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Scandia Manufacturing Electric Ultra 26" x 18" x 29" Wall Mounted Stainless Steel 18.0 kW 240V Phase 3 Large Sauna Heater with Built-in Thermostat

Scandia Manufacturing Electric Ultra 26" x 18" x 29" Wall Mounted Stainless Steel 18.0 kW 240V Phase 3 Large Sauna Heater with Built-in Thermostat

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Industry’s Most Efficient Electric Heater. The Ultra Sauna heater line was developed in 1964 (formerly by Vico Mfg.) with the goal of developing the only line of convection air-flow sauna heaters. By achieving greater air flow, the heater can heat the room more rapidly and extend the life of the heater elements. This is accomplished by a unique element chamber design that separates each element. By restricting air space, the lower cold mass of air forces the warm air out at a higher velocity. In traditional saunas, where the elements are grouped together in the chamber, the elements radiate heat against each other forcing the elements to work at a higher temperature and for longer periods of time compared to a convection design.

Considered the best electric sauna heater in the world, the Ultra-Sauna heater is the only sauna heater that offers a solid pan design with 100% stainless steel construction, protecting the heater components.

Ultra-Sauna Heaters do not rust and require less maintenance than other heaters on the market.

Scandia's traditional Finnish electric sauna heaters are designed for use in a cedar sauna room. The sleek, compact, and 100% stainless steel design creates a heater that's as beautiful as it is functional. This heater utilizes convection-style airflow and is a wall-mounted unit that is directly wired into the building. Includes elevated rock tray designed to prevent water application from damaging the unit. This heater requires an electrical supply and includes all wire connections and supplied leads rated for high-temperature application.

Exclusive "national preferred vendor" for the YMCA for the past 13 years. Scandia is also the exclusive preferred vendor for Powerhouse Gyms, Gold's International, and Bally's Total Fitness. You will also find Scandia Ultra Sauna heaters in top resorts, hotels, and universities around the world.

Proudly made in USA since 1964


    Heater shell: heavy 22ga brushed stainless steel #4 - 304 spec stainless.
    Air vents: convection air vents.
    Sauna rocks: high density imported sauna rocks.
    Steamer tray: heavy 16ga brushed stainless steel #4 - 304 spec stainless.
    Convection baffles: heavy stainless element baffles #2B - 304 spec stainless.
    • Lower Operational Costs. Convection air flow generates greater velocity of heat resulting in a more energy-efficient system. A common complaint of gym owners is the continuous replacement of costly elements damaged by open-chamber designs that allow water to run down the elements and into the connections. Ultra - sauna’s solid pan design eliminates water damage while the chamber design creates greater airflow, reducing element operating temperatures and extending the element’s life.
    • Versatile Design. While designed as a traditional dry sauna heater, the exclusive pan design transforms it into a Russian or Turkish sauna heater. Russian/Turkish saunas are characterized by having more moisture than Finnish saunas but higher temperatures and less steam than steam rooms. Craftsmanship, versatility, and smart design have made the Ultra Sauna line the #1 choice for commercial saunas.

    What's Included

    • Controls with complete Installation Instructions
    • Main Heater Unit
    • Sauna Rocks
    • Thermostat sensor wall cover (not included with T-model heaters)
    • Warning signs


    • High quality and durable sauna heater
    • Heats from 980-1680 cubic feet
    • 22ga Brushed Stainless Steel design that features a unique steamer tray design keeps your elements dry while giving you instant vaporization
    • Safe and built-in thermal cutout to protect against overheating
    • Solid Tray design - Allows water to be poured on the rocks without element damage
    • Includes sauna rocks, installation instructions, and thermostat sensor wall cover
    • UL Listed
    • The shell features an unprecedented 10-year warranty and a one-year warranty on parts.

    Heater Sizing

    Ultra Sauna Heaters — Large (26” W x 18” D x 29” H)
    Model KW Volts Phase Amps Control Type Max Room Size
    15240 15.0 240 1


    E/ optional E24

    1428 cu ft (40 cu m)
    15208 15.0 208 1 72.2

    E/ optional E24

    1428 cu ft (40 cu m)
    15240-3 15.0 240 3 36.2 E/ optional E24 1428 cu ft (40 cu m)
    15208-3 15.0 208 3 41.7 E/ optional E24 1428 cu ft (40 cu m)
    15240-T 15.0 240 1 62.5 E2T/thermostat on heater 1428 cu ft (40 cu m)
    15208-T 15.0 208 1 72.2 E2T/thermostat on heater 1428 cu ft (40 cu m)
    15240-3T 15.0 240 3 36.2 E2T/thermostat on heater 1428 cu ft (40 cu m)
    15208-3T 15.0 208 3 41.7 B3/thermostat on heater 1428 cu ft (40 cu m)

    Sauna Heater Sizing Guidelines

    • Minimum and maximum room sizes are based on a 7 foot ceiling height
    • Properly sized heater will bring room temperature to desired level in approximately 30 to 60 minutes
    • An undersized heater may experience instances of overheating
    • The maximum room sized is based on the heater bringing the room temperature from 60 to 180 in 60 minutes
    • Sauna room must be properly vented for heater to work effectively

      General Sauna Room Guidelines

      Sauna room must be properly constructed and well-insulated according to sauna kit installation guidelines, including the following recommendations:

      • Sauna room interior should be finished entirely with kiln-dry, softwoods such as Clear Western Red Cedar.
      • Sauna room walls should not include the following finishes: ceramic tile, rock or any material that will retain heat in the walls as this can cause the heater to overheat.
      • Sauna room must be properly vented.
      • Sauna door must always open outward.
      • Sauna door can never include a lock.
      • Heater must have a heater guard made according to Scandia’s specifications. Never put heater in a cove where airflow is restricted.
      • Industry standard—Recommended sauna ceiling height is 7ft (84”). Sauna rooms with ceiling height exceeding 8ft (96”) will result in an automatic void in heater warranty
      Recommended Sauna Room Ventilation
      Sauna Heater Guard Rail Placement Guide
      Scandia Ultra-Sauna Heater Guard Rail

