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MSpa Delight Tekapo 73" x 27" 6-Person 132-Jet Square Gray Inflatable Indoor And Outdoor Hot Tub

MSpa Delight Tekapo 73" x 27" 6-Person 132-Jet Square Gray Inflatable Indoor And Outdoor Hot Tub

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MSpa Delight Tekapo


DELIGHT collection offers all the essential functions to enjoy a hydro-massage. Bubbling will relieve all tensions.

MSpa DELIGHT collection offers a basic air bubble massage by delivering thousands of bubbles that thoroughly massage the body for an invigorating experience. The strategic placement of the air jets on the lower perimeter of the spa creates a bathing experience that stimulates the release of muscle tension.

The new TEKAPO features the brand new designed bias air chamber making the entire spa more stable. Over one hundred dynamic air jets help you to stretch out and relax for an invigorating bubble massage spa.

What's Included


Filter Cartridge x 1

Cartridge Base x 1


Garden hose adapter

Ground buckle mat and top lid


Owner's Manual

Not Included

  • Headrest
  • Surround Units



Filter Cartridge Cleaning Reminder

To ensure the best quality of water in the spa, the filter cartridge is suggested to be cleaned after each use and replaced every 3-5 days.

Feel hard to follow the tips each time? Don’t worry there will be a reminder popping up at least once a week when spa keeps working.


Our MUSE series features an easy to reach storage pocket to stash your remote and other objects.


It is suggested not to leave or set up the spa when the outdoor temperature is below 4°C (39.2°F).

What happens if the temperature suddenly drops off but no one’s at home? Don’t worry, MSpa will take care of itself. When the water temperature is lower than 1°C (33.8°F), the heater runs automatically until the water is heated up to 3°C (37.4°F). This will help prevent water from freezing. The circulation system, pump and pipe will be saved.



PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology on all spa products.


The new MSpa collections come with a built in UVC sanitizer which can kill more than 60 disease causing microorganisms and pathogens while using nothing more than light.

A mini sterilization chamber with a UVC LED bead is put into the built-in control box so every drop of water in an MSpa hot tub is under 7days 24hours non-stop protection with or without people in the spa. The UVC LED will not harm your skin or eyes as it is completely sealed inside the control box


MSpa hot tubs feature a built-in O3 OZONE GENERATOR. It's helpful for killing bacteria and Giardia, Cryptosporidium, parasites, fungi, molds, and other virus and microbes. It is 50 times more effective than chlorine, and the effects of its action are visible 3000 times faster.


Proprietary 360-degree air-jet system fills the spa with thousands of bubbles, creating a balanced, all-encompassing body massage. For high-end series, the bubble speed has three-level to adjust. Everyone can build their personalized experience


User-friendly design with access to all controls at your fingertips.


Clean water is the most essential foundation of hydro massage. With tender care for its users, to further enhance the sterilization performance, antibacterial fabric is applied to the inner liner of MSpa. The fabric can release bactericidal component, which will help reduce 99% of the reproduction of bacteria. This conforms to ISO 22196:201


Place your hot tub anywhere... your backyard, patio or tote it along in your RV. No time-consuming installation. Benefiting from the patented self-inflation function, you just need to simply remove the spa from its box, plug in, rotate the knob, long-press the button “bubble”, and watch your spa be inflated in minutes!


Want to get the warm and cozy MSPA just ready when you exactly want it to be? Not a problem at all. Now you can easily set the time to wake up the spa and start to heat the water. Featuring the newly designed integrated chip, the wired controller allows user to set time to turn on the heating function 1-99 hours in advance.


The entire line of MSpa is equipped with the children safety lock function, allowing parents to lock the hot tubs and prevent unwanted access. Simply pressing UP & DOWN button for 3 seconds to activate the function.


Enjoy your own peaceful moment! MSpa has developed a silent motor. The internal control box is wrapped by spa pool liner, which also helps to absorb and reduce noise.


Featuring the built-in compact pump, MSpa is super light weighted and portable. It can be easily packed into the trunk of your car, or lifted by females.


