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Swiss Madison Sublime II 13" x 27" Glossy White One-Piece Round Floor Mounted Toilet With 10" Rough-In Valve and 1.1/1.6 GPF Dual-Flush Function

Swiss Madison Sublime II 13" x 27" Glossy White One-Piece Round Floor Mounted Toilet With 10" Rough-In Valve and 1.1/1.6 GPF Dual-Flush Function

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The Sublime II One-Piece Compact Toilet offers a sleek eye-appealing seamless design that is easy to clean. Its sophisticated design includes a 10” Rough-In, allowing for convenient space-saving and flexibility. The dual-flush function offers the ability to conserve water without compromising performance. The round, compact bowl shape is perfect for any space and provides exceptional comfort.

What's Included

  • Tank
  • Bowl
  • Seat
  • Wax Ring
  • Bolt Kit
  • Cover Caps


  • QQ Feet: SM-QQF09
  • Quick-Release Seat: SM-SCS57
  • Tank Lid: SM-TTL57
  • Fill Valve: SM-TPT13
  • Flush Valve: SM-TPT57
  • Dual Flush Push Button: SM-TPT82
  • Side Bolt Covers: SM-TPT10
  • Wax Ring & Toilet Bolts: SM-TPT01


    • Dual-flush with high-performance gravity 1.1 / 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF)
    • Durable Ceramic Material
    • The round bowl offers a wide seating area
    • Soft-Close, Quick-Release Toilet Seat
    • One-piece, seamless, easy-to-clean design

    Product Highlights

    Soft-Close Seat

    Closes slowly and quietly.

    Fully Skirted,Glazed Trapway
    Sleek look, easy to clean
    Easy Install Access
    Quick-Release Seat

    Chrome hinges, easy to clean


    High performance gravity
    1.1/1.6 gallon per flush (GPF)


    Installation Type Floor-Mounted
    Material Ceramic
    Color & Finishes Glossy White
    Gallons Per Flush (GPH) 1.1/1.6 GPF
    Overall Dimension L: 24” x W: 13.19” x H: 27.31”
    Weight 83.7lb.
    Toilet Type One Piece
    Bowl Shape Round, Compact Bowl
    Bowl Height 15"
    Standard Rough-In 10"
    Touchless Flush No
    ADA Compliant No



    One-Year Limited Warranty

    Swiss Madison products are made with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship to provide our customers with beautiful, durable, long-lasting products. Should there be any defects in materials or craftsmanship under regular use that are discovered within the first year of installation, Swiss Madison® will provide replacement parts at no charge, or at its discretion, replace any product or part of the product that is deemed defective, under normal installation, use, service or maintenance. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase will be required in the instance of a claim.

    Swiss Madison recommends all installations of Swiss Madison products to be conducted by a licensed, professional plumber or contractor. Swiss Madison® will not be held responsible for any damage or product failure due to improper installation, misuse, or failure to utilize a licensed professional for installation. Swiss Madison® is not responsible for any installation or removal costs.

    This One Year Limited Warranty Will Be Voided If:

    • The installation recommendations were not followed by the installer
    • The product has been moved from its initial place of installation
    • The product has in any way been modified from its packaged state
    • The product has been subjected to improper maintenance, abuse, misuse, excessive use of chemicals, accidents, or other damages, etc.

    Swiss Madison makes no implication that its products comply with any local building or plumbing codes. It is the consumer’s responsibility and obligation to determine local code compliance prior to and during installation. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser and first consumer.

    Swiss Madison is not responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential damages associated with the installation, replacement, return or use of the original purchaser’s product. This includes, but is not limited to: freight costs, labor, travel time, lost profit, home damages, and other contingent liabilities and costs (including, without limitation, costs associated with ‘professionals’ or ‘experts’, investigations, audits, analyses, attorneys and any other professional/hired services).

    The Swiss Madison warranty is a comprehensive and explicit limit of liability. All items not disclosed within the warranty are not addressable within the responsibility of Swiss Madison. Certain states have variances regarding implied warranties; in those situations, we remain fully compliant.

    Documents & Files

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My flush is poor/not strong enough, what do I do?


    1. Please turn your water off and empty the tank before starting. This makes it easier to reach the parts needed.
    2. Remove the flush valve. If you twist the unit slightly and lift up the whole piece should pop right out.
    3. Before adjusting any dials, turn the unit over and check the seal on the very bottom. Make sure it is not damaged in any way.
    4. There is a small “ledge” you can fit your thumb on near the long, blue, plastic piece that looks like a ruler. Push this piece down all the way down until you see the number The piece should “click” in.
    5. To the left of that ruler piece, there is a small switch the size of your thumb. Make sure this is pushed all the way up. The arrow should be pointing at the “10.”
    6. You can then replace the flush valve, turn your water on and give a few test flushes.

    These settings are the settings for maximum flush power.

    *For all models except SM-1T803.

    The water level in my bowl is very low, is there a way to adjust this?


    In general, our toilets have a low water spot. If you wish to increase the water level inside of your bowl, there are small adjustments you can make.

    Next to your flush valve inside of the toilet tank, there is a small cylinder. On the top of this tube is a small dial. You can set the dial to “8” and this will slightly increase the water level in your bowl.

    Please note that it may take time for the changes to appear.

    I need to make adjustments to my fill valve, how do I do this?


    Please be sure to have your water off and tank empty before you make these adjustments

    The float on your fill valve can be adjusted by twisting the little screw on the end of the arm, above the float.

    If that is insufficient, you can make larger adjustments by reaching on the side of the fill valve and flipping the switch (it is about the size of your thumb). This will “unlock” the fill valve and you should be able to slide the unit up or down to fit your needs.

    This is the first step. Please let us know if this does not work for you

    It may be hard to flip at first. But, this will allow you to make larger adjustments with your fill valve.

    If this does not work, you may need to check the seal on your flush valve..

    My seat appears too short/long for my toilet, what do I do?


    This is a simple fix, the following is our guide to making adjustments.

    1. Disassemble
      · Disassemble the cover cap and the hinge.
    2. Construct Hinges
      · Insert screw and nut into the hole on the hinge.
      · Attach blind hole screw fixing to the bottom of the screw
    3. Attach Hinges
      · Insert hinges with blind hole screw fixings attached
      into holes in the toilet bowl.
      · Lightly tighten hinges with a screwdriver to allow
      for later adjustment
    4. Adjust and Cover Hinges
      · Be sure the hinge is all the way forward for a proper
      seat fitting.
      · Place the covers onto the hinges
    5. Adjust and Attach the Seat
      · Align the seat to the hinges then firmly tighten the hinges.
      · Attach the seat to the secure hinges.
      · Adjust the seat to align with the bowl.

    Toilet Seat Usage

    • To remove, push the middle button until you hear a “click”, then pull straight up
    • To re-install, align hinge posts with reference marks on the seat, then push down until you hear a “click”.
    What is the weight limit for your toilets?


    When properly installed, our one-piece toilets can support up to 1,000 pounds.

    What is the waterline connection size?


    Our one-piece toilets use a standard 0.88" waterline. We generally recommend the braided chrome style lines.

    Are your toilets ADA compliant?


    ADA compliance is dependant on the toilet model. Please see product details on the individual product page for certification information.

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