower Experience

This award winning control is the most technologically advanced steam shower control available. It works with all E-Series Generators and the SteamLinx App. Built to IP67 specifications, it is capable of full water immersion in up to three feet of water.


White Color

Black Color

Click here to know more about iSTEAM®3 control

Effortless & Intuitive

Change temperature & time settings with the touch of a finger.

Lights. Aroma. Relaxation.

Transform your senses with optional Chromatic Lighting & Aromatic Infusers.

Sings In The Rain

Control of your listening experience with AUX, Bluetooth or Radio.

Multiple Users

Create profiles for custom settings for temperature, time and more.

Multiple Languages

Available in six different languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Russian.

Safety First

Have peace of mind with temperature timed shut-offs and passcode protection.

Digital Clock

Never wonder what time , day or date it is in your SteamShower or bathroom.


Automatically pre-heat your SteamShower so it’s ready when you are.

Capacitive Touch

Waterproof touch screen so technologically advanced it can tell the difference between a drop of water and your finger.

Carefully crafted steam controls

Elegant, upscale design - every detail matters. It's a meticulous process to ensure that all elements, from the high quality fused silica glass to the iSteam3 processor, are carefully crafted to enhance the steam shower experience.

Enhancing The Steam Shower Experience

Steam Installation & Planning
iSTEAM®3 Box Content
  • iSteam3
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Control Cable (30 ft.)
  • Rough-In Box
  • Steamhead
  • Optional Surface
  • Tube of Silicone
  • Sealant Mount Gasket
iSteam controls are suitable for use inside or outside the steam/shower enclosure, featuring:
  • Full color LCD touch screen
  • Programmable temperature
  • Programmable time
  • Eight user presets
  • AromaSteam, ChromaSteam3 and AudioSteam3 controls
  • Passcode to prevent unintentional use of steam bath
  • Includes AromaSteam Steamhead in white or black
  • ompatible with SteamLinx
  • Low voltage operation

iSTEAM®3 Control Video

SteamLinx® Module

Add The SteamLinx Module To Enable Mobile Device Steam Room Control 

Start Your Steam Shower From Anywhere In Your Home

SteamLinx gives you the convenience of controlling your steam shower from anywhere using a smartphone or mobile device. Start your steam shower, adjust the temperature, duration and stop it with a tap. When you enable the SteamLinx skill for Alexa, you can just ask Amazon Alexa. Compatible with MS Generators serial numbers 1174000 and higher. 

SteamLinx, a revolution in controlling steam room functionality remotely. Start your steam session anytime, anywhere—from your bed, your backyard, or even while you are still on your way home. Your steam shower will be ready when you are.

Alexa Guide

Voice Assist for MrSteam Systems 

How To Control Your MrSteam System With Amazon Alexa When SteamLinx Is Installed

MrSteam residential steam shower systems now work with Amazon Alexa when SteamLinx is installed. You can “talk” to your steam shower through Alexa. Ask questions, get helpful answers or give basic commands on settings and functions. 

SteamLinx® Module Video 

AutoFlush® Self-Cleaning System

Your MAX Steam Generator is the most important component of your steam shower. Protect your investment with MAX AutoFlush®, a exclusive product. It's an automatic self-cleaning system that promotes a long, healthy life for steam generators by automatically flushing the generator’s sediment two hours after every steam bath. We automate everything in the background, so no work is needed after every steam shower session. MAX AutoFlush® assures that you get clean steam every time.


  • For MX4E - MX6E Generators
  • The system quietly flushes impurities through an electronically-activated valve
  • Automatically flushes old water and impurities from your steam generator after every session, No buttons to push to initiate draining
  • Simple plug and play installation

Product Specifications

Product Weight 2.3lb
Product Width (Side To Side) 3.95"
Product Depth (Front To Back) 2.39"
Product Height (Top To Bottom) 4.37"
Product Dimensions 3.95” × 2.39” × 4.37”
Compatible Generator All eSeries Generators
Certifications & Listings cULus Recognized, CE
Compatible Generator All eSeries Max Generators
Construction Material Aluminum; Brass

Mr.Steam Condensation Pan

Sitting under our MAX Series Generators, the MAX Condensation Pan® protects bathrooms from potential water escape. Just locate the condensation pan on a solid level surface and place the steam generator inside the condensation pan. Ensure the steam generator is leveled. MAX Condensation Pan® drains by gravity.