Model D-TE06

1.85 W x 1.85 D x 0.68m H

73" W x 73" D x 27" H

Inside Width 1.45m / 57"
Water Capacity  930 Litres / 245 Gallons
Net Weight  32.5 kg / 71.7 lb

132 Air Jets

Seating 6
Heat Increasing Rate 2 - 3°F per hour
Filter Pump Rate 1325L/Hr
Control System 110 - 120V/60Hz
Heater 1350W
Massage Air Blower 700W



MSpa covers below manufacture warranty period from purchasing date:
  • 12 months for the electric parts
  • 6 months for the spa pool (Lite/Delight/Comfort Inflatable Spa)
  • 24 months for the rigid wall frame



Delight Series Installation


How to Clean Your Hot Tub


Drain and Deflate and Spa for Storage


How to Assemble and Disassemble a Control Box


Precautions for the First Usage After Winter


How to Repair Leaking Spa Pool



Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the link below to see the answers under each question:


How do I know which MSpa range is right for me?

MSpa has the most extensive product line in the portable spa industry. From the most cost-effective COMFORT series to the highly intelligent and luxurious MUSE series, it is easy to find the model of your choice in terms of function, design and sizes.


The budget-friendly line with the most classic styling and practical features.


A line of intelligent models incorporating the latest technologies that you can only find in MSpa (M-One smart tub, O-Zone generator, etc.), designed to bring you a sophisticated lifestyle and comfortable hydrotherapy experience.


The unparalleled leather styling covers and unique features make PREMIUM the most iconic line of MSpa. It is the perfect choice for modern décor and decent lifestyle.


Owning one of the MUSE series means you don't need to consider any other similar products. There is no one else in the market that can compete with these models which have the most powerful hydro jet and all the latest technologies.


The FRAME series features a distinctive design and extremely durable pool material. The clean and crisp looks make them perfectly match a modern style home. This is the best choice if you want a spa unlike any other.

Can I use my MSpa indoors and outdoors?

You can use an MSpa hot tub both outdoors and indoors. Whilst most of our customers set them up in their gardens either on a hard surface such as a patio or on their grass, a number of customers also set them up in a summer house, shed or garage. For use indoors, you should take particular time and care to consider factors such as drainage and ventilation.

How many people can fit in an MSpa?

This depends on the model you choose.

In general, MSpa can fit 2-6 persons:


6-persons: TEKAPO, SOHO

What is the age limit for children?

An MSpa is not a paddling pool or a toy and therefore is not suitable for children under 8 years old.

What is the difference between air bubbling and hydro jets?

All MSpa models come with Air bubbling system. It is a proprietary 360 degree airjet system fills your spa with millions of bubbles, creating a balanced, all-encompassing body massage. On the high-end series, you can adjust the level of bubbling speed for a customized message experience.

Hydro Jet includes jet nozzles in positions within the liner. When this function is turned on, the pump circulates a high-pressure combination of water and air which is then released through the jets. These jets can be adjusted in both directions and pressure. Our MUSE series come with both Air Jet and Hydro Jet system to provide a vigorous massage.

Do all spas compe with a timer function?

All MSpa models released in 2019 and onwards come with the Timer Function. You can easily set the time to wake up the spa to start heating the water. Featuring the intergrated chip, an Mspa allows users to adjust the number of hours before heater activation from 1 to 99 hours.

Do the spas have built in seats?

All MSpa models (expect TUSCANY) released in 2020 and onwards come with a cushioned floor. CAMARO/EXOTIC and all the models of URBAN/FRAME series come with integrated seat cushions to provide great comfort during periods of long use.

Is the spa comfortable and easy to get in and out of?

Known as hydrotherapy, a MSpa helps relieve the effects of Arthritis by utilising the properties of warm water in order to facilitate the improved movement of joints which are stiff, ache or are painfully swollen. The cushioning in the base of the spa is suitable for periods of extended use.

All MSpa models (expect TUSCANY) released in 2020 and onwards come with a non-slip bottom providing extra friction between the foot and the spa floor. For those who suffer from arthritis or struggle to move, we recommend an MSpa Wicker Step as it can provide extra assistance and support when entering and exiting the spa.

How long does an MSpa last?

It is very important that an MSpa is stored correctly and looked after throughout its life. An MSpa can be enjoyed for many years if it is well maintained and cared for.

Can I use my MSpa during winter?

It is suggested not to leave or set up your Mspa in temperatures lower than 4°C (39.2°F). However, as long as the spa is power on, once the water temperature is lower than 1°C (33.8°F) the ANTI-ICING system will be automatically activated to heat the water up to 3°C(37.4°F). This system will prevent the water from freezing and protect the control box.If you wish to use your MSpa in winter always make sure it is protected either on a raised platform in a sheltered or covered area.

Can I leave my spa in direct sunlight?

No, do not leave your MSpa in direct sunlight as this can cause damage to its liner.

Is the spa noisy when switched on?

