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Hotass Saunas HomeHeat 16" x 11" 4.5kW 240V 1PH Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Electric Sauna Heater With With Whisper-Quiet Built-in Time and Temperature Controls and 45 Pounds of Magmatic Rock

Hotass Saunas HomeHeat 16" x 11" 4.5kW 240V 1PH Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Electric Sauna Heater With With Whisper-Quiet Built-in Time and Temperature Controls and 45 Pounds of Magmatic Rock

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"Born From a Passion for Heat"

Living up to the bold and expressive HOTASS SAUNAS’ name, the HomeHeat H450 produces extreme sauna heat! Forged from stainless steel and magmatic rock, this mighty 4.5kW heater is engineered for safety and is ideal for home sauna rooms up to 210 cubic feet. Built-in whisper-quiet time and temperature controls, and best-in-class sauna heat, make the H450 Sauna Heater the home bather’s choice.

HomeHeat Series Sauna Heaters are designed and engineered to deliver the highest quality home sauna heat available. Crafted from stainless steel, every component is sourced and assembled with meticulous attention to home sauna bathing safety.


  • H300 - 3kW, 240V/1PH
  • H450 - 4.5kW, 240V/1PH
  • H600 - 6kW, 240V/1PH
  • H800 - 8kW, 240V/1PH

What's Included

  • 4.5kW Sauna Heater
  • Built-in Controls
  • Sensor
  • Sensor Cover
  • Sensor Wood Molding
  • Rocks
  • Caution Sign
  • Warning Sign


  • Uses Innovative AirFlow Technology (AFT) to reduce room heat-up times and achieve optimal sauna room temperatures
  • Guaranteed free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for its lifetime
  • Whisper-quiet time and temperature dials, with bottom right, left or front-right mounting options
  • Includes 45 pounds of sauna rock to produce a moisture-rich, comfortable sauna bathing heat
  • Built with Industrial grade stainless steel heating elements for a lifetime of sauna pleasure
  • Automatically pre-heat your sauna room (up to 8-hours) so it is ready when you are
  • Resettable high temperature limit for sauna overheat protection
  • 100 Percent recyclable stainless steel, inside and out
  • Have peace of mind with temperature-timed shut-off
  • UL listed for unsurpassed quality and safety
  • HomeHeat sauna units are designed for saunas up to 425 cubic feet

Designed for Quick and Efficient Heating:

  • Stainless-Steel, Industrial-Quality Heating Elements​
  • Direct Contact Between Rocks and Heating Elements
  • Large 45-Pound Rock Capacity
  • Sauna Can Be Preset (Up To 8 Hours In Advance)
  • Rapid Heat-Up Times
  • Optimal Heat Retention and Humidity Control
  • Designed for Ease of Use and Ease of Maintenance

    Authentic Finish Sauna Design:

    • Stainless-Steel Interior​ & Exterior
    • Innovative Built-In Control Panel
    • Wall-Mounted Electric Sauna Heater
    • Durable Triple-Wall Construction
    • Contemporary Polished Chrome Color
    • Cooler Surface Temperatures
    • Crafted of Corrosion-Resistant Materials
    • Designed, Engineered, And Made In Finland
    • ETL-Listed


        Heater Information



        Dimensions (L x D x H)

        16" x 11" x 24"

        Materials Of Construction


        Weight (lbs)


        Rock Weight (lbs)


        Operating Weight (W/ Rocks) (lbs)


        Heater Ranges

        Room Size Range (Cubic Feet)


        Room Size Range (Square Feet)


        Max Room Height (Feet)


        Heater Electrical Data



        Watts 4500




        Amps 18.8 Amps
        Line Fuse 30A

        Control System (Included)




        Lower Right Front Corner; Can Be Relocated To Either Side Near Bottom




        Time/Temp, Start Delay

        Time Duration

        Up to 60 Minutes

        Temperature Range

        104°F to 194°F

        Delay Start Time

        Up to 8 hours settable in 1-hr increments

        Sensor Cable Length

        8' Included


        Safety Ratings / Certifications

        UL LISTED


        Heater Box

        Size (L x D x H)

        19.5" x 14.75" x 28.5"

        Weight (lbs)


        Rocks Box
        Size (L x D x H) 15" x 11" x 5.5"
        Weight (lbs) 45 


        This HOTASS SAUNAS HomeHeat sauna heater is guaranteed for the lifetime of the
        product, and includes all heater parts such as heating elements, controls, and contactors.

