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Nasoni Premium Bathroom Water Filter Refiller

Nasoni Premium Bathroom Water Filter Refiller

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Nasoni’s bathroom fountain faucet water filters are the best line of defense between your body and hundreds of known toxins your municipalities may not be eliminating. This filter is designed specifically for Nasoni’s bathroom fountain faucets, is made in the USA, and is NSF 42 & 53 certified.

What's Included

  • 1 x Nasoni Premium Water Filter Refill Unit


  • Premium filtration system
  • Specifically made for Nasoni fountain faucets
  • Easy installation
  • Can be used for 2,500 gallons
  • Types of contaminants that removes
    • Sand & Sediment
    • Chlorine taste and odor
    • Lead
    • Cyst
    • Chemicals
    • Mercury
    • Asbestos


  • NSF Certified


Product Water Filter
Cartridge Filtration Material Carbon
Cartridge Capacity 2,500 gallons
Flow Rate 1.2 gallons per minute
Assembly Required Yes
Installation Location Under Sink


NSF Certification

NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, is a non-profit organization founded in 1944, whose goal was to create standards for food safety and sanitation to promote public health. When you purchase NSF-certified foodservice products, it means: The manufacturer of foodservice products uses only FDA-approved raw materials.


Nasoni LLC (“we, us, our”) warrants Nasoni's products to the original owner of the product (“you, your”) to be free of defects in materials or workmanship from the date of sale and for as long as you own the product and the property in which the product is first installed. Neither this warranty nor any benefit under this warranty is transferable or available to a subsequent owner of the product.

Exceptions to the Lifetime Warranty

The following products are not included in Nasoni's Limited Lifetime Warranty but are warranted for the duration stated below.

  1. Electronic components (three years),
  2. Hoses (one year),
  3. Living finishes (no warranty)
  4. Pop-up assemblies and drains (one year).
  5. Industrial, commercial, or business use of the product including use in a rental property in which you do not reside (one year).
  6. Water filters and water filter components (one year).

NOTE: Carbon filter vs. Sediment filter

Carbon and sediment filters serve two different functions. Sediment filters catch dirt and debris, while carbon captures organic compounds that cause bad tastes and odors. A sediment filter is a mechanical filter. It has a certain porosity that water can flow through but not anything larger than the micron rating of the filter. Because a carbon filter removes particles by adsorption, it does not make a good sediment filter. You need one of each if your water contains high sediment levels; without a sediment filter, water flow rates will become increasingly lower as the sediment clogs the filter. Nasoni will not refund a filter for damage caused by sediment.

What Nasoni Will Do to Fix the Problem

In the event of a covered defect in the product, Nasoni will FREE OF ANY COST to you:

1. Repair or replace any part, or component that proves to be defective, or

a)If the product cannot be economically repaired, replace the product with the same or a comparable product, or

b)If the same or a comparable model product is not available, make a reasonable monetary adjustment considering the age of the defective product; provided that

c)In no event will our liability exceed the price you paid for the product (including tax and shipping).

2. Nasoni will pay all shipping costs of returning a product for inspection (if Nasoni makes that request) and for sending replacement parts, components, or products to the customer. 

3. Replacement products, parts, or components assume the remaining duration set out in this warranty but not less than thirty (30) days from the date on which the replacements are shipped.

Limitation on the Duration of Implied Warranties

The duration of implied warranties (including but not limited to those of merchantability and fitness for a particular or special purpose) arising under state, provincial, or territorial law is limited to the shorter of duration of such warranties provided by law or the duration set out in this warranty.  Some statesprovinces, and territories do not allow the limitation of implied warranties, so the above exclusions or limitations may not apply to you.

What This Warranty Does Not Cover

1. Defects caused by abuse, misuse, or accident; maintenance or cleaning inconsistent with our care instructions; installation inconsistent with our installation guide or industry standards; mineral accumulation; corrosion due to chemicals, a saline environment, or acidic or polluted water; use of the product outdoors (unless the product is specifically intended for such use); acts of God or the government; criminal, intentional, reckless, or negligent acts; or ordinary wear and tear.

2. Labor charges, including but not limited to the labor required to uninstall, install, or reinstall a product; to disassemble and reassemble a product; or to install or affix replacement parts or components.

3. Indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages. Some states, provinces, and territories do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusions may not apply to you.

4. Products purchased from an unauthorized source or in violation of our minimum advertised pricing policy.

Your Rights Under State, Provincial, or Territorial Law

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state province to province, or territory to territory.

Entire Warranty

The details of this section constitute the entire Nasoni warranty.  Any other promises, negotiations, understandings, agreements, or representations, whether oral or written, are deemed merged herein.

Effective Date of This Warranty

This warranty applies only to products sold in or delivered into Canada or the United States on or after November 1, 2020.


About Nasoni

A Word From Steave Waddell - Founder

You’re about to experience a brand-new creation that's been around since the 1870s. Here’s what I mean:

My wife and I have always been captivated by Italy, with its enchanting history of Venetian canals, Tuscan vineyards, and Roman ruins like the Colosseum. While watching a video of Rome, we happened to see two young girls on a cobblestone street watering their dog at a street fountain known as a “nasoni”. 

Before taking a drink themselves, they covered the downspout with their hand to send a fountain of water arcing out of the top and into their mouths. I was mesmerized: with one simple action the faucet became a water fountain. And that was when the spark of inspiration fired inside me: why aren’t all bathroom faucets like this? 

Like most great ideas, it was a simple proposition that changed my life. I've always dreamed of using my 25 years of engineering and process improvement, building the world’s most advanced ships, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines, to create something useful and beautiful that would have a positive impact on people's lives.

Because of your purchase, you’re now going to experience the beauty of centuries-old Roman ingenuity, merged with the magic of modern-day technology.

What started out as a convenient way to get water from a faucet has since become so much more, yielding healthier, more sustainable, and beneficia­­­l uses than I ever envisioned! 

When I first began this journey, I made a vow that this would be the most practical faucet anyone has ever used, and the best faucet you’ll ever own.

And now, here it is. I know you’ll love it.

Steve Waddell


Company Overview

Nasoni fountain faucets were created to be as beautiful as they are practical. At Nasoni, we want all of our customers to be thrilled with the visual impact of our fixtures and completely satisfied with the functionality of every product.

Our goal is to design and manufacture precisely engineered products that perform flawlessly while complementing a variety of interior styles, from homes to hotels. Nasoni is leading the industry in product innovation and customer satisfaction, providing fountain faucets that transform everyday routines.


Today's bathroom faucets don't meet our needs. Nasoni solves that with fountain faucets designed to make life easier and save water without trying.

Better for you, better for the planet.


Save ONE BILLION GALLONS of water annually by 2030 and make people’s lives easier in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When installing the filter can the incoming cold water be connected on either side of the filter?

A: Please connect the incoming cold water line to the right side of the filter where it says "IN". Connect the outgoing line to the left side of the filter where it says "OUT".

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  • What an excellent company and excellent products. Just like the old days when companies really cared about their customers, these guys are awesome!!!

    Betty C.

    Warminster, Pennsylvania

  • I was greeting in chat soon after logging into their web. She was genuine and very helpful in getting me the correct items I needed. The communication about shipping and tracking was great as well. My mind was at ease concerning my investment purchase! Thank you!


    San Jose, California

  • I've been extremely imporessed with the service--from the actual humans answeing phone calls to the accurate and prompt follow up, including and unrequested phone call to follow up on my order delivery requests.


    Fairfax County, Virginia

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