By featuring the Whisper Quiet Technology and a built-in control box wrapped by the pool liner, an Mspa is the quietest portable spa that you can find.


How easy is it to setup an MSpa?

We bet you cannot find any other hot tub that is as easy to set up as an MSpa. Thanks to the world's first built-in control box, MSpa hot tubs allow you to skip the annoying pipe connection and pump installation and complete inflation by just pressing one button. Please refer to your user manual for specific set up information or watch our how-to videos.

Where is the best place to setup my MSpa?

Suitable Surface: A smooth, flat, even surface that is capable of uniformly supporting the entire filled weight of your MSpa plus the weight of the users. Positioning your MSpa on an uneven surface can cause unequal pressure on one side of the hot tub which will increase the likelihood of your liner failing.

Power Supply: You need to consider having a power supply that is close enough for the cable to reach (approx. length of the cable is 5.1m) but also far enough away so that water cannot splash into the socket.

Surroundings: Placing your MSpa near a windbreak such as a fence will help to reduce wind exposure, helping it to retain more heat and in turn help to reduce your running costs. You should also consider where you will drain the water when required.

Do I need a flat surface to place a MSpa?

Yes, an MSpa must be placed on a completely flat and solid surface.

How long does it take to fill a MSpa?

It varies on different spa models and your water pressure, usually it will take approximately 1 hour to fill up to the mininum line.

How do I know when the spa is properly inflated?

The manometer attached on the valve cap or inflation hose will show the spa inflation status. Please refer to the user manual or read instructions printed beside the air valve. Always read the manometer to ensure that the spa is filled at the proper air pressure for the conditions.

NOTE: Over-inflation can cause damage to spa liner. Complaints caused by misoperation will not be covered by the warranty.

Is it easy to drain an MSpa?

Simply use the drain adapter to attach a hosepipe to the spa then open the stopper cap to the inside of the spa to allow for the drainage of the majority of the spa’s water. Any remaining water can then be tipped out from the spa. Alternatively, a Pool and Drain Pump can be used to extract the water.

How do I inflate the Inflatable Bladder(an optional item)?

If your spa comes with a standard inflatable bladder, check your user manual for guidance. If you purchased the bladder separately, please make sure you have inflation hose or foot pump.

There is no single hose adaptor for DELIGHT series spas, you can purchase an extra foot pump to inflate the bladder.


How long does it take to heat up?

This can vary greatly depending on the temperature of fresh water that goes into the hot tub, the ambient air temperature and which MSpa model you have (the higher the capacity of water, the longer the hot tub will take to heat up).

The MSpa heats the water via a circulating pump and heats up at approx. 1.5-2°C/h (3-4°F/h) per hour. Ensuring that the spa is well insulated and that the Lid is on will also greatly help!

How can I heat up my MSpa more efficiently?

To reduce waiting time, it is suggested to use the heat preservation mat and the inflatable bladder for more efficient heating up.

For Lite/Comfort/Delight series, a heat preservation mat or an inflatable bladder is not a standard accessory in the package. You can always purchase one from our local dealers or after-sale service center.

Can the heat and air bubble massage system stay on the same time?

Yes, all MSpa can heat and activate the bubble massage at the same time.

Can the heat and hydro jet massage system stay on at the same time?

Yes, all the spa models from the ELITE and MUSE series can heat and activate the Hydro Jet Massage system at the same time.

Why is the spa heating up higher than the set temperature?

When heating the water, the water in the spa circulates continuously, so the actual water temperature may vary from the detected water temperature (shown on the LED display) by as much as approximately 1°C.

When the heating temperature exceeds the set value, the heating function will stop and the heater will be at rest. When the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, it will automatically reheat to the set value.

In rare cases, if the temperature shown on the LED display is much higher than the set value, please stop using the spa and contact your service center.


Is an MSpa easy to clean and maintain?

Our range of inflatable hot tubs are very easy to maintain and are all supplied with a user manual with maintenance instructions. You can also watch the instruction videos.

How much does it cost to maintain and run an inflatable hot tub?

The running costs will vary depending upon your electric tariff, the amount of usage and how well insulated the spa is from the cold.

Can I leave my spa unattended for a long period of time?

If you intend to leave the spa for more than 2 weeks, it is better to drain and deflate the spa. Store it properly for the next time use.

If you only intend to leave the spa for a few days, it is suggested putting the spa on Standby mode (spa is powered on with no function activated). The smart filtration system and anti-icing system will look after your spa.

At the same time, please do the followings:

- put the top lid on to prevent raining, falling leaves, etc.