        This guarantee covers faults in manufacture and material only, and includes the exchange of new parts supplied by the manufacturer or importer, after the faulty part has been returned to same.

        The guarantee does not cover defects caused by normal wear and tear, defects caused by improper installation, poor maintenance, or failure to follow the manufacturer’s
        instructions for installation, use and care, or alterations made to the sauna product.

        This guarantee is void if the heater is used improperly. Pool or spa water should not be
        poured over the sauna stones, as chemicals are harmful to the heater; the sauna room
        must be heated for at least 30 minutes before water is poured over the stones; only one or two dippers full of water should be poured over the hot stones at one time. This guarantee will be void if a shower has been installed in the sauna room.

        This guarantee does not cover shipping costs of the faulty part or costs of the person
        carrying out the repair in the field. If the sauna heater is returned to the manufacturer or the importer, the importer will provide free labor for repair, but will charge for parts not covered by this guarantee.

        This guarantee will be void if installation and wiring is not carried out by a certified
        electrician or authorized and qualified service representative, who must sign registration document.

        This guarantee will be void if registration information is not filled out and returned within 15 days of purchase, and it applies only to original installation of product and to original purchaser.


        About Hotass Saunas

        Get Your Ass in the Heat. Electric Sauna Heaters from Finland

        Hotass Saunas was founded by a group of sauna enthusiasts with a straightforward mission: Provide premium-quality electric sauna heaters that offer unmatched value and performance. Our sauna heaters create the most intense, satisfying heat for a consistently perfect sauna bathing experience.

        Quality-crafted in Finland, Hotass produces durable, high-performance sauna heaters, digital control units, and sauna accessories for homes and commercial health clubs. Our products are engineered to provide an authentic Finish sauna experience at an affordable price.

        It's Hot

        Our sauna heaters combine traditional Finish design and engineering with innovative features. Hotass Saunas put volcanic sauna rocks in direct contact with the stainless steel heating elements to give sauna bathers what they want most - waves of intense penetrating heat!

        Our commitment to quality and safety is evident in every product that we offer. Our heaters feature the finest components and materials to ensure years of durability, reliability, and exceptional performance.

        Sauna Heaters

        Exceptional Craftsmanship. Freakishly Hot.

        Why Hotass Saunas?

        Really, Really Hot

        Hotass Saunas are expertly built to provide optimal airflow, maximum heat storage, and rapid heat-up times.

        Our sauna heaters filter out any harsh heat by putting sauna rocks in direct contact with the heating elements. This unique engineering creates the perfect sauna climate— a consistently pleasant heat and a therapeutic warmth.

        Made in Finland

        Our sauna heaters are designed, engineered, and made in Finland, the home of sauna.

        Finland’s rich history of sauna bathing pre-dates written history (by a lot), so it’s in our DNA at Hotass. Our heaters include professional-grade stainless-steel construction and heating elements, and other exclusive features to ensure the most authentic Finnish sauna experience.

        Stainless-Steel Construction

        Hotass Saunas are crafted of stainless-steel throughout for long-lasting beauty, strength, and durability. Our heaters feature triple-wall structures which maintain cooler surface temperatures and provide greater safety.

        These deluxe stainless-steel components— interior, exterior, and heating elements— are naturally corrosion-resistant and promise years of exceptional performance.

        Industrial-Quality Heating Elements

        Hotass Saunas are equipped with industrial-strength, stainless-steel heating elements. Designed for high performance, our heating elements heat up quickly and efficiently.

        Sauna heating elements from Hotass Saunas are UL-Certified to ensure safety.

        Limited Lifetime Warranty

        We are so confident in the quality of our products that we provide a limited lifetime warranty on all Hotass Saunas. Our limited lifetime warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials for your lifetime of bathing with Hotass Saunas products.

        Testing Sauna Heater
        1. After sauna heater has been properly wired, according to appropriate wiring diagram and local codes, turn sauna breaker on in the main breaker panel. (Note! Electrician must label “sauna” breaker.)
        2. Turn thermostatic (heat) control to “on” position. The indicator light will come on to show that the sauna is heating. Set timer to 10 or 15 minutes.
        3. Within 5-minutes, you should be able to feel heat from heater elements when holding your hand over heater.
        4. If sauna does not heat, refer to troubleshooting information.
        5. It is normal for smoke to appear during the first heating, as protective element coating needs to burn off. Turn sauna on for 1-hour before using the first time, to eliminate smoking.
        TroubleshootingA. If sauna does not operate after initial installation and wiring:
        1. Check breaker to be sure that it is on. Also, breaker should be correct size.
        2. Check circuit breaker in contactor to be sure that it has not been shorted out.
        3. Be sure that thermos
        B. If sauna does not operate after initial installation and wiring:
        1. Check breaker to make sure it is on.
        2. Check high limit reset button in heater (reset is under the heater) to see if it has been released.
        3. Call your electrician or service person for further help.
        NOTE! A ground fault interrupter (GFI) should not be installed in and does not belong in a sauna. If used, the breaker will trip, and damage could result.