      Sauna Heater Control Panel

      Model And Sizes
      Control Panel Location
      Residential / Commercial Installation
      Standard Heater / Control Configuration
      Wiring Diagrams

      Sauna Heater Operating Instructions

      Installation Steps
      Sauna Timer
      Aromastone And Fragrances

      General Usage, Care, and Maintenance

      • Do not touch heater while in operation.
      • Do not cover heater.
      • Do not hose down the sauna room or heater.
      • Check and clean rock tray monthly or as needed
      Sauna Maintenance
      Heater Care


      Your Ultra Sauna heater has been engineered and built to the highest quality standards, and is backed by this warranty to assure your complete satisfaction:

      1. SCANDIA Mfg warrants on the terms and conditions set forth below for ten years to the Original Owner only, at the Original Installation site only, this equipment to be free from defect in material and/or workmanship under normal use as specified in the equipment’s instructions, FROM DATE OF PURCHASE and thereafter.
      2. A TEN YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY applies only on the heater unit as manufactured by and at SCANDIA Mfg., - Manufacturing Plant – and specifically excludes all components and/or parts which are accessories therein, namely: the gas valve; pilot generator: heating element; contactor; timer switch; thermostat; and, high limit, for which their respective manufacturers warranties apply. The TEN YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY does not apply for units that have been installed in commercial locations such as clubs, condominiums, apartments, spas or military facilities. In commercial locations, Scandia will provide a one-year warranty on the unit.
      3. During the first year SCANDIA will, at its option, repair or exchange at the Factory all parts which it finds have become inoperative during said warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship, without cost to customer except for freight and/or crating charges.
      4. For the period commencing with the second year and for the ten year warranty of the original purchaser only, at the original installation only, SCANDIA will, at its option, repair or exchange at the Factory, all parts which it finds have become inoperative during said warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship except the following parts which are excluded from this warranty: the gas valve; pilot generator: heating element; contactor; timer switch; thermostat; and, high limit.
      5. This warranty in its entirety becomes null and void if unit is rented or to be used for rental purposes or installed in any mobile or fixed prefab rental room. If original purchaser is a corporation then, the president of said corporation, shall be construed as registered Original Owner for all purposes herein, otherwise this warranty in its entirety becomes null and void.
      6. This warranty in its entirety becomes null and void if unit has been installed by an unlicensed party by and/or in the city and/or county where installation is made. Furthermore if unit is disassembled and/or tampered with in any way possible by any one (individual and/or company) then this warranty in its entirety becomes null and void.

      SCANDIA reserves the right to substitute new equipment or parts on any orders for replacement hereunder, but shall not be obligated to do so. This warranty is solely for the benefit of the original purchaser and no one else, and only if the installation and operating instructions applicable to the model purchased are followed. These instructions are furnished with the unit and also are available by writing SCANDIA’s warehouse. These instructions are incorporated herein by reference as if set forth in full. This warranty does not cover damages which appear to SCANDIA to have resulted from neglect, alteration, abuse, misuse, accident, flood, fore or other act of force majeure, or other than normal use.

      This warranty is expressly in lieu of other warranties, or liabilities, express or implied, by the Company or its representatives, and in lieu of all other obligations and liabilities for damage to persons or property caused in any manner by the heater or its component parts. More specifically, by not by way of limitation, SCANDIA assumes no liability for damages which may occur as a result of neglect or intentional misuse of the unit, and the purchaser or user of the unit agrees to assume all liability for the consequences of its use or misuse by such purchaser or user, and his, its or their respective employees and agents or other third person. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF. NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTIES ARE MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, OTHER THAN THOSE EXPRESSLY HEREIN SET FORTH TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER ONLY.


      About Scandia Manufacturing

      Scandia is a manufacturer of traditional saunas, steam rooms, sauna heaters, room kits, and accessories. They have been making the best sauna and steam room products since 1964. The best source for DIY installation plans, sauna blueprints, and support materials. Scandia's accomplishments are the direct result of a dedicated workforce of energetic, creative, service-minded individuals. Scandia is progressive while understanding the importance of artistry and craftsmanship. Pride of work and attention to detail is evidenced in everything we do. They combine tradition with technology to create new products, new markets, and new niches within existing markets. Scandia maintains a high standard of quality in all products and services to ensure all customers and Scandia partners benefit from the Scandia relationship. They continually reinvest Scandia’s earnings in greater efficiencies for production and operations. These principles have been powerful in driving the long-term success and character of Scandia. Scandia attracts and pursues partners who share the same principles, therefore assuring that every customer is given the highest quality products and service.

      World-class Craftsmanship

      Focus on improving the quality of live

      Purpose-Driven & Innovative Culture

      Scandia provides a clear vision and sense of purpose for our more than 200 associates and business partners around the world.

      Options & Accessories

      24-hour Programmable Digital Timer

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      • What an excellent company and excellent products. Just like the old days when companies really cared about their customers, these guys are awesome!!!

        Betty C.

        Warminster, Pennsylvania

      • I was greeting in chat soon after logging into their web. She was genuine and very helpful in getting me the correct items I needed. The communication about shipping and tracking was great as well. My mind was at ease concerning my investment purchase! Thank you!


        San Jose, California

      • I've been extremely imporessed with the service--from the actual humans answeing phone calls to the accurate and prompt follow up, including and unrequested phone call to follow up on my order delivery requests.


        Fairfax County, Virginia

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