  • Installs beneath the MAX Steam Generator and connects to an approved drain line to collect and direct a potential water accumulation or leak
  • Built in brackets raise the MAX Steam Generator above the bottom of the pan
  • Measures 33” x 9” x 1 1/2”


Weight 3.7lb
Width 34.06"
Depth 9"
Height 1.45"
34.06" x9" x 1.45"
Installation Place Floor-Mount
installation Type Hardwired


ChromaTherapy For Wellness 


The sophisticated ChromaSteam3 system features a color wheel on the iSteam3 for dialing in any color imaginable— 269,000 possibilities, to be exact. Modulate the brightness to your taste or choose to have your light pulse gently as you shower. For large steam rooms, use ChromaDuo with two LED light clusters. These systems pair with our iSteam3 control.

ChromaSteam® Video


Steaming Is Better With Music

MusicTherapy Video


Infuse Your Steam Shower With Scent

The Aromasteam System

AromaSteam’s state-of-the-art injector pump

Not all infusion is the same. The AromaSteam System is the most complete and efficient way to inject aroma into your steam shower. The AromaSteam’s state-of-the-art injector pump electronically atomizes our botanical fragrances into your steam at the source, for the most complete and consistent infusion of delightful essences into your steam shower. The included stainless steel caddy holds the liter aroma fragrance bottle right where you want it. We’ve raised aroma to an art form.

AromaTherapy Video

Aroma Glass® Steamhead

Steamheads That Match Your Bathroom Decor.

Suffuse Your Steam Shower with Aroma

Available in black or white, the glass fascia complements any bath décor and perfectly matches MrSteam glass face controls. The SteamHead also features an oil reservoir discreetly hidden at the top of the steam head. Add a few drops of essential oil to suffuse your steam shower with natural aromas.

Available in Black & White Color

A SteamTherapy Bonus​​​​

More than Steam - Wellspring of Health. The sleek and integrated oil well is designed to infuse steam with your essential oils— enhancing your steam experience through aromatherapy. The AromaSteam SteamHead goes above and beyond to make sure your steam experience is fully realized. 

AromaSteam Steamhead Video


  • For MX4E - MX6E Generators
  • Includes the award-winning isteam® 3® Control with capcitive touch screen, programmable custom settings for up to with 8 users, 7 available languages, white or black interface color, real time clock, Autostart Programing to get your steam shower ready each day of the week
  • 2 Aroma Glass SteamHeads that match Mr.Steam® glass facia controls and features an oil reservoir discretely hidden at the top of the steam head
  • SteamLinx Module, Mobile App allows for seamless control of all your steam room functionality using your smart phone or mobile device
  • ChromaSteam® 3 System allows you to select color and modes directly from the isteam® 3® Control
  • AromaSteam System atomizes fragrance and creates the perfect in-steam aromatherapy experience
  • 1 Aroma Fragrance liter bottle, specially formulated and packaged for use with the 1 AromaSteam system
  • AudioSteam® 3 System with Bluetooth® technology interfaces with the isteam® 3® Control for the ultimate sound and steam experience and an FM Radio built into amplifier
  • 2 MusicTherapy® Speakers designed for use inside or outside the shower enclosure
  • Max Auto Flush and Max Condensation Pan Suitable for all MAX Residential Generators, model numbers MX4E - MX6E


Product weight 50lb
Product Width (Side To Side) 36"
Product Depth (Front To Back) 36"
Product Height (Top To Bottom) 36"
Product Dimensions 50"x36"x36"
Compatible Generator All eSeries Max Generators
Construction Material Metal
Control (Adjustable Session?) Yes
Control (Adjustable Temperature?) Yes
Control (Clock?) Yes
Control (Screen Size) 4"
Control (Steam Head Included?) Yes
Country Of Origin United States
Installation Type Hardwired
Oil (Liquid Volume) 33.8 FL.OZ.
Oil (Scent) Eucalyptus
Uses Electricity? Yes


Limited 2-Years Warranty (US & Canada)

Limited Warranty for Mr.Steam® Residential Steambath Controls and Accessories Installed in the United States and Canada.

Mr.Steam® warrants that its MR.STEAM RESIDENTIAL STEAMBATH CONTROLS AND ACCESSORIES, installed in the United States or Canada including without limitation: iTempo™, Tempo/Plus™, iSteam®, AudioWizard™, SteamGenie® , iGenie™, AromaSteam, ChromaSteam®, MusicTherapy® In-Shower Speakers, MS Light, HomeWizard®, Drip Pan, Wall Mounted Steam/Shower Seats, and AutoFlush® automatic drain valves (collectively, Mr.Steam Controls and Accessories), are free from defects in materials and workmanship for two year from the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser. Mr.Steam will repair or replace (at its option) Mr.Steam Controls and Accessories if they fail to conform to this limited warranty. All warranty work will be performed without charge when the Mr.Steam Control and Accessory is returned to the location designated by Mr.Steam within 2 years of the date of purchase.



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