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WarmlyYours Marilyn 28″ Round Frameless Wall-Mounted LED Daylight 5,000K Backlit Mirror

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Your mirror should reflect more than just your image—it should be a reflection of your lifestyle. The Marquee Series of LED Mirrors incorporates brilliant LED light, warmly diffused by frosted glass, into stylish mirror designs worthy of the Golden Era of Hollywood. These wall-mounted models are as functional as they are elegant.

These lighted mirrors incorporate brilliant supplemental LED light, warmly diffused by frosted glass, into stylish mirror designs worthy of the Golden Era of Hollywood. Each one of these wall-mounted, backlit mirrors is as functional as it is elegant with a streamlined hardwired electrical connection (which means no visible wires) and a high degree of energy efficiency.

Unique is beautiful—and the Marilyn, from WarmlyYours' Marquee Series of LED Mirrors, is both. This curvaceous, circular mirror improves any room with vibrant, full-spectrum lighting and an alluring, organic design. The wall-mounted Marilyn features 3/16" silvered glass and a 27.5" diameter. Highly efficient supplemental LED light flows through a frosted inner circle, which gives the light a uniquely warm and generous hue. In fact, the color temperature of the LEDs used in the Marilyn (5,000 K) is the same as natural daylight. The smooth pencil-edge exterior profile of this model gently refracts the LED light and the copper-free glass provides a crystal clear reflection.

How to Control Your LED Mirror

All of the Marquee Series LED Mirrors come with a touch power button that is flush with the mirror’s surface. After the hardwired electrical connection is made, all you have to do to turn the mirror on or off is to simply touch the button with your finger. These mirrors can technically be connected to a light switch-based control but we do not recommend this method because you’ll still need to utilize both the power button and the switch.

What's Included

LED Mirror

Anchor Black, adjustable standoffs with adhesive (optional)

What's Not Included

  • Vanity, Faucet, Sink, And Other Bathroom Accessories


 Saves Energy

WarmlyYours LED mirrors have one of the highest efficiency rates that reduces operating costs.


Marquee Series is a cULus listed components.

 LED Lifetime

50,000 hours

 Unbeatable Warranty

 24/7 Installation Support

We're here to answer your questions every day – year round – round the clock.

 Other Features

  • Distinctive, circular shape provides a natural focal point for room design
  • Frosted inner circle warmly diffuses LED light
  • Vertical-only installation 
  • Touch activated on/off switch
  • 2,204 Lumens, roughly equivalent to a 150-watt incandescent light bulb
  • Streamlined profile with an installed depth of 1.25” 
  • Hardwired installation (120 VAC) eliminates visible wires and plugs



Amps 0.17 A
Connection Method Hardwired
Frequency 50/60 Hz
LED Light Bulb Life 50,000 hours
Voltage 120 VAC
Watts 20 W

Product Dimensions

Width 27.5"
Depth 1.25"
Height 27.5"
Size 27.5″ x 27.5″
Weight 23 lbs


LED Color Rendering Index (CRI) 100
LED Color Temperature 5000K 
Lumens 2204 lm
Mirror Edge Type Frosted pencil-edge
Mirror Thickness 0.188″
Shape Round


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308055745


Mounting Location Wall 
Mounting Orientation Fixed


Mirror Material Copper-free glass


Package Contents Mirror assembly, mounting kit, and installation manual

Shipping Dimensions

Shipping Width 31"
Shipping Length 32"
Shipping Height 5"
Shipping Weight 24 lbs


Warranty / Certifications

Unbeatable Warranty

Our Marquee collection is backed by our 2-year manufacturer warranty. Each warranty guarantees our LED mirrors to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. These are designed to offer our customers peace of mind knowing that our products are guaranteed to be free of defects — both in materials and workmanship*. In order to be eligible for the warranty, the product must be installed in accordance with the accompanying Instructions and Operation Manual, the National Electrical Code (NEC), and all applicable local building and electrical codes.

Approvals cULus listed components
Ingress Protection (IPxx) Rating IP44
Warranty 2 years

About WarmlyYours

Frequently the company is asked how WarmlyYours chose its company name, WarmlyYours. When WarmlyYours began as an electric radiant heating products business over 20 years ago, WarmlyYours wanted a name that would embody the very essence of the business philosophy – treat the customers well and offer the very best floor warming systems and services in the industry. And above all else, always deliver on those promises to you.

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Core Values

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What We Stand For

WarmlyYours believe that the word, "radiant," goes far beyond their heating products, it resonates with WarmlyYours company culture and to the very depths of who WarmlyYours are. WarmlyYours believe that "radiant" is a way of life – a definition of the living brand. WarmlyYours brand is not simply a logo or a product, but it's the reality.

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BE WARMLYYOURS. BE RADIANT. YOU are the living brand.





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    Introducing the Marquee Series of LED Mirrors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can the lighted mirrors be installed vertically, horizontally, or both?


    The Marquee Series LED Mirrors are switchable and can be installed either vertically or horizontally.
    What voltage are the lighted mirrors?


    The voltage for all models is 120 Volts.
    How long do the LED lightbulbs last?


    The expected LED lifetime is about 50,000 hours.
    If I lose power, do I need to turn the light back on with the touch-activated on/off switch?


    Yes. Anytime that the power source is interrupted, the light will need to be activated again with the touch-activated on/off button on the mirror's surface.
    What is the failure rate on the LED Mirrors? If there is a failure, does the whole mirror have to be replaced?


    The LEDs are rated at 80 thousand hours. The driver/transformer is easily replaced if it ever does fail, so the whole mirror does not need to be replaced. There should little to no concern about the lighting strips failing on this product.
    Can these LED Mirrors be controlled by a wall switch?


    All of our LED mirrors can be controlled by a light switch. Mirrors from the Made-to-Order Collection can be controlled directly with the switch. Mirrors from the Marquee Series come with a touch on/off button on the face of the glass so the light switch will have to be on before pressing the button on the mirror. Once on, the mirror can be turned off with the wall switch but the process outlined previously will need to be repeated to turn the mirror back on.
    Are the mirrors hardwired?


    Our lighted mirrors are hardwired. The electrical gang box should be installed according to the location of the unit’s electrical connection box located on the back.
    What is the CRI - Color Rendering Index - of the LED mirror lights?


    Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of a light sources ability to faithfully reveal the colors of an object or surface in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. This rating is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. The CRI for our LED mirrors is 90+, making for very accurate lighting.
    Can the LED Mirror be mounted onto a cabinet door?


    We already have a medicine cabinet LED mirror that can work for this purpose. The other models cannot be mounted on an existing cabinet and should only be mounted on a wall.
    Is illumination sufficient for makeup application or shaving?


    This will vary from mirror to mirror. There are 500-600 lumens per linear foot of LED strip, shorter strips yield less lumens. Different mirrors have different lengths of LED strips. These units have 2400-3600 lumens. In general, mirrors with lights facing towards the user can provide sufficient lighting. While mirrors with light around the edges should be considered accent lighting.