- slightly release some air to prevent over-inflation from heat or direct sunshine.

Does the spa need constant power to stay inflated?

No, an MSpa does not require the pump to be on constantly to be kept inflated. The pump can be used however at initial setup to inflate the spa in 1 to 2 minutes.

Can I add more air to the spa when it is full of water?

Yes. You can simply add air to the spa in the same way as when you initially inflated the spa until the manometer points to the GREEN section.

Can the MSpa be left out all year round

The entire MSpa is waterproof. However, if you are expecting a very large amount of rain or bad weather it is recommended that you bring the spa indoors. Constant adverse weather conditions could damage the spa and pump and they should not be used in temperatures below 4°C.

How do I deflate and store my MSpa during the winter?

Drain and deflate the spa, clean it with a mild non-abrasive cleaner, and then rinse thoroughly. After the spa is dry, put it into the original box with all accessories. Store the spa and accessories in a dry, temperature-controlled environment, between 0°C and 40°C (32°F - 104°F). We recommend storing the spa with desiccant. You can also watch the instruction videos.

Can I leave my spa on all the time?

If you want to use the spa regularly, the most economical and effective way is to keep the spa heater on. It will keep the water temperature at the desired set point. This is very important, especially in cold regions.

If you plan to use the spa after a period of time, it is suggested to put the spa on standby mode (spa is powered on with no function activated). The smart filtration system will automatically run for 60 minutes after a few hours to keep the water clean. The anti-icing system will automatically heat the water up to 3°C when water temperature drops below 1°C.

NOTE: When the temperature is extremely low and the spa is filled with water, be sure to turn on the heater or put the spa on standby mode.

How often should I change the filters?

Filters should be cleaned after every use, using running water to remove any small particles of debris. If the filters are used for too long they will get dirty and deteriorate, meaning the quality of water is not being maintained effectively. Dirty filters can also cause F1/E1 errors to appear on the pump. If you are unable to clean the filters, these should be replaced.


Where should I install the filter cartridge? Does the filter have a mesh cover?

The filter cartridge should be installed to the water inlet on the inside of tub wall. Refer to the filter chart to see how to correctly install a filter cartridge.

There are several versions of filter cartridges on the market. Refer to the chart below to choose the right filter cartridge for your spa. Please remove the fully enclosed mesh cover if your spa comes form the LITE or COMFORT series.
Does the bult-in control box filter the water?

An Mspa filters the water via a replaceable filter cartridge. The filter unit will automatically turn on when HEATER / UVC / OZONE function is turned on.It can also be turned on separately by pressing the FILTER button.

Can I leave the pump running all the time?

If you want to use the spa regularly, the most economical and effective way is to keep the spa heater on. It will keep the water temperature at the desired set point. This is very important, especially in cold regions.

If you plan to use the spa after a period of time, it is suggested putting the spa on Standby mode (spa is powered on with no function activated). The smart filtration system will automatically run for 60 minutes after a few hours to keep the water clean. The anti-icing system will automatically heat the water up to 3°C when water temperature drops below 1°C.

NOTE: When the temperature is extremely low and the spa is filled with water, be sure to turn on the heater or put the spa on standby mode.

How long do filters last?

It depends on their maintenance regime and water conditions. A filter should be cleaned after every use or at least every other day.


What electric supply do I need to run my MSpa?

You should always use a grounded socket with PRCD protection. All of our pumps come with a built-in RCD unit as a safety measure. The socket that the hot tub is being plugged into should be grounded. It's better the socket is with a waterproof cover. Or it should be placed somewhere hardly sprayed by the water from the spa.

We recommend getting a qualified electrician to install a grounded outdoor waterproof socket with RCD protection (this should always be done by a qualified electrician).

Can I use an extension cord?

No, extension cables cannot be used with MSpa. The MSpa pumps come with a 5.1-meter cable which is usually sufficient for customers to reach their nearest grounded socket with RCD protection. If the cable is not long enough, we recommend getting a qualified electrician to install a grounded outdoor socket with RCD protection. The socket that the hot tub is being plugged into should be grounded. It's better the socket is with a waterproof cover. Or it should be placed somewhere hardly sprayed by the water from the spa.

What is a PRCD?

All of our spas are fitted with a plug and a PRCD (portable residual current device) with a tripping current of 10mA. This is a cut-out device in the event that water comes into contact with the electrical supply to your inflatable hot tub.

Is the spa and PRCD waterproof?