        C. If sauna heater operates, but sauna room does not come up to sauna temperature (160-185°F, (70-85°C)) normal temperature:
        1. You must allow at least 30-minutes for Sauna heat-up time.
        2. Is sauna thermometer located 6” from ceiling, and is it above or close to sauna heater? (This is proper location for sauna temperature reading.) Thermometer readings vary with room heights and location. For example, 180 °F (82 °C) above sauna heater = 165 °F (74 °C) on opposite wall = 140°F (60 °C) on upper bench level = 120 °F (49 °C) on lower bench level = 100 °F (38°C) at floor level.
        3. Check for proper wire size, amp size, and proper wiring (according to diagrams and information) also necessary copper wiring.
        4. Check for placement of stones to make sure they are loosely spaced around elements, to ensure good air flow. Stones packed too tightly will restrict air flow and reduce heating capacity.
        5. Check for heat loss (around or under door or around ceiling light).
        6. Is room properly insulated.
        7. Is ceiling higher than 7’?
        8. After checking all the above, remove rocks and check heater elements for holes or burned areas. (Only if heater has been in use for some time.)
        Caution!Electrician or Service Person!
        1. Before servicing heater, control, or contactor, turn power off at breaker!
        2. Open junction box to make sure wires are tightly secured with no loose connections. Heater wire and all connecting wires should be copper.
        3. Check for burned spots or short in wiring of timer or thermostat.

        Warranty on parts is void if installer/electrician fails to follow necessary wiring information provided or fails to follow code for proper wire size, amperage, etc.

        High Limit Control

        Note! Only persons authorized to carry out electrical installations can reset the high limit control!

        Each heater is equipped with a high limit control which is a safety device. If an abnormal heating condition should occur, the heater will automatically shut off, and it will not come on again until it cools.

        To reset the high limit, locate the reset button at the bottom front of heater and push upward until contactor kicks in. Be sure that a GFI has not been installed.

        Receptacles OR PLUGS are not allowed in a sauna room.

        Maintenance Instruction
        1. Use only clean water on sauna stones. Do not use spa or pool water as it will destroy your heater.
        2. Clean water should always be used in sauna buckets and water should be dumped out after every use. Scour buckets and dipper occasionally when film collects from usage. Use plastic bucket liner in bucket to prevent water leakage.
        3. Scrub benches with a soft brush, using soap and water or a mild disinfectant, when needed - about once a week in commercial saunas, or depending on sauna usage. For sanitation, each bather should sit or lie on a towel (this will prolong bench life).
        4. Remove possible removable flooring and wash waterproof floor with disinfectant (e.g. Pine Sol) about once a week or as often as needed. Hose off removable flooring to clean.
        5. To maintain beautiful appearances of sauna heater, remove water stains by wiping with a damp cloth occasionally.
        6. Sauna heaters require no special maintenance when properly installed by a qualified electrical contractor. After 5-years of usage, the rocks may need replacing if they have crumbled or powdered.
        7. We strongly recommend a floor that can be easily cleaned (concrete, ceramic tile, or a poured type of flooring). When this is provided, the sauna can be easily cleaned and kept in a sanitary condition with little effort. A carpet is NOT recommended for a sauna! A carpet becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria in the moist conditions of a sauna; and a carpet promotes the spread of foot diseases such as athlete’s foot.
        8. In new construction, a floor drain should also be provided, especially in commercial saunas for sanitary cleaning and maintenance.
        9. Seal wood around glass in door -inside and outside - with Thompson’s Water Seal to prevent warpage.
        10. When sauna wood becomes stained from perspiration, the wood may be lightly sanded with fine sandpaper to restore beautiful appearance. We do not recommend stains or sealers as toxic vapors may appear when heated.
        11. The sauna room will heat faster if the higher vent is kept in a closed position when heating. The lower vent may always be kept in an open position.
        12. Required warning signs should be posted according to the instructions.

        Owner of the sauna heater must make sure that the sauna heater is turned off correctly every time after bathing.

        Owner of the sauna must obey these maintenance instructions!

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