MSpa has an IPX5 water-resistant rating, meaning it can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. Therefore, the spa can be placed outdoor in light rain.

However, do not turn on the bubble function without any rainproof facilities above. This is because the rain in the air is also sucked into the pump, causing the bubble generator to get damp and rusty which could result in malfunction and void your warranty.

Although the plug with PRCD also has an IPX5 rating, it should not be submerged into deep puddles.

Spa Water

How do I maintain the water on a daily basis?

In order to maintain clear, clean and healthy water there are some day-to-day / regular tasks that you will need to undertake:


It is a combination of circulating the water through the filter cartridge to collect suspended dirt and oils, together with good chemical water treatment that helps you to maintain clear, clean and healthy water.

Whenever the MSpa's heater, Ozonator or UVC sanitizer is turned on, the filtration function is automatically activated. If you wish, it is possible to activate the filter on its own, to keep the water circulating but not heating.


Chemicals will get used up and will be constantly changing, even if you haven't used the spa. We recommend using MSpa all-in-one water treatment package which only takes you 5-10 minutes per week for water maintenance instead of testing the pH level every time before using the spa.

How often do I need to change the water?

The frequency to change the spa water can vary due to different usage ways of the spa and different chemical balance of the water. If properly filtered and chemically balanced, no need to change the water throughout the whole summer season. The frequency to change water can be reduced by keeping the spa covered when not in use, testing the water regularly to ensure proper chemical balance, operating the pump for an adequate number of hours each day, keeping the filter pump cartridge clean, and replacing the cartridge when needed.

Do I need to use chemicals? Why?

Featuring the UVC sanitizer and the built-in O-Zone generator, an MSpa is the most intelligent portable hot tub in terms of self-water treatment allows you to spend less time on monitoring the water quality. However, no matter how often or long you plan to use your hot tub, it is essential to treat the water in your MSpa using Chemicals.

Chemicals are a highly effective way to treat your MSpa, as they eliminate any harmful bacteria that can grow in warm water. (It takes you only 5-10 minutes per week for water maintenance by using MSpa's all-in-one water treatment package.)

Do I have to use chlorine or bromine in my MSpa?

Chlorine or bromine is a powerful sanitizer that is necessary to keep your hot tub clean and healthy. However, chlorine and bromine sanitizing products shall never be mixed up together in MSpa. Make sure you drain the spa and refill it with fresh water before switching chlorine to bromine, and vice versa.

What are the recommended chemicals and accessories for MSPa hot tubs?

It is recommended to use the MSpa all-in-one chemical treatment kit and our genuine cleaning accessories. Chemicals from other brands will also work. Please read carefully and follow the user guide provided by the manufacturers.


What happens if I have a question or issue with my MSpa?

You can scan the QR code on your manual to find out the local service contact information

Where is the serial number on my MSpa?

The MSpa serial number can be found on the back of your spa's controller or on one of the feet of the engine block.

Am I still covered under warranty if I brought my MSpa second hand?

No. MSpa warranty only applies to the original purchaser and terminates upon any transfer of ownership.


Can I repair my spa liner with enclosed repair kit?

Yes, some small scratches or holes can be repaired with the enclosed repair PVC swatches. Due to the shipping safety policies, the repairing glue is not included. Please ask for the glues from the service center or simply buy one from a local shop. The surface should be dry and clean while affixing the PVC swatch to the leaking tiny holes or tears. You can also watch our repair and how-to videos.

Why does my MSpa look lopsided?

The spa pool liner and cover must be extended evenly around when the spa is filled with water. A MSpa must be placed on a completely flat and solid surface. Otherwise, it can cause the spa to be lopsided.

Why can I see algae in the spa even if I've used the filter regularly?

The filter pump itself will not prevent algae from growing in the spa water. For better water condition, it is recommended to use the MSpa all-in-one chemical treatment kit and our genuine cleaning accessories or contact our local suppliers for further information.

Why does the air bubbling suddenly stop after running for 20 minutes?

The bubbling massage function will shut down automatically after every 20 minutes of operation as a safety precaution. This can be reactivated after 10 minutes by pressing the BUBBLE button again.

Can I screw off the inlet or outlet of the spa when it is filled with water?

No. DO NOT try to do any fixing or maintenance before the spa is completely drained. Otherwise it can cause water leakage or electric shock.

Why is the FILTER button flashing or displaying red?

The filter cartridge must be cleaned or replaced when you see the FILTER button is flashing or display red. Once this has been done, press the Filter button for 3 seconds to reset the reminder.

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